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Diddy Hits Cannes [Video]

The 64th Cannes Film Festival took place a few weeks ago and Diddy, a regular to Cannes, delivers a short motion picture to prove to other rappers, that while many have came and went over to the city‚ "Diddy was ...

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The Break Presents: Yonas

Standout: "Pumped Up Kicks" Also Check Out: "Fall Back" And: "I Could" Name: YONAS Age: 24 Reppin': I'm from The Bronx in New York City My style and/or skills have been compared to: Surprisingly, I haven't gotten a lot of comparisons. I guess I've worked hard ...

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AZ Remembers Aziatic, 10 Years Later

"How can I be torn from the pages of history/ How can my name be scraped off the pyramid walls/When I sat with Pharoahs and Kings/You think you know, but you have no idea..."—"Rebirth," Aziatic (2002) It's 2001, and after the ...

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