UK Video Round-Up

Hi readers, Joseph ‘JP’ Patterson here with a brand new blog for you all to get your teeth (or dentures) stuck into. Introducing JP’s One Word Video Review, a feature in which I’ll think of one word that comes to mind when reviewing some of my favourite UK music videos that I’ve come across in the past month.

Giggs ft. Gunna Dee “Matic”



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  • caino

    Man, lm always conflicted with my homegrown hiphop, dont get me wrong l support it but grime aint really my thing. Giggs is good, l liked early chipmunk, Sticman and the Streets, Dizzie Rascal used to bring that hot ish, b4 he turned pop.

    • jonny bizness

      Me 2 bruv Half of the grime cats turned pop when they saw the pound notes and are a shell of they former self have some integrity lads anyway check out my pal Malik from Md7 he got it and ain’t watering shit down.He on Prof Green jungle remix and kills it.

  • uk

    not this song…i love my country but…not this song….smh….
    get some maxta, akala, not this shit….smh

    • uk

      my bad..didn’t see th whole thing

  • JP

    This was just a little post to keep the momentum going until I drop my UK Rap Spotlight column. It’s an epic one, to say the least. Soon come…

  • Danny

    I like my country and stuff but I just can’t see grime ever taking off because once british rappers become popular they become mainstream. Also, the best rap comes from really difficult widely felt situations e.g. Nas – Illmatic, N.W.A. – Straight Outta Compton etc

  • Latasha

    Geez, that’s ubnelieavble. Kudos and such.