Smoke DZA teams up with fellow weed enthusiasts, Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y, for "Legends In The Making (Ashtray Pt. 2)," which is produced by Harry Fraud. This track is part two of the "Ashtray," a cut off DZA second album, Rugby Thompson, which came out the summer of 2012 featuring Domo Genesis and ScHoolboy Q. This is the first time DZA, Wiz, Spitta and Fraud have all worked on a record together. This serves as the first single for Smoke's forthcoming album, Dream Zone Achieved, which is set to be release early next year. There is no set release date yet but Smoke DZA said its "about 85 percent done."

That is not all, Smoke and Harry will also be coming out with a full length project, Rugby Thompson 2, which will be distributed on Harry Fraud new label, Surf School Recordings sometime next year. Listen to "Legends In The Making (Ashtray Pt. 2)" and purchase the single on iTunes.

XXL: What was the creation process for “"Legends In The Making (Ashtray Pt. 2)?"
Smoke DZA:
My thought was, the original Ashtray record got two of my homies on it, Domo Genesis and ScHoolboy Q. And after I did that record I always knew I wanted to remix that record. I always wanted to have Spitta and Wiz and myself on a record together. Like the timing just wasn't right before and all the stars wasn't aligning. I got wiz. Wiz is a fan of Rugby Thompson and he heard the song already and when I said "yo I want you to get on this joint," he was already excited about it cause he was already fucking with it. Then I finally got a hold on Spitta cause he always on the road, all the time and driving his cars and doing all this maniac shit. I finally got him to throw his flavor on there. So when it happen, it history for me because those are my favorite guys. Along with [Harry] Fraud on the production. So to have all three of them on the record it's like the stoner fucking trilogy.

Step by step, how did the beat get constructed?
Harry Fraud:
Well, I think how we thought of it was, if you check out Rugby Thompson, we have the record "Ashtray." This is meant to be a continuation of that. If you listen to it the drums we used in "Ashtray" part 1 and "Ashtray Pt. 2," they are deliberately the same drums. The kind of like chord progression, although they are not the exact same thing, we kind of just tried to make it feel like the same type of feel, the same tempo, the same bounce and just continue that. Because "Ashtray" for me and DZA, that's like one of our favorite records that we did. We had Domo and ScHoolboy, those are are super talented dudes and we wanted to elevate that and say alright who can we go with this; who of our brother we really fuck with. Because we really fuck with Domo and ScHoolboy. Me and DZA just don’t get anyone just to get them. We just trying to keep it in the same vain with the music. I didn’t want to make a whole different sound. With "Ashtray," we chopped up a 2 Chainz sample for the hook. But for this we did something similar but chopped up a Spitta sample this time for the hook. So we kind of kept the format  but just did a take of the old record and updated it.