On this day, June 29, in hip-hop history…

1993: Before The Notorious B.I.G.’s monster records “Juicy” and “Big Poppa” impacted the radio, the legendary Brooklyn MC released “Party And Bullshit.” Vastly different than his later songs, Big’s debut single illustrated how to get down at a party.

Originally, the Easy Mo Bee-produced single appeared on the Who’s The Man? soundtrack and introduced Biggie to mainstream fame. It showcased a young Big describing his time snatching honeys, getting drunk, and smoking blunts at BK house parties. In that same joyous mindframe, Big reveals his worst fears of getting shot during his time out with his boys. And when a fight breaks out at the end of the song, it further solidifies his story was coming from a real life experience. The balance of happiness and paranoia displayed here was a glimpse of Biggie Smalls’ lyrical excellence.

“Party and Bullshit” is a classic that continues to remain relevant in pop culture. UK superstar Rita Ora sampled the lyrics for her party anthem off Ora. 20 years later, we’re confident that Biggie’s first single of his career will stay in heavy rotation even longer.