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The Break Presents: Wara From The NBHD
Interview By Paul Meara
Releasing his latest album Kidnapped late last month and even seeing a top 15 placement on Billboard’s Emerging Artists Chart with “Raw,” Wara From The NBHD has been getting notice recently. Pretty good for a kid who claims he never …
Dusty McFly “All Week”
Dusty McFly, who's prepping a new project for later this month, gives hip-hop heads a mid-week goodie with "All Week." Produced by DJ Ready Rob and Kyle Reed, the track rides off a breezy Alexander O'Neal sample that sounds like a Saturday in the summer — like …
Lil Boosie “Crazy”
Lil Boosie is working hard. Since his release from prison, Boosie has been hitting the studio and putting out guest verses on this year's biggest songs. His original material - "She Want Some" and "Heart Of A Lion" - have been picking up as well...
XXL Game Corner: ‘Dark Souls II: Crown Of The Sunken King’ Review
Publisher: Namco Bandai
Developer: From Software
Platforms: PS3, Xbox 360, PC
Release date: Available Now
The first DLC for Dark Souls II has finally been released in the form of Crown of the Sunken King. It is the first episode released in what will be a trilogy DLC offerings for Dark Souls II from dev…

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