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What Is “Too Old” For Hip-Hop?

Hip-hop has no age limit or size requirement. If you're at least "this" tall, you can roll with the culture. No problems given, no questions asked. But Rap, the musical facet of the movement, is more micro-cosmic, with its own set ...

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Kanye West Defends Chris Brown

Ah, friends. How many of us have them? "Can't we give Chris a break? ... I know I make mistakes in life." –Kanye West, VH1's Storytellers Define “break.” Better yet, define “mistake.” What the fuck kind of mistakes is Kanye used to ...

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Spring Cleaning

There’s an old Seinfeld episode where George is sitting in a meeting and has a really good suggestion but then follows with a lame joke and loses the respect of the room. Later on Jerry tells him he should ...

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