The Come Up: Kidd Kidd


On Being Influenced By Soulja Slim And 50 Cent:

Kidd Kidd: “Soulja Slim, first and foremost. He was a New Orleans legend. He was one of those cats that was just real and put real life in his music. I love that he has music that I could listen to and when he say something like, ‘Yo, I was just doing that.’ You know? Stuff like that. He was one of those cats that did that. Besides being from New Orleans, I know everything he is talking about. I was always inspired by Soulja Slim.

“When Fif dropped, he was so hard. Going through everything, he was the same type. He was never a flashy type of rapper. Even with the “I Get Money” and “Stunt 101,” his raps are about shooting a nigga. Something like that. That was always hard to me. I respected that. That showed you how you can’t shake where you come from. No matter how big you get. If you were into that lifestyle, you can’t shake it. You can’t never leave it.”

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  • bread

    Kidd Kidd about to blow

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    you guys are waaay late on this one