Cynicism FAIL

One of the things you’ll notice about these songs featuring Skylar Grey is that they’re all horrible, and not just in the sense that they’re corny rap songs with a wack R&B nigga taking the loop, as the RZA might put it, and that kind of cynicism makes baby Jesus cry – it’s her parts in particular that suck balls. I listen to the hooks she’s added to some of these songs, and I’m at a loss for how they could become a hit.

Skylar Grey wrote the hook to Eminem’s “Love the Way You Lie,” which was then sung by Rihanna, who’s much more famous than Skylar Grey, and who was once famously involved in a domestic violence incident, which gave the song an added believability. Could Rihanna have sung that song as well, if Chris Brown hadn’t put a shoe on her? She put some stank on that chorus, as if she were Tina Turner singing about hard times growing up in Nutbush, TN, or whatever state that was in. So far “Love the Way You Lie” has been the only Skylar Grey song to become a big hit, and if it wasn’t already clear that this has been due to America’s (if not NARAS’) inexplicable love affair with Recovery, and perhaps some lingering fascination with the Rumble in the Lambo, it should be clear now that songs she’s done with Dr. Dre and Lupe Fiasco have been released and no one seems to give a shit. Granted, both of these songs are sad, last ditch efforts at a hit by rappers who are clearly irrelevant, and it’s likely they would have sucked balls regardless of who sang the chorus, but isn’t that the whole point of bringing in a pop artist to do the hook, to elevate an otherwise irrelevant rap song into a big hit, if not an actual good song? Jay-Z never had a number one song a day in his life, until he did that song with Alicia Keys. I’m sure there’s gonna be a lot of singing on his next album.

The Internets here in the shanty town where I live stopped working very well at some point during this past weekend, and apparently they’re never gonna work very well ever again, though I’m sure they still expect me to pay the full amount. Looking at Tumblr pr0n yesterday (which is necessary, for my mental health) turned into a five hour ordeal. At some point in the middle of it I logged on to Black People Twitter, to make sure no one famous had died, and I saw where the new Lupe Fiasco album We Are Losers sprung a leak, and the consensus seems to be that it’s an epic shit sandwich. Every other song on it is worse than the ones we’ve already heard, which I guess would be the one with Skylar Grey, “Words I Never Said” (previously discussed here, in a post about Lupe had to have made up that shit about not voting for Barack Obama because of Operation Cast Lead), and the similarly awful, “The Show Must Go On,” or whatever it’s called, no Freddie Mercury, which samples “Float On” by Modest Mouse, of all things. (The label must have told him he needed to whiten things up a bit, if he wanted a release date). I’ve heard it once or twice on Sirius, on my way to and from the BGM, which leads me to believe that Atlantic must have cut a few checks. Remember that time Lupe threw a bitchfit about Losers being shelved, then he had that meeting with the TIs at Atlantic, then there was that picture of him and one of the older white ladies who’s in charge of rap music, in a sweaty post-coital embrace? I thought they were bullshitting when they said Losers would be released in the first quarter of 2K11, but apparently they really did print up copies of the album, which is how these things spring a leak. Alas, now everyone has heard the album, a while still before it’s set to be released, and no one (literally no one) seems to like it, which suggests that Atlantic Records was right to have shelved the album in the first place. They’re probably only releasing it now because Lupe forced their hand, demanding to be released from his contract if they didn’t, as revealed in a post the other day on Vlad TV about how Lupe considered suicide back when he couldn’t get a release date, because he thought it would prevent him from killing someone else, and because sometimes the rainbow isn’t enough. I wonder how those ’90s babies who picketed the Atlantic Records building feel now that their efforts were all for naught? Or do they actually like this album?

At any rate, it seems less than likely that “Words I Never Said” will be able to save Losers, which I’m sure is why it was commissioned. I remember one of Lupe’s main points of contention with Atlantic was that they wanted him to record those songs that ended up being singles on that B.o.B. album, and he didn’t want to do it, because to do so would have meant signing over his rights to the publishing for those songs, and so he wouldn’t have made any money from them, because it’s not like he ever stood to make much money from selling copies of Losers on CD or even on iTunes. The term Lupe Fiasco numbers is based on the disappointing first week sales of past Lupe Fiasco albums. (Not to be confused with the term Little Brother numbers, which is like a low expectations version of the term. The Clipse, for example, often do Little Brother numbers. The Roots often do Lupe Fiasco numbers.) Lupe might not be able to read the copy of Empire of Illusion that he carries around with him to radio interviews, but he’s wise enough to know that if he’s gonna make any money at all from being a rapper, it’s gonna be from licensing his music to movies, TV commercials and shit, Jay Electronica-style, and I guess you don’t make any money from having your music licensed, if you don’t own the publishing to it. Who cares how many Mountain Dew commercials your song is in, if those checks go straight to the account Bruno Mars uses to pay his coke dealer and the lawyer he uses to have his cocaine charges dropped, because he got caught doing lines off of the toilet in a Hard Rock Cafe, which is supposed to be a rock-themed restaurant. They should have fake coke on the toilet anyway, as part of the decor. #marketingfail Speaking of which, in retrospect, Lupe should have recorded those B.o.B. songs, if only because they might have saved his career. Even if he didn’t make so much as a dollar from them, at least he could have continued to record on a major label. It would have been worth it just for the advance he would have received for his next album. Whereas, I can’t imagine Atlantic Records will be interested in dealing with him again, after the hassle he gave him with this last album, which didn’t turn out to be worth a shit, just as they predicted. It’s too late for him to try to play ball. He already did that with this Skylar Grey song. I wonder if it required him to sign over his publishing rights to it, like those B.o.B. songs. (Not that it matters.) Skylar Grey was hardly a household name when it was recorded, but neither was Bruno Mars when that B.o.B. song was recorded, and Skylar Grey supposedly had a track record, from writing that Eminem song.

