The Come Up: CJ Fly


On his sound and being indie:

I don’t try to sound like any other artist. Even when we were making Joey’s 1999, we didn’t really pinpoint the hip-hop and be like, “Let’s do this to sound differently.” But that’s what came up—that’s what we projected once we started rapping. We definitely try to manifest everything we’ve planned. But a lot of things were blessings and a lot just came.

I mean, the whole mainstream topic is different. As far as it goes, it’s whatever you end up being. Some are platformed for the radio. I would talk about our interests and beliefs, rather than the mainstream topics, which is a lot of materialistic ideas.

On Secc$ Tap.e Vol.2 And B4.Da.$$:

I can’t even tell you. [Laughs] It’s going to be dope. I’m just recording now and planning to drop unreleased music from the lost tapes. [Laughs.] I’ve been rapping, rapping, rapping, rapping.

With B4.Da.$$ It’s gonna be really dope, I think we gotta give people that same refreshing feeling 1999 gave them when they first heard it.


On what’s next:

End of the year, I’d like to get awards and accolades. The visuals are definitely coming out. If it can get acknowledged by major markets, that’d be amazing. I just take note of everything that I like a lot. Visually, I liked everything [Quentin Tarantino] did. I watch the camera movements, scene transitions—just everything. I get more ideas from watching movies.

I want Pro.Era to be as big as big as every rap crew in history. I want to be the greatest to do it in the history of legendary rap groups. We have a bunch of spitters with each one of them being able to rap. It separates us from a lot of groups. We can all genuinely rap.

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