As promised, the legendary R. Kelly is back today with his new single "My Story," from his forthcoming Black Panties album. With a guest verse from Chainz and a name like "My Story," it was hard to guess what this would sound like, but it's safe to say no one saw a syrupy swag anthem like this one coming. On it, Kells takes a few minutes to reaffirm his place at the top of the R&B world over a sparse guitar riff, and Chainz stops by for a reference-heavy (he shouts out 12 Play and Chocolate Factory in the same couplet) verse about sex and money, two things he's great at rapping about. The tune also sounds a lot like some of The-Dream's—an outspoken fan of Kells'—recent work, but with "My Story," the R takes Terius' formula of sing-rapping lines like "They asked him in an interview why do he love these girls ... The only thing he had to say was 'Motherfuck the world'" in earnest, and murders it. Listen to it below.