Listen To Eminem And Kendrick Lamar’s “Love Game”


Eminem’s MMLP 2 has leaked online. One of the most anticipated collaborations was Em and Kendrick Lamar on “Love Game.” On the song, Em and K. Dot play the game of love with a pesky fling. The two embody each other’s flows, switching up cadences and delivery that showcases their undeniable talent. It’s the Rap God and the King.

Listen to the track over here.

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  • Tom


  • NumberData

    Man this album is so freaking raw man. So agressive compared to hip hop today it like hearing a fire being lit under your asss

    • nn

      Album was trash admit it. I can list 5 rap albums this year better.

      • DrO

        but c’mon bad guy was one hell of a far one of the best tines this year even better than wonderbread by Danny B

  • NumberData

    Not the same as the Marshal Mathers LP, but it doesn’t need to be, this is the evolution of Eminem that we always hoped would happen. Particularity; Bad Guy, Brainless, So Far and Evil Twin, Rap God and Berzerk. Man this album eased all my fears of Eminem going mainstream.

  • Fuqhoe3s

    This sht is soooo muthafuqqin terrible. It sound like joke rap. Em’s pop record making @$$ is corny for this beat even bein considered. FOH with that its different an artistic sht its actually bad music by otherwise great artists

  • DrO

    Real talk, ‘Bad guy’ the first song on MMLP2 has got to be one of ems finest songs.. the meaning and story to it was too much to handle