The Come Up: Jarren Benton


On signing with Hopsin’s Funk Volume label:

“I put out the “Skitzo” video in 2011 and a lot of people were fucking with it and a lot of blogs picked it up. Hopsin and I had a lot of mutual fans, and someone posted the video on Hopsin’s page and I guess he actually looked at the shit and started spreading it around to Dame [Rittier] and SwizZz and they were fucking with it. Dame shot me an email, but what’s crazy is that I didn’t even check that fucking email and when I saw it like two or three months later I was like “Oh shit.” So I called him and we talked for a minute and you know, at first I was still trying to get my own shit off the ground. We ended up doing SXSW and that’s when we first met up and I saw Hopsin live. Once I saw him, Dizzy and SwizZz – their show was just so fucking dope At the time, I had a couple of labels reaching out like Def Jam and Interscope. No I.D. flew me out to L.A. but shit didn’t really go down like how I wanted it to. I kept in contact with Dame and he flew me out to Arizona for a show. When I got there, I thought T.I. must’ve been there because the line was so fucking long. I was like “Damn, this is insane.” Hopsin and Dizzy killed it, and the chemistry with everybody was just natural. Everyone was cool as fuck and there was no egos and it was just the same type of dudes I fuck with as friends. After the show, Dame and I still kept in contact and he entertained the idea of coming over to Funk Volume. I was like ‘Fuck man, I’m digging this movement and everything they got that they’re fucking with is in line with the same things I want to fuck with.” So we made it happen.”

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