On this day, August 26, in hip-hop history...

2008: After all of the drama that led up to the release of his sophomore effort, The Doctor's Advocate, it was time to prove that Game's career could exist without the crutch of Dr. Dre and the beef that surrounded his exit from G-Unit. LAX, Game's third album, showed that Game was finally capable of existing as an artist on his own. 

Released in August 2008, LAX was released to positive reviews and solid sales as it would debut at number two on the Billboard Charts before going to sell 765,000 copies on it's way to a Gold record. The record would chart four singles in it's release including "Game's Pain," " Dope Boys," "Touchdown" and "My Life," a duet with Lil Wayne. The album would feature a litany of guest appearances from noted artists such as Raekwon, Ice Cube, Nas, Ne-Yo, Chrisette Michelle and Common while featuring production from beat-making heavyweights such as DJ Toomp, Scott Storch, Cool & Dre, Kanye West and Hi-Tek.

Although, Game would be critical of the album over the years saying that the album would not live up to his high standards of his previously releases, LAX remains a fine effort and one of the better releases of 2008 despite his own misgivings.