Raheem DeVaughn Featuring Styles P “Trigga Man” #ATRAYVONMARTINSONG


Just two days after the verdict was announced in the landmark Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case, D.C. crooner Raheem DeVaughn releases a tribute song to the 17-year-old Martin in “Trigga Man,” appropriately hashtagged #ATRAYVONMARTINSONG. While this isn’t the first song about Trayvon and the recent trial, it’s an extremely moving tale told from the perspective of Trayvon as he pleads with his murderer. As DeVaughn sings lines like “Did you ever stop to think? Or was hatred on your mind?” and “I was supposed to be in the yearbook, I was supposed to be King at the Prom,” you can’t help but wonder how Martin’s life would’ve turned out had the altercation with Zimmerman never occurred. Styles P also stops by for an emotional guest verse about the world being “in a dark place.” Listen below.

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  • Anonymous

    Trayvon Martin assaulted Zimmerman. George Zimmerman didn’t kill him out malice. He didn’t want to shoot him. He endured a vicious beating for 45+ seconds, and yelled for help, and nobody came to his aid. Trayvon Martin had ample time to get home, after losing Zimmerman, but he turned back to confront Zimmerman. It had nothing to do with race, George Zimmerman is a mixed-race himself, he mentored black children, and his grandmother is black. You people are just milking this incident for your own personal gain.

    • stupid ass

      oh snap i didnt know you were there ! where were u in the trail ?

    • Luke B Money

      if he didn’t wanna shoot him, then he would not have shot him. if you point a gun at someone on the ground and say stop or ill shoot may get his attention.. no need to kill anyone. yeah when u pull the trigger its outta malice

    • mrdontplay58

      asshole can you take hits in your face for 45 seconds and not get a busted lip or a swollen eye…are you fucking serious…im black and if my niece hit me in the face for 45 seconds I will have marks and damage you can see…so how can a white man take mma blows for 45 seconds and just end up with a broken nose…? if a white person gets 1 solid hit it will show and George Zimmerman had 45 seconds worth of blows and there is no other type of mark on his face..and yal really think he got hit for 45 seconds…assholes

    • Laa Shay

      yeah stay anonymous asshole

  • gorge zimmers