It’s not like it matters that much to Dr. Dre how much it costs to get him a hit single. I’m sure he’s got money out the ass, from bizarre Illuminati sex rituals, not to mention whatever he makes from those Beats by Dr. Dre headphones, which must be the most ridonkulously marked up items in the history of commerce, even more so than some of the higher priced menu items at Taco Bell, especially now that we know that the meat that they use contains so little actual meat that it can’t legally be called meat. Technically, it’s a “meat-like product.” It’s one thing to pay upwards of $4 for some configuration of sawdust, MSG and high fructose corn syrup, when you could just as easily pay $.89 for the same shit in a slightly different configuration. It’s another thing altogether to pay $200 for a pair of headphones that probably cost $2 for some poor kid to make in the same community where they shot Slumdog Millionaire, over in Indian. They may have even been made by the same kids. I heard they left those kids living in those same nasty, shit-selling slums, when they finished filming. #whitepeople Not that I’m complaining. Lord knows we’ve got enough Indian people living here in the US, not tipping at strip clubs and undermining our retail establishments by not buying anything at full price, when you know good and well they’re probably worth millions of dollars, from programming computers and shit. But I digress. Anyway, like I was saying, it’s not like Dr. Dre gives a shit about having to cut a substantial check to someone who can’t even sing. He’s done a lot of work in the past with Mary J. Blige. LOL And I’m sure whatever he spends on Detox can be written off as a marketing expense for Monster Cables. The key is to actually get a song on the radio. That way they can make a video, similar to the video for “November Rain” in its overall scale and likely price tag, in which Dr. Dre is somehow saved by a laptop computer with the Beats by Dr. Dre logo on it, a billion people will watch it on YouTube, as if it were one of those Lady Gaga videos, and even if only a tiny fraction of those people go on to buy one of those Beats by Dr. Dre computers, Monster Cables will make a veritable shedload of money, because those computers cost so much money. If those Beats by Dr. Dre headphones cost $200, and you can get a really good set of headphones made by Sony for $20, that computer must cost $10,000. Why else would Dr. Dre – a 46 year-old black man from Compton who became famous for singing songs about weed and popping a cap in people’s asses – be recording an emo ballad that sounds like it may have begun its life as a song about needing a shot for chlamydia, which is apparently rampant in America’s high schools, if that show Skins is to be believed/ (Even the chorus to “Love the Way You Lie,” come to think of it, could be viewed as having to do with gonorrhea. Think about it.) Clearly, there’s a lot of money at stake here. It makes you wonder if “I Need a Doctor” was recorded since that song “Kush” hit the Internets and failed to set the world on fire, like Skylar Grey’s crotch. “Kush” is more along the lines of a classic Dr. Dre record, with its lyrics about smoking weed (which is apparently a good time), and its beat that sounds like an ever so slight variation on the every other Dr. Dre beat since 2001 (the album, released way the fuck back in 1999, i.e. two decades ago), many of which were colossal hits. The plan was probably to drop “Kush,” have it blow up, then drop the album in quick succession. Hence all of the press around the time “Kush” hit the Internets, including the cover of the dead tree version of XXL. Then when no one gave a shit they figured they’d bring in the team behind Eminem’s big hit from last year. When that doesn’t work, they should consider having Dr. Dre have some sort of adverse side effect to ‘roids. You know, to give his emo ballads more of an emotional resonance. Imagine if he really did need a doctor. That shit could be a movie! He could be treated by a doctor using a Beats by Dr. Dre stethoscope. Someone get Jimmy Iovine on the phone.

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  • jimmyjam

    i can tell ur taste in music sucks. lupe fiasco aint an irrelevant artist trying to make a hit hes just not famous cos he reufsed to throw away his integrity. from readin ur shit i can tell all u are is a fat failed loser whos bitter about everything. ur also a racist and homophobe and prbably a bunch of other thing too.

