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Roscoe Dash 2.0 “No Flex Zone”

Roscoe Dash is pushing his #WHERESROSCOE campaign into the forefront. Today, the Atlanta rapper remixes Rae Sremmurd's infectious hit "No Flex Zone." Is Roscoe officially back?
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Remy Ma Is Released From Prison
UPDATE: Remy Ma is released from prison today (August 1) at 3 p.m. according to Miss Info. Her husband Papoose went to pick her up and Remy shared the news on her Instagram.
It looks like fans will have to wait until next week for Remy Ma to be released from prison.
Fool’s Gold Releases A New Compilation On BitTorrent
Fool's Gold released a compilation mixtape on BitTorrent today. DRAFT PICKS is a free, downloadable BitTorrent Bundle of mp3s and digital collector cards for each artist.
The artist featured are Salva, Shash’U', TroyBoi, Giraffage, Brenmar, High Klassified, Hoodboi and …
Childish Major Crafted Jeezy’s “Epic” Feel On ‘Seen It All’
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Remy Ma Before The Bid
After serving over 6 years behind bars, today July 31, 2014, Remy Ma will be released from prison. Amped and ready for her to return to the game, XXL decided to look back on Remy over the years. Check it out.
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