The Black Eyed Peas did it, why not Jay-Z?

Super Bowl XLV lived up to the hype. It was a tense, close game; Aaron Rodgers emerged as the NFL’s latest rocket-armed golden boy; and the Black Eyed Peas made me long for the days of counter-programming during halftime. (Remember that In Living Color halftime special?)

I don’t dislike the Black Eyed Peas. I think is a talented guy—he freestyles, break dances and produces—who possesses an incredible mind for the record business. Transforming the Black Eyed Peas from disregarded conscious rap trio into global pop juggernauts was one of the savviest career moves of all time. Still, it doesn’t mean I have to like their music.

Ever since Justin Timberlake exposed Janet Jackson’s nipple at Super Bowl XXVIII, the NFL has been hyper-sensitive about who performs at the halftime show. (The Rolling Stones were censored at Super Bowl XL, for Pete’s sake. What year is this? 1966?) They’ve since trotted out Prince, a succession of older rock acts—Paul McCartney, Tom Petty, The Who, Bruce Springsteen and The Stones—and now the Black Eyed Peas.

The February 2014 Super Bowl will be played at New Meadowlands Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Whoever produces the halftime show should tap Jay-Z to perform. No matter how many billionaires Jay-Z befriends, it will probably never happen. But if so, what should his set list look like? Keep in mind, the halftime show runs approximately 15 minutes and typically features an artists greatest (and cleanest) hits. Here are my guesses:

“Show Me What You Got” [1st verse only]
“Hard Knock Life” [Chorus only]
“Dirt off Your Shoulder” [Chorus only]
“Umbrella” featuring Rihanna [Jay-Z verse, Rihanna’s 1st verse and chorus]
“Run This Town” [1st verse only]
“Empire State of Mind” featuring Alicia Keys
“Encore” [1st verse only]
“Crazy in Love” featuring Beyonce

What do you think? Will Jay-Z ever perform at the Super Bowl halftime show? If so, what do you want to hear? I would love a set list comprised of “Where I’m From,” “Ha (remix),” “99 Problems” “It’s Murda” featuring Ja Rule and DMX and “U Don’t Know” but we have to keep it clean. Please share in the comments. — Thomas Golianopoulos, @golianopoulos on Twitter.

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  • Matt

    A Jay-Z & Kanye West, Watch the Throne, Superbowl halftime would be dopeness.

  • Simple like ABC, 123


  • Los Angelez Angelez

    H.I.Z.Z.O would be the entrance, *Run this town right after, *Crazy in Love (gotta have B), *Show me what you got & *Numb/Encore with Lincoln Park

  • jonny bizness

    My set would start with What more can i say with Russell crowe starting things then Kingdom come with pictures of Rick james on the screens and to top it all off with Alicia keys coming out singing the national anthem then New york’s anthem !!!That would get the sterilist of fans hype.

  • Danny

    I’m sure he’ll be heavily considered when the Super Bowl hits new Giants stadium in 2014.


    Forget the SET just get her done. I think it will happen.

  • that nigga

    Im quite sure this is already in the making, Jay is one smart dude. He thinks ahead while the rest of YOU PEOPLE (haha) think for right now!

  • Don mcCaine

    really really thinking about it, Jay’s music isn’t safe enough for the halftime show. Thomas’ list isn’t even 15 minutes and it’s VERY sterile, my list keeps getting gully songs on it.

    but I will lol at how dudes are calling for the NY anthem in Jersey…identity crisis ether right there…

  • KrisMusicable

    I know this is a far reach. What about a FM performance? their music is dope, the style is dope, even the new vide they have out is dopeness ((, you guys seen it yet?

    • Don mcCaine

      yes, you ARE reaching. are they affiliated with Jay-Z?

      @ j bizness

      LoL @ Rick James…they would turn off the power dude…

  • Realtalk

    Jay Z’s ass is already overexposed. I know the lil stans on here don’t understand but outside the net folks are wondering what a 41 yr old is doing showing his ass on stage and wearing Village People hats and gear to a half empty stage halfway around the world.

