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Three 6 Mafia
Last 2 Walk

HYPNOTIZED MINDZ/COLUMBIA It may have taken over a decade, but Three 6 Mafia finally crossed over. Following their contributions to the indie film "Hustle & Flow," the Memphis monarchs not only won the Academy Award for Best Song, for “It’s ...

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Viva the straight rap movement

Natural born pessimist that I am, I figured that hipster rap might be the final nail in the coffin. Hip-Hop had already been on a creative downswing for more than 10 years now. Certainly, the fact that mofos are walking ...

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Respect Busta Rhymes

"I mean some can't stay afloat/A million Busta albums he still not mentioned with the G.O.A.Ts" – Joe Budden “Who Pt.1” To me the best rap lines are made up of things that everyone is thinking and no one is saying. ...

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