The day has come when we finally truly meet Snoop Lion. The legendary west coast rapper's new album Reincarnated drops today. Snoop Dogg has been in the rap game for over two decades. When you think of the west coast, one of the first hip-hop figures that jump into everyone's mind is Snoop. So it was a real shock to see him transform into a reggae artist.

Now as fans, we get to experience what type of music the new "Snoop" will produce. Last year, the Long Beach, California native went through a spiritual and musical awakening, thus the birth of Snoop Lion. Here, we have a very smooth record with T.I. called "No Regrets," which is a bonus track off his new album. The sound is very different, but its believable. You don't hear a rapper trying to make a reggae song, you just hear good music to vibe to. Listen to the track below.

[Via Audiomack]