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Flo Rida To Perform On American Idol

Flo Rida will appear on American Idol tonight (April 8), where he will perform his record-breaking #1 single, “Right Round.” The appearance, which follows performances from the likes of Kanye West and Stevie Wonder this season, will promote the rapper’s new ...

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Fuck Dallas Penn!

What the fuck is the deal internets?!? Yeah, it's your least favorite blogger Dallas Penn, the blogger formerly known as Billy X. Sunday a/k/a Guillermo Xavier Domingo a/k/a the internets. I have to say thank you to XXL ...

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We Made You? No, thank you

I remember getting somewhat psyched the other day, when I heard there was a new Eminem video coming out this week. Then I just kinda forgot about it. I didn't even know the video for "We Made You" was hitting ...

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