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Tony Yayo, Gun Powder Guru 4

Being G-Unit affiliated and getting hated on more or less go hand in hand. This isn’t to take away from the army that 50 Cent built. On the contrary, it’s their history of wins that triggers such negativity (take boxer ...

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Mobb Deep To Drop EP on Black Friday

Mobb Deep isn’t wasting any time now that they have their own record label. Earlier this month, Prodigy and Havoc announced they finalized a deal through Sony’s Red Distribution for their own label, Infamous Records, and now Havoc revealed to ...

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The Break Presents: JYoung The General

Breakout: "Welcome To The Stomp" Also Check: "Streetrunner" And: "Die Slow" Name: JYoung The General Age: 25 Reppin’: Detroit aka The Motor Motor Capital where we motor for capital. My style and/or skills have been compared to: A triple threat wrestling match between Nas, Drake, and Royce ...

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