On his new Peewee Longway-assisted single, Johnny Cinco proves once again that Atlanta is the nexus of the hip-hop universe right now. "On My Line," off of I Swear (due out Feb. 9), is endearingly slurred, codeine-drenched vocals poured into the crevices of rolling snares and chopped-up flutes that were frozen in amber in 2004. By embedding himself in the tight circle of avant-garde trap rappers that sparked his city's renaissance, Johnny ensured a while back that he would always have a modicum of success; with "On My Line" as a barometer, I Swear figures to set him apart from the pack.

Quality Control, the label most notable for the ubiquitous Migos, facilitated the collaboration with Longway. As guest features go, his is a shot of adrenaline, percussive and sneering. As for Cinco, his vocal register rarely wavers, and his stare never does--few rappers in or outside of Atlanta have as menacing a gaze. "On My Line" marks the latest in a long line of collaborations for the Atlantan, having recently worked with Migos, Jeremih, OG Maco and others. Cinco also contributed music to the soundtrack for Finesse, a film written, directed and produced by none other than Zaytoven, the architect of a hefty portion of the best beats from the ATL in recent years.

Earlier this week, Quality Control was in the news over an embarrassing misunderstanding. The label donated $1,000 to an Atlanta high school; social media users believed that the money had come from Migos and, therefore, was a paltry sum compared to the money thrown around in the trio's songs and videos.

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