1970: Mariah Carey has influenced hip-hop more than you think. Today, the pop singer celebrates her 43rd birthday, and we here at XXL would like to wish her well.

Mimi may have soared in her career with blockbuster singles, but her landmark collaborations with a variety of hip-hop acts have given her the credibility she deserves. From all the way back to her 1995 remix of “Fantasy” featuring the Ol’ Dirty Bastard to “Triumphant” with MMG rappers Rick Ross and Meek Mill, she has gotten in the studio with some of the best. Mariah’s five-octave range isn’t that easy to forget, and the rappers who collaborate with her make sure to step their game up.

In honor of Mariah Carey’s birthday, take a quick look back at some of her previous collaborations from the mid-90s to recent works. Make sure to replay cuts like “Breakdown”, “Heartbreaker”,” and “Obsessed (Remix)” that featured a crazy verse from Gucci Mane, who was arguably at the top of the rap world at the time. If those don’t satisfy you, peep our essential list of her collaboration with rappers. Happy b'day!