The younger Ice Cube of the AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted era probably would've scoffed at the idea of doing a track with LMFAO's Redfoo. Then again, he probably would've had the same reaction to doing a comedy like 22 Jump Street. Anyways, "Drop Girl" featuring 2 Chainz and Redfoo is the latest single from the West Coast great.

"Drop Girl" isn't the type of cut you'd expect from an album called Everythang's Corrupt. The song features an EDM-flavored beat and Ice Cube still flexing his comedic muscle. "Stop, drop and pop it/ And after you pop it please put it in my pocket," Ice Cube raps. Again, it's from an album called Everythang's Corrupt; that line may be some sort of satirical #StayWoke moment.

Everythang's Corrupt, Ice Cube's tenth album, is due later this year.

[via HHNM]