MMG is back in business. Maybach Music Group's Meek Mill, Wale and Rick Ross team up on the track "Make It Work," which the label is pushing out today as "new" even though it came out in late 2015.

Over an epic, thumping beat complete with church bells, Meek Milly handles the first verse and chorus proving his house arrest hasn't hurt his pen game one bit.

"I used to really want that hoe 'til I hit from the back/I started trappin', old head tried to give me a pack/I took my talent to South Philly, gotta give me a sec/You nigga know you fuck around, Meek Milly get in your way/I used to want that pound of weed I started flippin' that crack/Selling that dope/I went through hell being broke."

D.C.'s own switches up the tempo of his flow to attack the same beat.

"So tired of these lame niggas/Keep changing on ya like late winter/Springin' on ya for a hoe or something/my coach season that game different/Self Made, self made nigga/Well -dressed, well-paid nigga/I daredevil everyday nigga/Like Hell's Kitchen, fame vision"

And of course, Rozay finishes off strong with his menacing bravado and even spits a few bars a capella.

"Niggas lookin' at me when I step into the party/It's the 50 millionaire muthafuckin' Don Dada/All my niggas on coke, all my bitches on Molly/Half my niggas do both, you better get yourself some money/Catching feelings when I pull up in it/Bad bitch! She a stripper, now she making spinach/Now follow me, Balenciagas like they Nikes, nigga/Five bitches in the club, they all wifeys nigga."

This new collab marks the trio's return to wax and a strong sign that the MMG compilation album Self Made 4 is on the way. This is the first collab between Meek and Wale since the two labelmates beefed last fall, with Meek going as far as to say The Album About Nothing rapper was kicked off the label.

With guest appearances from Yo Gotti, J. Cole, Boosie BadAzz and more, Self Made 3 was one of the strongest compilations of 2013. Don't act like Meek Mill's "Levels" doesn't get you hyped at a party to this day. Check out the trio's latest creation above and see if it matched up to the magic on Self Made 3. Who do you think has the best verse on this new shit?

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