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There Was Another Stabbing At A Chris Brown Show
This is just straight up spooky. For starters, it appears that Chris Brown is now synonymous with violence, even when he's not involved. According to TMZ, there was another stabbing that took place during a Chris Brown performance last night (Sept 22)...
50 Cent Pays Tribute To His Grandmother On Instagram
Today 50 Cent took to Instagram to share a touching tribute to his grandmother Beluah Jackson. In the post he wrote, “My angel (Beulah Jackson) God has blessed me with letting her see me win. She was proud of me, now how i see my self is all that matters...
Diamond “TrapGirl Rollie” (Produced By TM88)
After Diamond's appearance on Sisterhood of Hip Hop, she continues to push her solo material today with a new track. Over some bass-heavy production by TM88 of 808 Mafia, Diamond gets very aggressive as she boasts about riches and other materialistic possessions...
Andre 3000 Says There’s No Plans For New OutKast Music Right Now
After wowing a handful of spectators with his rapping skills at a club in LA, Leonardo DiCaprio is back in the headlines. This time, it regards his acting prowess. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Andre 3000 called upon Leo for his acting services after the screening of the upcoming Jimi Hendrix …
Dr. Dre Raked In $620 Million Last Year
Update (Dec. 11, 11:34 a.m.): Dr. Dre is officially name the highest paid musician in history by Forbes.
Original Story: Always a topic of discussion amongst rappers, Forbes released its 2014 "Hip-Hop Cash Kings" list and had DJ Khaled countdown the top five
Twitter Reacts To Kendrick’s New Single “I”
Since Kendrick Lamar's latest single “I” came out early this morning, the reactions online to the Isley Brothers sampled track have been all across the board; ranging from people saying the track is “brilliant” to others saying that the so…
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