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Hot Celebrity Twins You Need To See
What's better than one hot woman? Two hot women. What can make two hot women even hotter? If they are twins. Here are a couple of the hottest celebrity twins out there. Some you may know, some you don't.
Raekwon “Wishing On A Star”
Things are looking up for the Wu. Raekwon is back on good terms with RZA, that Wu album is on the way and the chef is still whipping up his solo album. Until F.I.L.A. drops, Raekwon will be dropping a new song over an old school cut every week...
Jennifer Lopez Featuring Nas “Troubeaux”
Many were understandably worried about a Nas and Jennifer Lopez collaboration with the latter's recent streak with EDM records from her last album and the former's recent and random collaboration with an Australian duo. However, "Troubeaux" turned out to be a pretty solid…
Kanye Spends Father’s Day Relaxing With North West
While many would imagine that Kanye would have the most lavish Father's Day one could ask for, it seems Yeezy spent his Father's Day kicking back with his baby girl. With North West's birthday falling on the same day, after a fun-filled celebration in honor of his daughter's firs…

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