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I was listening to the full American Gangster leak when suddenly: “We ain’t thugs just for the sake of just being thugs Nobody do that, where we grew at nigga, duh The poverty line we not above so I come with mask and ...

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A few non-Run-DMC musical moments that make me think of the big homie JMJ. R.I.P. dude. Without you, there's no us. Onyx "BacDaFucUp" Onyx "BichAsBootleguz" Onyx "Bust Dat Ass" Onyx "Da Bounce Nigga" Onyx "Da Mad Face Invasion" Onyx "GetDaFucOut" C'mon you know them skits on the ...

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Analyze This

The Internet's favorite record gets dissected in a semi-intelligent quick convo between two dudes who get along. How did “Ignorant Shit” first come about? Just Blaze: That was the first record we did for the Black Album. We did that on the ...

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