OG Maco, also known as Maco Mattox, has had a solid ride so far based off his 2014 high-energy single "U Guessed It." Two years later, the College Park, GA native and former XXL Freshman is teasing a new, solemn, synthy sound with new two songs.

Maco drops "So Simple" and "As A Man 2" today (March 30). Though Maco worked with different producers for the two tracks, he aims to strike a chord with listeners with emotional lyrics on each. It appears both new tracks will appear on an upcoming project called 7FRVR.

On "So Simple," Mattox reminisces on the old days with the assistance of a Harry Fraud beat.

"Salute to Biggavelli, holler free Max/Niggas want my cheese so I keep em back/Living out my dreams so I rarely laugh," he spits.

Meanwhile, on "As A Man 2," the Quality Control MC addresses the naysayers and "peasants" who've doubted his progress and written him off as a one-hit wonder on a booming, raspy beat from his OGG teammate OG Vader.

"Making classics like Sinatra ballads/This thing evolves, far from average, that's by any standards/And those evolved bite their tongue before they ever tell it/Loose lips sink ships and we forever sailing/I got some homies can't travel, they forever fellas/A year before this I was no exception/The path traveled by a legend don't include directions."

OG Maco recently got off a European tour in support of his Lord of The Rage EP, which he dropped back in January. These two new tracks, along with his Pablo Dylan collab "Bright Lights" earlier this month, proves that through tour life, trials and nasty Internet rumors, the rage rapper hasn't strayed away from the music.

"So Simple" and "As A Man 2" are available for streaming and download now via Soundcloud. Peep the first one up top and the second one below.

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