The Come Up: Young Dolph


On Getting Into Rap:

Young Dolph: When I was younger, I was into it, but I didn’t really think I want to be a rapper. One of my little brothers, he was really like the rapper. I just knew he wanted to do something with music. As the years went over and life, you go through these different changes in life. You go through different shit. Some way, I ended up behind the microphone. I started taking the shit seriously on my own. Shit just became a passion. Just like you fall in love when you getting a girl. No matter if you wanted to leave her, it’s just something about it that you can’t leave it.

The first time I was taking it seriously in my career was 2010. It was like on my second mixtape or third mixtape. I just figured I put out all my effort, all my hustle into this music… My first two mixtapes I just like put them out. Shit, that response. I was like, “Hold on, I got something that’s going on.” I gotta go in here and do this shit for real.

The first tape I put it out … fucking with my boys, I recorded a couple of songs. When you first do anything your boys gonna let you know. That’s the first opinion you are going to get. Your opinion from your close peers around you. Your cousin, your family, all that. They gonna be the first ones to know what you are doing besides you. Shit, once everybody was hearing this shit, it was like, “You need do this shit, bruh. You need to put out a tape.” Me, not even thinking about it, I asked one of my homeboys, “Man, what producers do I need to fuck with?” He a music head. Man off top, you need to go fuck with DJ Squeeky. So, I went and found DJ Squeeky got them beats going on. Spent some money with Squeeky, he gave me that bang. He had them bangers. Killer tracks. I just did that went in with Squeeky. I put that shit out just to see what it was gonna do. Man, the streets ate that shit up. I was just testing out the waters with this shit. I went ahead and dived in that motherfucker.

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