With ties to Gucci Mane and Future, Young Scooter's looking like one of Atlanta's most promising upstarts. Scooter's built a strong local following over the past year from the success of records like "77 Birds" and "Colombia", the latter of which recently featured Birdman, Rick Ross and Gucci Mane on it's remix. His Free Bricks 2 mixtape with Gucci Mane is slated for release later this week, and Juug House is coming this summer. Scooter stopped by the XXL headquarters earlier this week to discuss his newfound success, upcoming projects and how the "Colombia" remix came together.

How did the original "Colombia" record first come about?

The “Colombia” record first came out on the Welcome to Mollyworld mixtape with Future. It dropped on that, and we weren’t really paying it much attention at the time. And then it just started going so hard with the Coalition DJs and they just pushed it so hard. At the time, I really didn’t think nothing of it. I thought it was just another regular song. But my partner Pep, he thought it was the one. Future thought it was the one. You never know with these songs.

Birdman was in the original video for "Colombia" and then just appeared on the remix. How long have you guys had a relationship?

I met Birdman through Gucci, and ever since then he’s been fucking with the music hard. And just telling me to make the right decisions. Ross has done the same thing. They told me “You got 'em. Once they start paying attention, you just gotta keep going and keep working.” I gotta salute them for what they did for me. They're so big. For Bird or Ross to even acknowledge me is a blessing. I got the utmost respect for them 'cause they really blessed me. To come out and want to do the song and the video too, I gotta salute that.

What's the status of the video for the remix?

Yeah, we’re shooting a video for it next week. That’s something about me. If we’re gonna do a song together, we might as well do the video. Before we even do the song, I’ll ask you if you’re down to do the video. If not, we don’t have to do the song. It makes no sense to do the song if we’re not gonna do the video.

Sure. That kind of reminds me of the situation with Future and Drake and the “Tony Montana” record.

Like the “Tony Montana” situation, that wasn’t even nothing like they made it seem. Basically you’re just gonna want the other person to be in the video or it just wouldn’t make sense to do it.

You’ve got affiliations with 1017 Brick Squad and Future’s Freebandz imprint. What exactly is your label situation?

I’m Black Migo Gang. The world got it twisted and I still don’t get it. Me and Future are damn near brothers. Since I been in Atlanta, I been with Future. What’s Freebandz is the same as Black Migo Gang. It’s really no different. I’m just my own businessman, and he’s his own businessman. I mean, I don’t have a deal. I’m independent. So I don’t get what the world is so twisted about.

How is 2013 shaping up for you?

Me and Gucci got Free Bricks 2 come out this week. We got Waka, Meek Mill and Young Dolph on there. Then my street album Juug House will be released on July 2. We still got people just starting to catch up on Street Lottery now. It's spreading through the media and the internet. It's crazy, but it's good at the same time. A lot of people telling me, “You don’t even know how big you is.” So now I'm doing more press and interviews and networking. This is stuff I didn’t ever do that I really should have been doing.