Director X Shares the Stories Behind His Iconic Videos

Mystikal ft. Pharrell,“Shake Ya Ass” (2000)
Album: Let’s Get Ready

Director X: “The thing with that video was making something that would defuse the record a bit. It’s so sexual that to do something that would be a juxtaposition to what was going on was what was needed. The song is so explicit that you need to defuse it.

“Instead of making a strip club record where everyone would be like, “Ok, explicit lyrics. Explicit visuals. We are not going to play it.” Especially in those days, people were really revolting against the video girls thing. It was a whole controversy with it all the time.

“I was like, “Alright, let’s remove that and let’s do ‘Eyes Wide Shut.’” As a subject matter, it’s dealing with what we are dealing with. As a movie, it’s dealing with sex and freedom of sexuality and all that kind of stuff. Then, on a visual level, it had a bunch of cool visuals. So it really separated that video. Remember, that video got a lot of respect and got a lot of play. The record was hot but you could play the video on TV.”

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