R.A. The Rugged Man Featuring Hopsin “Underground Hits”

R.A. The Rugged Man is an interesting fella. He can flat out spit, but he is also very different than most rappers and provides some comedy. R.A. grabs Hopsin for his “Underground Hits” single off Legends Never Die LP, due out next Tuesday. The beat is a sample of classical opera, which is really cool. Also, The Rugged Man intro into the song is quite entertaining: ”I’ll pull my dick out and pee on your property.” Simply hilarious. You can listen to the song above.

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  • Tim

    this is extremely dope

  • Nick

    Album is going to be sick!

  • Sam

    that beat is nasty as fuck, this makes me look way forward to this album

  • http://www.facebook.com/djenningsla David Jennings

    I have lost respect for R.A. The Rugged Man. Why would he collab with an Eminem clone that makes music for 13 year old skaters in Moldavia? Rugged can spit no doubt about it, but his integrity just went out the window. I guess when you rely on music as your source of income, you will do anything to be heard and for Crustified that comes by way of selling out.

    • dr koul

      Dude I’m making an account just to comment to you. Do you know this person you’re defaming in person? No. Well RA actually met him and talked to him. Can you not trust him? Listen carefully to the album. If this is selling out, I would wish the industry did it a little more often!