The Year Of The White Rapper

I say this is the year of the White rapper break thru.

Not like the Vh1 show — big up to MC Serch and Sacha Jenkins — but these dudes been studying the game and art clearly. I like them all and wanna say Em is my top 5 so there are no jokes with this. I don’t know where I would be right now without the shit I learned from working with him.

They all have a unique style. I know they will bring a new set of buyers and fans to the game that will support the art and keep sales in cd’s and digital going. I give Yela the real deal award already for that Country shit he on heavy. I fucks with him. Waxx is super talented ,plays mad instruments and not only does he rap…you will see. Check out the list below.


Mack Miller


Machine Gun Kelly

The Tom Hardy


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  • Josh

    and wheres chris webby?

    • Burntblunt88

      For Real Wheres Chris Webby!!! WTF

  • T

    Idk anyone named Mack Miller but I do know of a MAC Miller. Smh XXL.

  • Rob

    It’s Mac Miller, and George Watsky is a spoken word poet, not a rapper. Smh

    • Dylan Parker

      Watsky’s a rapper. I’m listening to his album right now and hes rapping.

  • ToneBZ

    You fuckin house negro, suckin up to some white folks. Let it be known from here on out real niggas will not ever and fuck boy I mean EVER tolerate some pale skin pieces of shit comin up and takin even more black culture.

    Quit suckin the white mans dick. Stand up for your own.

    • OG Matt Herbz

      All this coming from someone that was sucking my dick just last week. After which I told you to “Stand up and go fetch your mother to cook me some grits.” It’s amazing what can pass as pussy when you throw a blonde wig and lipstick on it–this fool’s face included.

      Don’t be ign’ant…

  • 5%

    kinda fuck shit is this?????????

    now xxl is all about some whitebois? hellllllllll naw nigga

    whitebois = the devil

    whitegurls = great blowjobs but still the devil but just less so

    • 35C4P3 D4 5Y573M

      U right about white bitches givin good head haha

    • jimmyjam

      realy whoa re more racist these days white ppl or black ppl.

      • nick

        Actually Black Girls Got Bigger Lips so they def suck better dick! And Not Being Gay But Jay-Z Will Prob Blow You Away i’ll huff And Puff lmao

  • Realest Talk Ever I Swear On Da Bible

    Wiggers all of em. smh

  • betrott

    no Rittz..

  • T

    Wow, you guys are a bunch of racist fucks. I bet you’re the first people to cry racism for any little thing too.

    • T

      This is directed at the commenters.

      • push2dahood

        kick rocks u saltine ass bitch
        tryna make it out like white ppl is tha victims

        • T

          No, but ignorant fucks like you always PLAY victim. You didn’t live through the slavery days or civil rights days. Stop hating on white people. SMh.

        • jimmyjam33

          black people aint victims either. there more materialistic and hyopcrytical than anyone. they are racist as fuck then sooo fucking sensitive when anyone says anything about anything.

    • opposite


      • dylan

        dude all yall are just a bunch of racist ass faggots..hip hop aint a black thing and it aint a white thing itss MUSIC…its about the soul and effort in it not the color of the person who made it so stfu

  • t

    where is chris webby????????

  • ohapiohpgashiosap

    every racist i ever met has been a tardo, regardless of race.

    you aint goin anywhere hatin, stop the racism.

  • j

    LOL@ at the black ppl getting mad just because their beloved magazine made an article called YEAR OF THE WHITE RAPPER

    its all good if u guys hate on white people but if a cop pulls you over or your kids get in trouble at school its RACIST


  • Double Standards

    So I own my own site and have some cool technology, I checked out all of your IP’s and STRANGELY ENOUGH, all those racist comments came from the same IP, hmmmmm.

  • Chrissy

    Ya’ll Niggas trippin..Its only music …And how the fuck yall goin be madd about somebody big uppin white rappers..when damn near every other aspect of urban music is controlled by white and jewish ppl anyways ..atleast niggas like yelawolf got respect for this rap shit

  • Don mcCaine

    T | February 2, 2011 9:45 am

    No, but ignorant fucks like you always PLAY victim. You didn’t live through the slavery days or civil rights days. Stop hating on white people. SMh.

    ^ so because they weren’t there means it didn’t happen? c’mon with that.

    and the “black people are mad @ XXL”, and the police example comments come off as just a racial as the ONE spammer. Think about it…

    BTW I’ve been listening to Thee Tom Hardy for a while, he & 9th Wonder need to work on a promo push…

  • Dynamic Producer

    Some of these guys are talented.

  • mav

    yall in here straight clownin….anyway y didnt they at least tell us who these dudes are and give a reason y they gon blow bcuz yelawolf is probably the only one droppin major label shit this year i dont c the point of the article….

  • Gabriel Cruz

    I love being Mexican

  • LaMarcus

    Some of these comments that are being made are unbelievable, I bet half of you’ll didn’t complete high school and blame your current situation on the white man. Grow up!

  • YoungAFAM

    For the people complaining about “white boys” rapping, have any of you listened to these artists? I know Thee Tom Hardy personally, and he’s one of the most refreshing young artists I’ve heard in the last year.

    And Yelawolf’s style is so left field, that you are really doing hip-hop, and yourself a disservice by not listening to him. I cant speak for the other artists on hear because I havent listened to them yet.

    But how can you claim any wrong doing here? Yes hip hop/rap started with us, African Americans during the struggle. the 70′s and 80′s. But understand, that hip hop is music. And music, is so universal, that if you are going to try to stop the genres by race, then you should probably sit down some where and stop pouting about it. Dont try to push African American culture to glory, and then turn around and pull the race card. It doesnt work that way. It’s 2011 my friends, act like you want to see the future.