    Jay Z’s become one muthafucking bore. His wifes the reason why anybody outside the US knows him apart from folks in other countries who follow hiphop for real. The song HAM says it all, hes an old ass ham. Yall live in a lil world on the net but in the real world outside most folks are sick of Camel’s face everywhere, talking shit to gay writers bout the ‘importance’ of bitch being bout a sniffer dog yada yada.

    He’s being forced on people know and they don’t want it. Beyonces the best thing that happened to this clown but like all overexposed famous people, in the end people hate them if they didn’t before. Most of Jay Z’s songs blow now and he needs to retire for real and stop making a damn fool of himself.

    • ilovehaters

      Blueprint 3… Track 12

  • Q461

    First off shout to the Black Eyed Peas, the biggest crossover success in hip-hop history (27 million records sold and counting) Peep my comment on the Feature about them…

    I don’t think Jay is quite pop friendly enough to be picked to do it. He’s not squeaky clean even though he is the rapper with the most mass appeal. I could see Hammer doing that shit in his prime with the fireworks, baggy sequined pants and hundred stage dancers. The TI’s that run the Super Bowl want as many eyes on the screen as possible. There are still a shitload of older Americans that despise rap. Remember the BEP’s don’t make rap music anymore. They made over 80 mil over touring alone last year. Thats pop juggernaut status, not rap status.

    For the record, I’d pick an ultra gully uncensored never gonna happen set list for Jay: Dead Presidents, Rap Game/Crack Game, Money Cash Hoes, U Don’t Know, Girls Girls Girls, Black Republican, Blue Magic ,and Brooklyn We go Hard. Close out the set with 99 Problems lol.


    JAY Z??????? hell naw!! Jay z? a football audience dont want to hear jay! black eye peas might be what ever YOU want to call them, but at least they are big stage performers!! people want to see dancing and show man ship!! we dont want to see jay z do his fake T.I bobble head movement!! im sick of that shit!

  • Don mcCaine

    No lie…

    I could see Snoop b4 Jay…

    • Q461

      I see you homey… Snoop is right up there with Jay as far as having the most mass appeal but I doubt it would work for the same reasons it wouldn’t work for Jay.. not squeaky clean enough.
      However Snoop could probably get away with the following censored set list: Whats my name, Snoops upside ya head, Beautiful, Drop it like its hot, I wanna love (fuck) you with Akon, and I wanna Rock. Would have to stay clear of Gin and Juice, Murder was the Case and Sexual Eruption I guess….

      Yo homey what you think of that Free Stalley download album?

      • Don mcCaine

        Snoop could do that Johnny Cash song and a melody of choruses and he’s good…think about it…

        and get up on that Stalley yo…son got heat on that…

        • Q461

          Yeah I could see Snoop I guess. It would be dope to get a real rapper/rap group ( no disrespect to the BEP but you know what I mean) to play the SuperBowl stage one year…As far as I know we haven’t repped there just yet…

          I like Stalley dog. Been listenin to him for a minute. Best Beard in the game lol.Gonna check out the album tonight. I wonder if Dame gonna focus more on him now that Spitta’s flown the coup…

  • alderman j

    1. welcome to new york city -feat cam’ron that would be classic, wait they might need to do this one last.
    2. coming of age-bleek
    3.maybach music-rozay this town-rihanna, kanye
    5.empire state of mind- alicia keys
    6. cant knock the hustle-mary j blige
    7.what we do-freeway, sigel
    Imagine what that would do for hip hop if JAY perfomed these songs at superbowl halftime……..itll never happen!!!


    I think its the other way around. I think people on the net hate on jay more. in the world…H.a.m. is a radio hit and goes off in the club. and people talk about jayz in the real world. its blogs and websites where i see n hear the most hate.