Game has spent the past couple of days making headlines for getting randomly dissed by Gucci Mane and cuffing Nicki Minaj on the "Pills N Potions" video — which led to a bunch of over the top memes. Now, he's doing some old-fashion chest bumping on "Bigger Than Me," which will appear on the upcoming Blood Money La Familia.

Game declares himself the "Black Marshall Mathers" on his newest single, which is a title none of the XXL Freshmen can claim, according to him. "Your Freshmen Cover is full of soft ass niggas," he raps. Other highlights include a rough dis at Frank Ocean, a Spawn (as in the comic book character) reference, a Hulk Hogan namedrop, a Miguel invitation and the obligatory Rich Gang shoutout.

Blood Money La Familia is scheduled to drop on Sept. 16.