Deniro Farrar is a different type of rapper. With a multitude of MCs rapping about money, cash, drugs, clothes and hoes, to hear someone revert back to storytelling-conveying one's life as vividly as they can through their words-is truly refreshing. Farrar's life is one that is filled with more than one interesting story. Born into a big family with no father in a rough area around Charlotte, North Carolina, one can easily throw away their life away and succumb to the negative environment. However, this 26-year-old noticed his potential and was intelligent enough to put his talents into better use.

From Feel Me to The Patriarch 2, not only do you hear the overall quality of his music getting better, you also witness an artist becoming his own. The following for the self-proclaimed leader of cult rap is growing more and more with each tape. The increased fanbase have never stopped to show a ridiculous amount of devotion to him. Just a few weeks after The Patriarch 2 released on June 18, XXL got on the phone with Farrar to discuss his upbringing, how he got into rap, and why he's going full speed in his lane.—Emmanuel C.M. (@ECM_LP)