Cassidy “Catch A Body” (Meek Mill Diss)


Come on now. You knew Cassidy would clap back. After Meek opened back up the floodgates with the track, “Kendrick You Next,” earlier this week, Cass ups the ante with a scorching new nearly eight minute diss over Canibus’ “2nd Round Knockout.”

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  • koot316

    this shit wack im sorry cass a beast with the lyrics but this shit was not hot at all he lied a lot in this shit no damn well he not throwing bullets. Cass philly already expose you stop it meek a real street nigga stop this bullshit gangsta shit and just rhyme. Meek killed you bro

    • Young Samson

      Just say you’re a Meek Mill fan, don’t front like you know shit about lyrics, lol #BabyNiggaz

      • #exposed

        LMAO word!

    • thabo

      co-sign. cass saying bs all over this poor beat. not truth in his shit. all he did was to ‘correct’ meek, from there all his punches lack that personal factor towards meek. meek killed cass cos he came with personal attacks only.

      dropping 10lines bout fucking sumbody’s mother is weak if that shit aint true.
      calling sumbody gay cos he weat skinnies is weak if that person is known not to be gay. cassidy lost this one. raid was better than this, way better

  • 2PAC

    Meek Mill fans all butthurt realizing that Meek cant hang with Cass. Its all good though. Meek should leave this shit alone. Cass BODIED that nigga’

  • Rapgame

    I’m not a meek fan in the slightest, but this is garbage. Its not clever and his rhyme scheme is boring and redundant. Seems like he’s free styling it or something.

  • Juice

    The difference is it takes Meek months too write a diss but Cass can write a diss in hours..

  • Thajetww

    dis weak..