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Check Out Photos From The 9th Annual Lo-Life BBQ At Highland Park
Photography By: Steven Lau
It was summertime in the city, and plenty of 'Lo on the green at Brooklyn's Highland Park this past weekend. The 9th Annual Lo-Life BBQ was a family affair, with chapter members traveling from Rhode Island, Miami, Canada, and even Japan to celebrate another year o…
Red Cafe “The Menu”
Brooklyn's Red Cafe is still holding steady as an underground rhymer. He makes one for the "niggas trappin' every day" on "The Menu." The part-anthemic, part-gritty track is produced by Jahlil Beats.
"The Menu" finds Red Cafe musing abou…
Sallie Mae Congratulates Dee-1 On His New Mixtape
College loans are burdensome. Still, some people are able to see the bright side and show love to companies like Sallie Mae. New Orleans rapper, Dee-1, recently released his new mixtape Free Lunch & Sallie Mae. After the company caught wind of the rappers' project title, they …
Tiny Curbs Floyd Mayweather On BET Red Carpet After T.I. Incident
Looks like Tiny is siding with her man on this one. Yesterday at the BET Awards, T.I.'s wife straight up curbed Floyd Mayweather when he attempted to speak with her on the red carpet.
Tiny stopped for an interview on the red carpet but just as things were starting to roll, The Family Hustle star…
Bridget Kelly Is A Brooklyn Bombshell
Bridget Kelly is no longer on Roc Nation and becomes the hottest free agent on the market. The immensely talented singer is also ridiculously attractive and a BK Bombshell. Check out her pics above.
Angel Haze Will Focus On Singing For Her Next Album
Moments after getting off the Pyramid Stage at the Glastonbury Festival, Angel Haze revealed that her upcoming album will have a major change. The rapper told NME that she is focusing on singing for her next project.
After talking about her pre-show rituals and love of performing at Glastonbury, Haze…
Zendaya Coleman Is No Longer Playing Aaliyah In Biopic
Zendaya Coleman, the actress tabbed to play Aaliyah in the upcoming biopic scheduled to air on the Lifetime Network, has dropped out of the project. Coleman cites the fact that the film hasn't been received well by the family and fans of Aaliyah as the reason why she has chosen to disassoc…

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