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No old timers day in rap

I read somewhere last week that DMX's new album Year of the Dog...Again would be duking it out with the hits compilation (there were hits this summer?) Now That's What I Call Music 22 for the number one spot on ...

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Saigon Pulls A Lupe

We interrupt normally scheduled blogging for this special 80's Baby bulletin. Saigon leaked his street single "Pain In My Life" (Bloodstains) to myspace this weekend, a conscious but hardcore record featuring baby-faced (pause!) R&B crooner Trey Songz. The Yardfather reinsured ...

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Jay-Z Sued by 40/40 Designer

Interior designer Ilan Waisbrod, the man behind the look and feel of Jay-Z’s 40/40 Sports Bar in New York City, has filed a lawsuit against the rapper, according to United Press International. Waisbrod, founder of design firm Studio Gaia, claims ...

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