  • keytros

    alotta dudes are hatin on here…and i never knew you had to be a certain color to make the music that you’re interested in making…fuckin guys need to get they minds out the gutter…its about talent…foolish fuckery, on the real!!

  • nick

    when it comes to blow jobs or money doesn’t matter if your black or white -Point

  • real talk

    quit this internet hate

    • nick


    • 313 ta 919

      hatin ass bitches. if yall niggaz knew wut real talent was then you wudnt have shit to say. step ya own game up before yall females start raggin on others success. . .bitches!

  • Nick

    I Stroke/ til you choke/ down the hatch/ onto my future u try to latch/ tickle my ball kiss my ass/ you know i’m clownin but it been a blast/ and all you rappers talking trash/ its cause your girl burned u and nothing will clear up that rash/ -I Fucking Love My Life!

  • d-1c3

    get some real talent on hear. how bout a white rapper that opened up for bizzy bone and daton family. search d-1c3 on youtube, myspace, hitlab, and soundclick. GET YO FIX BITCHES




    WHERE THE ARABS AT? alalalalalalalalalahhh

  • Zmill301

    Wow these comments are the most pathetic shit ive seen in a while. Don’t matter whether white or black or green. If you got talent then you deserve to be heard … most of the garbage thats out there today is ignorant as shit with no meaning but money and bitches ……………..

  • I.C.E

    HELL YEA!!! Tom Hardy is my doin da damn thing and steppin up big time! THEE BAND GEEKS has some rockin beats!!

    Yelawolf is a fuckin BEAST!

    Mac Miller is blowin da fuck up!

  • LaMarcus

    Thee Tom Hardy got a gift, plus that young cat is up on is hip hop history. Check out his shit Google him.

  • Wow

    Im white and i cant stand these wannabes, be yourself dorks. Yelawolf is cool though, he seems like he likes to be white, Im not sure i can say that for these other kids.

  • Black Rob

    Its amazing to me to see comments like these. I come from Northern Virginia, which is possibly the most diverse area in the entire country. Prince William county (where I was born and raised) is a majority minority county (which to those of you who can’t comprehend what that is, it means MORE than 50% [64% in fact] of the county is black, hispanic, or asian. We all get along. There are no white neighborhoods, black neighborhoods, hispanic neighborhoods, etc. There was no segregation or seperation in our schools. Blacks sit with whites, hispanics with asians, middle easterners with fucking eskimos, IT DOESN’T MATTER THE COLOR OF YOUR SKIN. It matters what you’re about. Out here we love MONEY. So all you ignorant motherfuckers talking shit about someone for the color of their skin, go back to the shithole you live in, where you will continue to stay, because you can’t get by with that kind of perspective in the real world. So until you change that, continue to live in the state of poverty that you do, while were out here getting paper out the ass and playing shows in DC 3 or 4 times a month. Guess what? Theres a white boy, an asian cat, and an amigo in our crew. And we ALL GET PAPER and keep shit real. So peace out fuck niggas.

  • Josue

    im pretty sure its “wax” with one “x”.

    He is a fucking beast though…

  • LD


  • open-minded

    im sensing some jealousy haha

    im white i respect the fact that hiphop is opening there minds now.

    i respect any rapper no matter what color, you dont have to be black to sell drugs and kill someone ina hoood.

    open your mind, bloods and crips wont fuck with Hells Angels just as much as Hells Angels wouldnt fuck with bloods or crips

  • ELL

    aight i do understand some of the comments man..because when u look at the history of black music white people are always quick to jump on it and then act like they didnt.
    look at rock and roll,man even house music!! people almost forget its black music..
    so i understand but still its music and music has no colour

  • not-racistBUTstarting2BE

    im a racist white boy only when i see all these welfare monkeys hatin on us cuz were good at something that were not supposed to be good at jus cuz of skin color. step aside negros, its the whites time to shine on you bitches

  • mike mad

    haha. stupid black ppl always gettin upset. i wish we could still use u colored folk to pick cotton for us, and fetch us our tea. im so sick of whiney ass, project living, foodstamp using, welfare spending nig nogs. get a job

  • MJ

    Mac is dope, Yelawolf is good sometimes.. never heard of these other clowns though

  • Kritikal

    Kritikal feat. Saigon – It’s About Time – Now Available on iTunes

  • CIX66

    Man, I dont care about all that racism….. u will have that no matter what. There will always be haters…. all I kno is Ill Bill and Vinnie Paz will destroy half of the cats in the game…… black or white. I’m really wondering why they are not on this list????>

  • urworstnitemare

    how bout all yal stfu y u hatin, u thought em was the only whiteboy embarrasin yall at ur own sport naw he influenced an army get ready 4 warfare haha im laughin at the paleface comment da fuck u think u are a fuckin indian you ignant insignificant shit stain go to da mailbox get ur welfare check dat the whiteman provided for u eat a dick and go fuck ya moms

  • mmmm

    mgk Machine Gun Kelly is the best one on the list

  • mkjk

    Machine Gun Kelly is the best out of all of these he has a great back story and his mixtape lace up is the truth he has exects after him. And he is reppin for cleveland and the midwest his song cleveland and chip off the block go HARD

  • fearthemonkey

    where is chris webby at or sam adams

  • JAck

    This new white rapper Twin-c Vanilla Spilla is fucking illl hes got this song out with Immortal Technique thats straight fire its called “Truthmind fuck” check out this kid hes got a style




  • tay

    its thee* tom hardy dumbass

  • aude 860

    yea webb needs to be on there fur shur but the whole east coast underground movement has been packed with white rappers for some time

  • Emceecoy

    Da hell where is Asher Roth Chris webby Macklemore