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Free Larry Patterson, Jr.

Let's say you were a 19 year-old hyphy rapist riding around in a Ford Taurus with your five month-old baby rolling around unrestrained on the back seat. Then let's say a police officer saw you, because your car fit the description ...

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Savage Life 2

TRILL/ASYLUM/ATLANTIC As Trill Entertainment’s first artist to break nationally, Webbie has had ample opportunity to blow. In 2005, his raunchy “Give Me That” picked up steam and led to the remix of “Bad Bitch” getting placed on the Hustle & Flow ...

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What’s Jay got to do with it?

Back when it was announced that Jay-Z had "bought" the New Jersey Nets, it occurred to me that there must have been some shenanigans involved. I just wasn't sure what. Think about it. Jay-Z has a shiteload of money, but I ...

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