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Bow Wow’s Retirement Party

"This is my last album because for me, there's no more that needs to be done on the music side. I've done everything." -Bow Wow, RealTalkNY Ummm... "I think I have a better chance at getting an Oscar before a Grammy. The ...

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Down and Out

For years now Hip-Hop has been stereotyped as moneyed music. It’s all about making it rain, cars, clothes and clubs. But some of our most treasured tracks, the ones that DJs play at 3am to get the whole ...

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Stat Quo: The Invisible Man

Quick history lesson for the youngn’s: The Invisible Man was a book written by H. G. Wells (Same dude that wrote War of The Worlds) in which a scientist named Griffin is able to successfully make his entire body invisible. ...

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