If you've kept your eyes and ears open to the New York streets (or blogs), you may've heard names like Your Old Droog and Rast RFC pop up. The former is a 24-year-old out of Coney Island who has a focus on dense lyricism. Your Old Droog gained notoriety for sounding an awful lot like Nas, which is a theory many still believe in despite being reportedly untrue. Fellow NYC rhymer Rast RFC came up from the graffiti scene and is known for his passionately delivered lyrics and narratives. The thing is that his songs are often very noticeably unmixed. That somehow works for him though.

In short, they're two very good rappers who have peculiar backgrounds. They both have a foot in the times where graffiti tagged MTA trains were the norm. That era is worn on their sleeves on "No Message," a seven-minute epic where you're placed in a city where getting took was the norm. And yet, you're still drawn to it — darkness tends to do that.

Unless Nas is really nefarious enough to send a stand-in, fans will get to see Your Old Droog perform along with Rast RFC and Timeless Truth at New York City's Webster Hall on Sept. 3. Check out the flyer on the Soundcloud stream above.

[via Nah Right]