    • D90

      lupe fiasco is the very definition of an irrelevant artist, idk 1 person who really thinks hes dope besides like 2 of my homies who have terrible taste in music anyways, no body talks bout him… and he already dropped 2 albums that were huge flops no1 gave 2 shits about wit singles i couldnt name even if i wanted to lol

      the only stupid thing bout this post is that dr dre isnt in the fake ass illuminati that every1 is sayin every rapper is in now

      • jimmyjam33

        his first album sold like 400000 copies even though it leaked 2 month in advance or something. his second album almost went platinum. u think lupe fiasco aint as good as all these poppy arse wankers. hip hop fans dnt buy lil wayne and eminem albums white chicks do. u think 3 million hip hop fans actually baught carter 3 or recover. same goes for drake and nicki and jay z and all of tht. look at nas.

        • Lord Maximus

          The Cool by Lupe btw is a great album, and food & liquor was pretty good too. Lasers is just corporate bullshit

          • Don mcCaine



        • jniose

          yes i agree with u til the point of eminem. come on man em is a beast he only had one bad album and it still sold and had a couple good songs, the boi is raw but i do agree that white chick do buy all of lil wayne and drakes albums lol

        • D90

          @jimmyjam33 stfu nigga i aint buy no fuckin nicki minaj wayne r drake albums nd u buggin if u really thinkin eminem aint a beast cuz he the only mainstream rapper that aint ass

        • D90

          and damn son why u so butt hurt? u must be lupes woman r sum shit lol

        • http://WWW.BLACKSINATRA.COM MusicSavior

          WHOOOAAAAA! getting real heated lol! Lupe is cool and i kinda like skylar! Have anyone in here heard “PINK ELEPHANT” lol I would luv to hear what jimmyjam would have to say about this

  • jimmyjam

    oh and by the way asshole the reason no one like the album is because atalantic put there dirt hands all over it. if they had let him make the album he wanted instead of putting him with all these rnb guys with those poppy hooks and shit no doubt it would be as critically acclaimed as his first two were. do ur fucking rsearch asshole.

  • HU

    Yeah this is a shitty, overlong post. Lupe himself has already said he hates this album because only 4 of his original songs made the final cut. White execs got their hands all over the shit and completely fucked it up. Even Words I Never Said was given to Lupe complete with the Skylar hook and was supposed to be about a relationship. Lupe said screw that and talked about world affairs. The Show Goes On was also forced upon Lupe and was required by Atlantic to be the first single. The Whites even told him what he could rap about. Lupe, Immortal Technique, Pharaoahe Monch and so forth need to get together and release real shit.

    • $ykotic

      and what you stated enhances the fail.

      Lupe should have negotiated his release when the “protest” gave him bargaining power, no? then he could’ve gotten a better situation w/creative control…

      • nibs

        haha dont ever compare lupe to immortal tech or p monch. not even close to the same league.
        this post is classic, and for the record, there are not enough people alling out dr. dre’s irrelevance.

    • your racist

      The only racist I detect in here is Hu. Eventually your hate will come full circle bruh.

  • Luke B

    Your article is full of holes. No-one gives a shit about “I need a doctor”? It’s number 4 on the billboard 100, nearing 5 million views on youtube and was released a week ago. How are dr dre and lupe fiasco “irrelevant artists?”. “Skylar Grey is shit” (in essence what you said). Well she sure hepled Diddy to reach high with that godawful song Coming Home – where the chorus was the only thing worth listening to.
    And WTF do skins, bruno mars’s coke habits and the Illuminati have to do with anything?

    Why dont you try enjoying music instead of complaining nonsensically about it?

  • Worley

    “smoking weed (which is apparently a good time)”

    Yes it is.

  • Woodrow

    BOL LIMBAUGH, you cant believe everything you say, you do a great job stirrying the pot. keep it up RUSH, i mean BOL

  • tatiffy

    Think about it like this. The fry cook at McDonalds might be a master chef (in this economy, more possible than you might think), capable of creating unbelievable meals. If that guy thinks he’s going to put a pork belly and fois gras w/ pancetta reduction dish on the menu, he is mistaken. The average money-spending consumer just wants a mf-in’ Big Mac. There are places you can cook extravagant meals, you just won’t be doing the volume that you would at McDonals, nor have the creative liberty. Same goes for major record labels—”Wow, you are a fantastic rapper. Your skills are impressive. Now stop all that bullshit and record something we can actually sell to the masses.”

    It isn’t ’94 anymore. If you’re a rapper that isn’t looking to ask “how high” when the label says “jump”—stay independent. It’s easy to forget that the labels aren’t about promoting art, they’re about trying to make $.

    Shout out to the South and the Bay for figuring this out a long time ago.

    • cmoney91

      this explains lupe’s problem with the industry. thanks

    • Los Angelez Angelz

      and ignorant rap continues…. Shout out to the south and the Bay!



