Spree Wilson’s “Right One, Wrong Time” conjured ‘90s ATL bass that many consider the golden era. We get another taste of Wilson and The Flush’s collaborative EP Life in Technicolor with “All I Need.” The song is a re-interpretation of Ghost Town DJs' "My Boo," which was released on 1995's So So Def Bass All Stars.

While other tracks during this era was very much of their time, “My Boo” felt timeless. The song’s fuzziness and feel-good vibes translates well on Wilson’s “All I Need.” Finding your one and only isn’t always easy and he plays out his search with determination that's admirable. Go Dreamer’s smooth rhymes add another layer to the summertime slow jam.

Listen to Wilson’s “All I Need” below, and pick up Life in Technicolor dropping on May 1.