Meek Mill “Kendrick You Next (Cassidy Diss)”

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Just when you thought the spat was over, done, dead, fin, Meek Mill hits Cassidy where it hurts, big time. The MMG rapper throws some ether on the fire with a scathing new track titled “Kendrick You Next.” Milly uses the song to serve as an example for K. Dot but provides a multitude of crushing blows to Cass at the same time spitting over a number of famous diss track beats.

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  • Vandellish

    Meek gonna have to do better than this updated ‘Jackin for Beats.’ Mimicking classic rap disses coupled with his trademark YELLING just ain’t gonna cut it. Meek better come with better lyrics and more original style if he wanna come at Lamar. Seriously though that yelling is getting redundant as hell. Switch your style up sometimes rookie.


      The yelling can give you a headache after a while.

      • Vandellish

        I mean even Lil Fame tone it down sometimes.

    • Brinden McGowan

      i liked a few lines in there. ‘while u were singing come to my hotel. we was cookin work in the motel*’ and i thought the beat mash up was clever

    • ★Treis Gaara★

      Kendrick doesn’t have any great lyrics. Name 1 hot line. Kendrick a pussy he 5’5.

      • truth

        hahahahahahhaha. This bitch is actually serious. (Apparently never heard Rigamortus)

        • ★Treis Gaara★

          lol you still didn’t name a lyric

    • Puppet H

      Dude, did you ever hear Cassidy’s RAID diss. He is just simply doing what Cassidy did to him, using classic rap beats for the diss. I’m pretty sure his coming at Lamar is either going to use the Control beat or something new, maybe just there to let people know his new song was a Cassidy diss. Now I don’t know if I should call you or Meek a rookie.

      • Vandellish

        Have not heard Cassidy’s RAID diss but if it is indeed the same tactic (mashing up classic beats) it’s yet another lame azz diss attempt. Just because you ‘get’ something doesn’t make it dope. As I noted, the ‘Jackin for Beats’ diss approach has been played out for well over a decade. I’m a true school hip-hop fan/writer and biting (concepts, lyrics or styles) is STILL BS IMO and that goes for anyone.

        Furthermore, if Meek (or anyone else for that matter) comes back with the ‘Control’ beat then god help us all. There’s already been enough rehashes of that average fkn beat in the first place.

        As far as being up-to-date on the ramblings of Johnny Gill’s doppelganger (Meek Mill) or Cassidy’s 1000th mixtape/diss record then yeah…I’m proud to be a rookie.

        Just know that I’ve been making writer/promo $ in hip-hop since ’96. I know a half-azz diss attempt when I hear one and this fits the bill. I’m not a fan or a hater of Meek’s and even I know he can do better. Sorry if I’m speaking ill of your guy(s), I’m just calling it like it is.

        • Puppet H

          Just because I didn’t agree with your statement doesn’t make me a fan of said person. You should have known what Meek and Cassidy were doing before you bashed one of them, but you did bash the wacker rapper since Cassidy is in my top 10 with Fabolous as No1. Also the control beat, yes there are many artist that are trying to get attention with the control beat, Meek tried to get attention to this diss by the title alone, not the beats or shouting lyrics. So ‘if’ he decides to go and diss Kendrick, it’s either Control or “something new” like I said. The diss isn’t half azz, it’s a cry for attention. Look how long it took for him to make this track-8 months to be exact when everyone though it has ended with Cassidy being the winner but still that 24-hour of fame still has done nothing for his career. Was relevant now another Papoose in everyone’s eyes.

          • Vandellish

            ‘You should have known what Meek and Cassidy were doing before you bashed one of them’

            LOL…Ok overseer of all things rap. I was merely commenting on the bullshyt diss attempt. I had no idea I’d have to go do homework on all the history of these two. Forgive me.

            I never claimed you to be a fan, I said ‘IF I’m speaking ill of your guys’. I’ll have to disagree on the diss being half-azz. I agree with Cassidy being a better lyricist. Personally, I’ve met both of them and they both came off fairly cool. Meek came off a little paranoid though, maybe he’d heard too many horror stories about da Chi.

        • swagzilla

          ‘Just know that I’ve been making writer/promo $ in hip-hop since ’96. I know a half-azz diss attempt when I hear one and this fits the bill’

          ohh jesus you’re one of those people. Just because you work in the industry doesn’t mean you know shit about anything.

          • Vandellish

            ‘Just because you work in the industry doesn’t mean you know shit about anything.’
            C’mon now. No one knows EVERYTHING but everyone knows something about something. Especially if it’s within their field. Still, I actually get what you saying. When it comes to art it’s 99 times outta 100 about opinion. If you check my posts here I’ve only respectfully stated my own. I’m not the first and won’t be the last on this website…and it’s OK.
            In regards to the original point my question to you is what is your opinion on this track? This here is a healthy and perhaps necessary conversation amongst fans of hip hop lyrics. In essence we’ve all come here to build by putting our opinions out there. You, on the other hand, seem to have come here merely to question what I know or don’t know without stepping out with a real opinion of your own. I could use a PR guy like you.
            To the original point…If you want to know why I feel how I feel about the lazy Meek Mill diss Cassidy just proved my point the other day with ‘Catch a Body’. Meek’s looking just that now…meek.

  • BrianRaider

    Man Cot DaMN! mEEK!

  • praynstayhumble

    Meek Mill has no business using a Tupac beat for this trash diss.

  • The Arsonist

    That dudes voice is highly irritating, I need to listen to his records in Braille

  • The SaberWolf

    This sucks. Get of that N***** word. its played out. and not very smart.

  • THE O.G. BIG 3

    Meek Mill needs 2 stop screaming!!!

  • King

    Joint goes hard!

  • B REAL

    meek will kill Kendrick any time but you guys obviously don’t see that its about Cassidy lol get off here…..MEEK MILLY GOIN HAM

    • joe

      meek will kill kendrick? i thought your name was B REAL

  • doe

    seriously?i thnk I js found me a sleepin pill..

  • eagle

    WAIT WAIT WAIT!!!!! before i even listen to this…..

    is there a missing COMMA in the title? or does meek mill really mean to use “Kendrick” as a verb?
    like how people use “ether” as a verb when rap dissing?

    So, he’s gonna “Kendrick Cassidy Next?” or did he mean to write “Kendrick, you (are) next”


  • AngelinaWaterlilly

    iT CALLED kENdrick next because hes next.He saving it for d3.Yall fucking stupid,this is what Meek does hes been battle rapping since he was 14 get the foh

  • Young Samson

    Lot of energy… not one hot line… not one…

  • J miles

    Meek killed this. I don’t know what y’all talkin about. Meek buried Cassidy and put him underground wen he didn’t need to cuz Cass not on Meek level. Cass aint did it as big. Stop saying Meek didn’t kill it cuz u lieing to yaself. Meek is one of the big ones right now jus face it