    • Macdatruest

      @Tatiffy REAL TALK!!! I like the way artists in the Bay Area control the music scene like a union of independents and they aint on the radio but as you can see with rappers like E-40 the industry won’t draw attention to—them niggas is gettin rich. Rappers like Messy Marv, Yukmouth, The Jacka, them boys is rich, shit Richie Rich too lol. I hink the east Coast is ruining Rap with all their Hip-Hop Entertainment they’re trying to be the Mecca of. They tryna convert hip Hop into Hip-Pop because they can’t compete with other coasts. New York don’t make music. It’s like a gay-illuminati rumor mill

  • mark

    let go of your problem with lupe man.
    you’re starting to look petty

  • Phillmatic

    Classic Bol. Long post too. Extra nullus.

  • integra83

    Almost fell outta my desk laughing so much, classic bol!

  • $ykotic

    “and I saw where the new Lupe Fiasco album We Are Losers sprung a leak, and the consensus seems to be that it’s an epic shit sandwich.”

    ^ I’ve been said this…

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Too long; didn’t read


    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • sATaLyte

      OFWGKTA…BDTS (boy do they suck).

      What is it about these guys that people like? Since when is just putting a simple story about yourself, someone you know, relevant type situation and spitting it over a decent track not enough?

      A mofo got to eat a roach now?

      These young bucks done fumbled the ball…

  • $ykotic

    “I never thought lasers would inspire so much negativity. Reading the comments and reactions is crushing. To all the Lupe fans who protested and petitioned you did a GREAT thing. Don’t let people be little what u achieved. You forced a massive corporation to bow to the whim of the people. Thats a glorious thing.” – Lupe
    @Lupe (’cause I know you’re lurking)

    the album ain’t trash, but i would presume that with all of the pressure surrounding the project, it wasn’t fully thought thru, and it shows in the music being released (listened 4x already).

    Niggas still got yo’ back tho’…

  • mcfly

    If Lupe Fiasco has sold the total amount of records he’s purported to in his career, and every album he plans on releasing has some sort of – dare I say, FIASCO – involved in it’s release, related to his beautiful artistic vision being crushed by his evil record label, why doesn’t he just buyout his contract and go to a new label, or just release his own music? If his fanbase is that solid, he could continue to sell without a major label push because, frankly, a team of 4 random dudes who know how to do internet marketing are just as effective as a multimillion dollar marketing push from Atlantic in this day and age if you target the right demographic.

    The answer, I think, is because he can’t actually make good music. His target demographics seem to be
    1) smart 12-15 year old black kids who are just learning about civil rights and think his rhymes are “revolutionary rhetoric”,
    2) general radio-listening America (i.e white people with no musical taste whatsoever). Group 2 has much greater purchasing power, and also consists of all Lupe Fiasco fans I have ever met.

    Fact is, that “real” Lupe music that Atlantic is apparently hiding from us, probably sucks just as bad as his “forced” music, and the only people who really follow him are people who don’t even like music.

    P.S. everyone hates on game for staging beefs before every album release, ever consider maybe Lupe does the same thing with his label?

    • nicholasdelorejo

      Classical music and Jazz are both considered the highest level of music but they can’t even perform Lupe numbers on their best days. The question isn’t whether or not Lupe makes good music or not. It’s whether that music appeals to the actual buying consumer base in the music industry in the digital age.

      I know plenty of people that disliked “Pink Friday” but apparently the remaining people who actually liked actually went out and purchased the disc. At least one million.
      When the Carter 3 came out, I was late purchasing it. But plenty of people at the time told me it was dope as hell. When I finally purchased it, those same people were in awe of the CD cover artwork and the 4 bonus tracks because they only possessed bootleg copies. You see what I’m saying.

      This question of whether someone makes good music is irrelevant because that’s based on the assumption that people are open minded and when presented with acclaimed music they will go out and purchase it. The real question is what exactly is musical taste of the music demographic that actually goes to Amazon and buy an album let alone get out of their homes, head to Target or Best Buy to get it.

      Remember people are still bitching over Esperanza Spalding and Arcade Fire winning grammies because they hadn’t sold as much or aren’t as famous as Em or Bieber. But not once did anyone mention say they made inferior music or even listened to it to say it wasn’t as good. So lets not act like everyone has a good ear for music and that people don’t try to avoid purchasing CDs even from their favorit artists. Also you mentioned Game starting beefs to generate sales but he can beef with anyone at this point and “The Red Album” will still stay on the shelves because the labels know that he doesn’t cater to the last remaining consumer base the industry has.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Dumb rappers need teachin… are you gonna be so intelligent then sign with a major that you know is gonna fuck you with no KY….damn shame….True artists by nature wanna say what the fuck they wanna say and not give a shit about who gets offended. Fuckin wit mountain climbers who play electric guitar……SMH

  • brown

    Genuinely immense, as the grammar gets worse, the writing improves it seems….

  • Q461

    Lupe would be a good fit on eithier his own independent label or maybe on something like a Duck Down or BluRoc where he could do what he wants. At this point, he ain’t going to be one of raps top selling artists anyway so he might as well make more $$$ doing his own thing, touring and with more creative control. It’s funny cause all of the tracks I’ve heard from Lasers are hot but everything I read says the album is going to be garbage.

