The Come Up: Young Dolph


On Being A Rapper Out Of Memphis:

Young Dolph: Memphis is a city where if you can get love in Memphis, you can get love anywhere you go. It’s hard to win Memphis over. Just as a city as a whole. I feel like you got Memphis love. You got Memphis behind you. You can get love for anywhere. Work your muscle, work your magic.

Memphis wants the proof. You know what they say about Missouri is the show-me state? It’s really like Memphis like that. They want proof. Ok, you hot? You a rapper. You say you the state? Ok, well, prove it that you the shit. If you a rapper man, if you ain’t moving around or you ain’t getting down what’s in your lyrics. It’s like they look at you a certain kind of way. They expect more. Whatever you saying and your music and all that. That’s what they expect. They won’t do the research on you. They just feel like you just a real person. You ain’t gotta be no street person or none of that.

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