Rick Ross Featuring Jay Z “The Devil Is A Lie”


Rick Ross and Jay Z do make magic together.

Rozay and Hov have a history of collaborations, ranging from “Free Mason” to their club banger “FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt.” Another track they’ve been hyping up next is “The Devil Is A Lie,” which will appear on his next album Mastermind.

“We’re pushing the envelope once again and it’s just one of those records I can’t wait to hit the streets,” Ross told MTV News earlier this month. “We went in another direction but it’s just one of those records that’s gonna speak for itself and everybody’s gonna have their opinion of it.”

Listen to the MMG CEO and King Hova’s latest single. Mastermind is hitting stores at the top of next year.

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  • BrianRaider


  • G.Ramey

    not the best it’s ok not great

  • Infinite8

    They tryin to TOP “FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt.” It didn’t happen though.

  • Tic706

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  • Andrew

    Beat is dope. Imagine what ANY OTHER rappers could do with it. Fuck Rick Ross. You’re so terrible. And JAY Z needs to stop putting out shit just for the sake of trying to stay relevant.