    Maybe its just me but I think Skylar is pretty dope and I like both I need a Doctor and Words I never said. In any case, I’m gonna go out and buy both Detox and Lasers and support both artists anyway.

  • Bol of Crap

    Everytime you post about Lupe you sound like you are bitter because he fucked your sister. Move on

  • Malik

    Doing Lupe numbers? Um he has a platinum single with Superstar and a gold single with The Show Goes On. And a Gold album. The Cool did damn near 150k in it’s first week. I think A LOT of artists not named not in Young Money, Jay, Ye, or Em would take those numbers.

    And as already said ‘I Need a Doctor’ is in the top 5 on the billboard. So the entire premise of this article is a failure consider the songs and artists mention have actually been very successful. Try again next time though!

  • nicholasdelorejo

    After reading some of the comments on the leak I had to cheack out some of the songs on the album and to be honest I’m a bit diappointed. The album is nowhere near F&L or the Cool mainly because the songs are clearly formated for mainstream appeal. However after rereading some of the comments again with folks writing how they were disappointed in they downleaded before the retail release, I can see why the labels demanded Lupe to make these changes. It’s not that Lupe doesn’t have at least 2 million fans. It’s whether any of those fans are willing to go and purchase LASERS when it drops. Hell I never heard of anyone who actually like the Black Eyed Peas (in fact many people hate them) but they apparently have a fanbase that are willing to wait for the album to hit the shelves before listening to it. I’m not saying that had LASERS been a classic it wouldn’t have sold much. But if Lupe couldn’t sell over 200K with 2 acclaimed albums while Drake and Nicki can go roughly gold in one week with debuts made for mainstream appeal, what rapper isn’t going to allow the machine to tinker with it for record sales. Also other than the catchy beats and the features, Lupe still possess much of the level of consciousness found in his music. It’s just not in his famous “Super Lupe Flow that niggas don’t know what he’s talking about.”

  • dome shot

    ‘Rumble in the Lambo’
    that shit killed me. you should really write a rap album. Doom blew up at 30, you could too. lol.

  • alpha


  • SS

    Is “Lupe Fiasco numbers” another phrase for Gold? ‘Cause that’s what his last album sold.

  • #whitepeople

    funniest dude on the innernets atm

  • Alain Saint Surin

    No need to read a fourth of this overlong post to notice that it was written by an mediocre persona, an ignorant. La critique est facile, mais l’art est difficile. Who ever is paying someone for writing this silly nonsense is a fool. If you want to be a writer, why don’t you take classes? I assume that you are too stupid to ever comprehend anything you could have been taught.
    Ignorance reigns supreme in the blogging world.

    For those who found this post of any relevancy, I will say this: “Aux royaumes des aveugles, les borgnes sont rois.”

    • Don mcCaine

      before you go thrashing the commenters on behalf of the blogger, know that Bol writes like this with hidden points for US to discuss in the comment section. He has a tit-for-tat history with Lupe so in all actuality, this blog’s about the Lupe album feedback, NOT Dre, he’s the collateral damage. Skylar Grey is on a Lupe song, no?

      Aux royaumes des aveugles, les borgnes sont rois = The kingdoms of the blind, the one-eyed are kings


  • e-furious

    no Freddie Mercury haha lol….. but post was lame..

  • dmfslimm

    i loved every word. you on point bol. thx.

  • TheR

    Skylar Grey is a horrible singer, good point Bol. Both video’s off Detox are horrible with product placement, and Dre working out…smh

  • DeatsbyBre

    Beats by Dr. Dre stethoscope << YES!!!

  • kojicash

    both “Kush” and “I need a docter” are wack! this is coming from a BIG Dr. Dre fan. both are desperate attemps to be hot songs. this blog is somewhat correct.. so what if its #4 on billboard, they are wack.. sorry but anything with Em is going to generate veiws and sales but just because Em is on the song doesnt make it good.. P.S., im tired of him screaming on every track anyways.. what the hell’s he sooo mad about?

  • kojicash

    who cares about “kush”? anyways? 44 year old rapper talking about weed? come on… ridiculous! and who in hip hop cares about Akon? Akon was soo 4 years ago in rap! and those beats? there are a lot of up and coming producers that are sick! seems like Dre’s beats dont stand out anymore.. all good things come to an end..

    • Don mcCaine

      first off, age don’t matter. If you have the talent, keep grinding until you can’t anymore. Secondly. the rap world may not care about Akon, but the MUSIC WORLD DOES (Lady Gaga’s boss). Akon ain’t gotta do sh^t anymore.

      If your newbies are talented, support them so they get their due shine, but you don’t need to diss the dudes that came before them.

  • caino

    one ‘bad’ album shouldnt mean he ethered his own carear. Like Nas, lupe l will check out wot you are dropping.

  • nobody gives a hoot


  • AGDZ

    Great article Bol.

    Classic indeed.

