Today In Hip-Hop: Saigon Celebrates 36th Birthday

On this day, July 14, in hip-hop history…


1977: Thirty-six years ago today, one of NYC’s finest MCs was born. Brian Daniel Carenard, known by hip-hop heads as Saigon (or “Sai-Giddy”), gained a reputation as one of the East Coast’s leading wordsmiths.

Saigon served a prison sentence for first-degree assault. While in prison, Saigon was introduced to the art of lyricism by a fellow inmate, who was known among the inmates for his wide vocabulary and positive messages. Inspired, Saigon turned to hip-hop as a source of rehabilitation and redemption. Upon his release from prison in 2000, Saigon immediately began to pursue a career in hip-hop.

Many mainstream hip-hop listeners may not be familiar with Saigon’s music, but among underground fans, he is well respected. He has collaborated with hip-ho heavyweights from Kanye West to Ghostface Killah, and both of his studio albums (The Greatest Story Never Told and The Greatest Story Never Told Chapter 2: Bread and Circuses) have received stellar reviews from critics. Saigon plans to release his third studio album, Secrets Are For Sinners, in 2014.

Happy Birthday Saigon!—Chisom Uzosike

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  • Magnus

    Saigon is dope. Super fuckin underrated. Atlantic signed him but they tried to make him do shitty radio-made songs which he didn’t want to do so he was dropped… Which was for the better as his albums were totally all his material and ideas, real music, not this generic hip-pop bullshit on the radio.

  • Chad

    GSNT was dope. Bread and Circuses was kaka