  • Don187

    haha mate ur full of shit… ur just another internet gangster. go say that to the artists face you punk!

  • Real brotha

    Kill ya self you talentless f*ck. Your blog added nothing intelligent to the discussion you tried to start. Don’t be mad, UPS is still hiring.

  • Ya Mutha

    What a clown. I’m sure this fuck said Eminem was also an irrelevant rapper right before he returned to being the most popular music artist in the world. Dr.Dre can only be called irrelevant for not releasing any music in the past decade. Everyone who buys music was like 12 years old the last time he released an album. As for Lupe, he might be the most underrated rapper out right now, and that’s because he refuses to make shitty songs like B.o.B’s “Nuthin on You”. Lupe is an artist trapped in the label world. He needs to take the Talib Kweli route and do his own thing however he wants. He’ll still have his fans, but he’ll also have creative control and be able to make amazing music like he did 5 years ago.

  • your white god

    This fat ass crab barrell crackhead negro needs to be banned from penning his regular verbal farts where everybody can smell em.

    He is funny though. I’ll give him that but he’s a total liability to his ilk.

  • Barry

    Nice one, Bol. I would personally like to thank Lupe for curing my insomnia.

  • Q461

    Ok finally actually got a chance to listen to Lasers in it’s entirety. Very disappointing. I really liked the songs that leaked awhile ago, the joint with John Legend, and yes, the one with Skylar as well. Shining Down is dope too… but overall the record is very unfocused, uninspiring and you can tell Lupe didnt wanna make most of these songs. The song ” All Black Everything ” is a a tease because its so dope and you can tell it’s content is how Lupe would rather have the whole album sound. Hopefully he will redeem himself with the Great American Rap Album….

    Waitin on Raekwon, REKS, and Muscle Car Chronicles up next yall….

  • DRF

    This is really scathing. not a good tone. kush dropped the same time as i need a doctor, it was not done in response to kush’s success. dre is attacking on many fronts he wants everyone to like detox not just og rap fans. well atleasy thats what i think hes doing… really were speculating on a man that really is confusing to follow and doesnt make alot of sense most of the time. it really roots from his perfectionist nature and his disconnection from the music industry.

  • ermm

    This post just did Lupe numbers.

  • nicholasdelorejo

    Okay I’m not even going to debate whether the tracks “Kush” or “I Need A Doctor” are bad songs. They really aren’t that bad. What irritates me is that those tracks have little to no input from Dre.

    It’s no secret that Dre has either Em or other rappers to ghost write for him. So he is typically involved with the production of his albums same with Swizz and Timbaland. However the first two tracks from Detox aren’t even produced by him. In fact ther’re produced by Alex da Kid and Khali who are technically newcomers compared to Dre. Producers have always had outside help before but Dre has been supossedly working on Detox for nearly 10 years.

    And nothing so far has sounded groundbreaking considering the amount of years involve on the project. Say what you want about Kanye’s musical style but he has consistently evolved it over the years.

    So far Detox sounds like it’s either it’s returning to “2001″ or piggy backing off of the success of what “Recovery/Blueprint 3/ generally the future mainstream sound of Rap” laid. Detox is just going to be Interscope’s way cashing in on Dre’s name like Monster did with those Beats headphones.

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  • tea047

    You knw what ur problem is bol?, you are too carried away by your quest for often times unnecessary farfetched sarcasm, so much that the whole point is lost…you deviate too much even to ur own guilty recognition of stupidity…you are a good writer no doubt, i draw a point or two from your articles though through strain nd patience thru your shit…try to be precise nd stay on course cos ur style gets way irritating…

  • carbonite

    Lupe Fiasco is the worst. He’s like a eunuch that raps.

  • asgf

    tatiffy 4 the win

  • Chris

    Posts like this make me not want to blog.

  • deemonk

    RIP Bol 2006-2011

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    Fuck xxl, bring back Bol!

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    You know what? XXL used to have a good thing going with this site, now it sucks, and I read that Bol isn’t gonna be writing for the site anymore. Guess I have no reason to check it anymore.

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    XXL fired Bol?!? WTF? No reason to come to this site again.

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    Let me give a big hearty FUCK YOU to XXL for dropping Bol, I will officially never be checking for this site again, I only came here for this dude and you guys shitcanned him. Without even a Ron Mex to pick up the slack theres nothing here left of worth.

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    no reason to check this lame ass website anymore if bol aint blogging, unless you you need to newest lil b & mac miller freestyles

  • thoreauly77

    Rather than begin with a big old “fuck XXL”, I will just expound upon a few relevant points:

    - Bol had to have been at least top-five reasons people hit the site, after perhaps the Newswire and Bangers. Personally, I would visit to read Bol and THEN hit Bangers and maybe Newswire if anything was intriguing, which was rare since the content focuses on ONLY mainstream hiphop (with an occasional foray into underground).

    - The firing of Bol indicates a disturbing trend toward mediocrity. I find it obtuse and subnormally slow for a site/magazine to claim that it is on the cutting edge whilst simultaneously cutting from it’s content one of the most unique voices in hiphop culture criticism and satire. Is it possible that you simply didn’t get it? Or would a more logical assessment be that XXL simply panders to it’s most corporate of bland and vanilla interests? Of course, either one of these choices clearly indicate an obscene level of spinelessness and cowardice.

    - You have decided to let go your most recognizable, consistent, and prolific unique content provider. Surely you realize how ridiculously inept this makes your business model appear? After all, you run a business, and now the unique content aspect of your business will without a doubt, suffer.

    - As a reader of the site since it’s inception, I absolutely demand an explanation as to why Bol’s column was terminated. Until then, I will encourage through as many means as necessary (Twitter, Facebook, proliferation of other blog posts), to boycott as well as Harris Publications as whole.

    throeauly77 aka Ian Fay

    • Don mcCaine

      what he said

      i already started to notice only tues thru thurs bought the bloggers…all of the other entries can be found elsewhere on the ‘net (HHDX does the news better too)

      so i have no need to come here for the wayne, em, lil b and whomever is hot stanning…and a nigga like me stayed here boosting views and comments building with some intellect to bring the convo out.

      the homies know where to find me


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    Good luck Bol, Fuck you XXL. Gone! Forevar!

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    RIP The only good thing about XXL – this blog.

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    U guys fired the only blogger worth a damm. F*^k xxl and odd future. smell ya later.

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  • Simple like ABC. 123

    Official R.I.P. XXL Website

    Support him at:

    BOL = GOD of bloggers

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Next: Meka

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    Fired?!?! This blog was always very entertaining, and it seems to be a huge mistake to fire one of your best/funniest bloggers.

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    why dont you jew ass crackers let this fat nigga blog again ?

    • North

      Ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! Right!?!?

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    This was the ONLY reason to visit the site. XXL are a bunch of devil cxck suckers for that. The other bloggers are wack and that one dude Meca was trying to bite his style…but NO!!!

    STL represent!

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    whoever wrote this your full of shit, and you don’t know shit about hip-hop


    this is my last visit to this website. f*ck xxl as a staff, magazine, and a m*thaf*cking crew.

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    Great article guys. Concise

    Good Job

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    This guy has no life.

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    man fuck XXL for firing Bol, he was the only reason i ever came on this shitty site. what y’all gonna do now? stay fresh by posting news about Lil Wayne’s balls a day after it happens? fuck outta here

  • Timothy Adems

    The writer of this rant is an idiot. Too many random side rants and uninformed comments. It’s like reading something Bill O’reilly or Glenn Beck wrote. Lupe Fiasco has been extremely relevant in pop culture for the past 4 years. Ionno where you’ve been. He is considered by many to be the best rapper alive. Granted, many of his fans (including me) hate Laser and feel he laid a major egg, I don’t think that his career is in the shitter. He is poised to sell something like 200k first week so he is doing alright. As for Skylar Grey, she indeed sucks. I don’t like any songs with Skylar Grey on them, and I don’t understand why the shit keeps coming out. But yeh, the writer of this article needs to do more research before ranting like an ass.


    Probably one of the worst posts I’ve ever read on XXL..maybe thats why ya’ll only have under 15k likes on facebook..I dont see how u can put Lupe and Dre in the same category as both being IRRELEVANT..u know how much work Dre has put in? And what other mainstream rapper u know mentions anything about 9/11..

  • skylar_grey

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  • Donald Trump

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    yo, is no one blogging on here anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Whenever you get to a certain age you loose the ability to understand current trends and styles. Dre is not different.


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    This has got to be the worst blog ive ever read in my life. This guy is the definitiion of bitter…its different having an opinion but it seems like his life goal is to put “obviously proven” artists down. He’s worse than PerezHilton. Yea im never gonna read this losers blog again lol

  • Tupik

    I usually love your blog, I just fail to understand your hatred towards Lupe. His album sucks because the it’s the label’s album, not his, even he said he didn’t like his album. Lupe is one of the truest artists out here, he’s one of the most creative rappers, and his message and lyrics are tight.

    But well, I’m sure you won’t take this into account, it’s just that I fail at getting your hate towards him.

    Oh, and Dr. Dre is about as irrelevant as it gets now, we agree on this.

    Keep up the good work Bol

  • denny

    when is vanessa satten getting the sacking for slacking on my main man bols fly blog. u messed up on this one HARRIS publishing. i thot about qutting this site after ron mexico left but now this. ur two most original bloggers left and now your in shambles. I DONT WANT TO TAKE POLLS OR READ STATISTICS ABOUT HOW MUCH THE GAME NAME DROPS IN SONGS!!!

  • rebel2society

    I’m glad people are speaking up I for one agree with most, Bol was my #1 reason for visiting this site hands down! His column was 1 of the most unique reads I’ve ever experienced on hip hop and he did it his way #respect. I definitely feel like you are punishing the hip hop heads that look for more than your ‘hot new sh1t’, it’s sad really…

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    Good article.

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    hmmm i actually like Skyler grey?

  • DRF


  • KearySo HighDef

    Skylar Grey is excellent at what she does. All of the songs she been on and/or Wrote for others are HITS. Can’t wait till she releases her new music.

  • Prepare to meet your fuckin maker

    Bol if I ever find you in LA I will give you a hard time. Outlawz on Flex kind of time, and I ain’t talkin bout no diss joint.

    And all these motherfuckers hatin on Lupe, he one of the lyricist of all time. Go back to your fuckin bitch ass catchy hooks.

  • a-lista

    Bet you feel like a fucking idiot talking about bad 1st week sales when lasers/losers did serious numbers for a Lupe album. Tip for the future – wait for the billboard chart b4 making comments which make you look like a bigger (and I mean fatter) loser.

  • jusb

    Lupe Fiasco is the man and everything you wrote about him in your article is crap. I don’t know where you are, but where I am A LOT of people are HUGE FANS. You must be chillin with the dumbed-down crowd still listening to jams about poppin bottles and fuckin bitches instead of the real, nitty-gritty stuff Lupe attacks. No wonder our country & world is going to shit… no one cares about the things that matter. No one speaks up about injustice or crooked systems or the fact that the radio is destroying the youth every waking second. No one cares because it’s all about “me”, money and weed.
    WAKE UP BRO! You gotta be strong & brave to pull what Lupe did. I’m right behind him. No more listening to empty music or empty/ignorant blogs such as this.



    Bol got fired!! How are you going to fire Bol right before the Mister Cee scandal. I couldnt wait to read the post on that. This is bullshit in protest I am taking this App off of my iphone and will not some back to this site ( besides Bol you get all the same info from every other hiphop site your features suck) and will shoplift all future copies of the magazine, Fuck you very much.

  • AV

    I havent heard 1 lupe fiasco song that i have liked. You can put in all the wanna be philosophy in a song that you want but if it dont sound good people wont like it. That i need a doctor song sucked only half cause of the girl, the other half was having to listen to eminem lyrically suck dr. dre’s dick.

  • SteezA

    Oxymoron: This blog saying that something is irrelevant. Why? Because this blog is irrelevant.

  • XXL Fire This Nigga!

    This faggot ass nigga Bryan Crawford s finally back to writing for XXL and what does he do? Hate on Lupe Fiasco AGAIN! This nigga is obsessed with hating on LF. This bitch ass nigga life revolves around Lupe fiasco. Everything this faggot does he has to mention Lupe. Since 05, FUCKING 2005! you have been hating on Lupe. Get a life you faggot ass, fat ass, ignorant, racist piece of low life shit. You will never be anything more than a shitty blogger. Lupe can’t be to irrelevant since you always bring him up. He can’t be irrelevant since has always had a number 1 album. he can’t be irrelevant when his first album is considered a classic and his second album is arguably one. He cant be irrelevant when hip hop heads talk about the g.o.a.t he is brought up. He can’t be irrelevant when ALL of these new rappers copy him and wouldn’t be able to be in the rap game if it wasn’t for Lupe fucking Fiasco. He can’t be to irrelevant when F&L is gold, The Cool is almost platinum and Lasers is almost gold. HE CAN’T BE IRRELEVANT WHEN HE IS ON THE FUCKING COVER OF THE VERY MAGAZINE COMPANY THAT YOU WORK FOR! Plus many more and TV. So HA! Your bullshit… I mean article is a fiasco. A FUCKING FAILURE! And I don’t even like lasers….finally how is Dr.Dre irrelevant when I need a doctor is a top ten hit so yeah again fuck out of here Bol aka Bryan Crawford aka the worst blogger of all time, ALL TIME! Kanye shrug nigga!

  • Los Angelez Angelz

    Guess Bol got fired along with all the other bloggers huh?

  • F*ck XXL

    you just know they posted this to get a shit load of angry comments, the author didnt even leave his name because hopefully he even knows this whole article is full of holes and horseshit!

  • XXL F-U-C-K

    Free Bol

  • DNN

    Dre is still on top of his business game

  • Aro

    Who wrote the …..? this article…? what? you sound like fat constepated. no friends having virgin…. put the laptop down n go back to masturbating to ur poster of justin bieber.. you nagging biatch……Lupe whack really!? why dont you write about something you knw about like hannah montana nd the jonas brothers leave hip-hop to others… I didnt even knw skylar greys name until i read..thanx for that…dick!

  • Fuck Sopa

    It’s like they walked to the projects and picked a random ghetto person sitting on the floor to write..I wouldn’t even call this an article. It’s purely opinions. The ramblings of one who doesn’t know good music,

  • Fuck Sopa

    Fuck SOPA and PIPA but this person should always be censored

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    i heard DRE has a new project with maadmaxx and kadeve can anyone confirm this for me thank you if its true thats sick





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    Very disappointing.