Posse on Trendwatch: Cracka rap returns

It took all of about 15 minutes after the cover of this year’s Freshman Issue hit the Internets the other day for someone to point out that last month was that Shady 2.0 issue, which means that Yelawolf has now appeared on the cover two months in a row, in what’s almost certainly an historical first, though I’m not gonna bother to go through the archives to make sure. I couldn’t think of anything off the top of my head, but there’s a period, from about the time XXL began until I started blogging for this site, when I couldn’t tell you what the fuck was on the cover. I was in college, or working at White Castle or some shit, and I couldn’t afford the $5 a rap magazine cost, and I could care less anyway. It’s not like this was the ’90s.

The closest similar example I can think of is the time OJ da Jew Man was on the cover twice in a six months span – which was obviously an accident. In retrospect, the fact that he was on the cover in the first place was an accident, but I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t have bothered if they knew that whoever is in charge of these things would insist that he be on the cover of the Freshman Issue a mere matter of months later. Then there was all of those times in between the first and second Carter albums when Lil Wayne would pop up on the cover, and you’d think to yourself, Wasn’t he on the cover last month? But come to find out that was like three months ago. Plenty of time for you to forget that Lil Wayne likes to take copious amounts of drugs and watch sports highlights (not to be confused with actual sports), or whatever was discussed in those issues. I wonder if there was a different photoshoot for each of those issues, or if there was just one and they had him change outfits.

It’s obvious they stuck Yelawolf on the cover two months in a row on purpose, because they could have just as easily left him off the cover by explaining to the TIs at Interscope he was just on the cover the month before, with half as many black guys (which should result in twice as much impact, unless my math is off), and that there’s already some other white guy in this year’s freshman class, who I’m sure is ultimately signed to the same label Yelawolf is signed to (it’s only an illusion that there’s more than one major record label), and that they already had 10 people for this year’s Freshman Issue, and to add one more, because it’s 2011 and because of some BS having to do with the recession, would be retarded, like something you’d expect to see in The Source. No shots – in order of importance – at Interscope, XXL or The Source.

This must be part of some grand scheme to make 2K11 the year cracka-ass cracka rap returned, capitalizing on the phenomenal success of Eminem’s Recovery. I read the total number of units that album has shifted the other day, and I had to do a double take. It was somewhere between three and four million – the kind of numbers that would have been impressive 10 years ago, let alone several years after anyone with the sense god gave geese stopped buying CDs, and several years now into a recession that will never end, ever, goofy magazine covers notwithstanding. Those aren’t the kind of numbers that come from merely putting out a very good album. That Kanye album is a very good album, to hear every critic there ever was tell it, and it hasn’t been nearly as successful. Eminem must be selling albums to people who don’t buy CDs very often. I don’t even know anyone who fuxwit Recovery. This is like in the late ’90s, when that Lauryn Hill album supposedly sold like eight million copies, and no one I knew had actually heard it. (You can imagine the kind of people I hung around.)

You’d have to think that the TIs would try to capture some of whatever went so right with Recovery. They’ve been known to play copycat anyway, and they’re more desperate now than they ever have been. The money from Jay Electronica’s soda commercials can only go but so far. They failed once before to create a second Eminem, back in the late ’90s/early ’00s, but that was then and this is now. It used to be the case that there couldn’t be a successful white rapper, unless you want to count the Beastie Boys (which is more of a rock groups), because white people by and large suck at rap, and the few who don’t have limited commercial prospects. The only chart they’re showing up on is my last.fm. For Eminem to become better than pretty much all of his black counterparts. Let’s just say all. What was his competition, really, in a post-Biggie Smalls landscape? I’m sure people who like anything Jay-Z did post-like half of Vol. 1 would beg to differ, but they’re obviously idiots. LOL

Things have since changed, in that Recovery lacks the black cosign (er, the people who know from good rap music cosign), and it’s arguably the most successful album he’s ever released. It hasn’t sold nearly as many copies as the great Marshall Mathers LP, from 2000, but that was the same year that N’Sync album sold over 2.4 million copies in a single week. Cappadonna probably sold more albums that year than the vast majority of rappers sold in 2K10. Eminem probably made more money from Recovery anyway, once you count all of the suspect marketing tie-ins and whatever he received from the Illuminati to promote Alcoholics Anonymous, which has been revealed (here at XXL) to be an Illuminati indoctrination program. He almost won the Grammy, but he ended up getting robbed by the Arcade Fire, who genuinely made the best album that was nominated, those crafty Canadians. He may have been nominated back in 2001, but there was no way he was gonna win, with the fudge community pissed at him for the allegedly homophobic lyrics on the Marshall Mathers LP. That’s why the Illuminati had him perform with Elton John. (They may have also effed him in the a, to show him it’s not that bad, and it’s necessary anyway.) 2K11 was supposed to be his year. I bet he got way more votes this year than he did 10 years ago. It’s just, there’s no way the Illuminati could get Price Waterhouse to tamper with the voting. I take it they thought the fix was in, right up to the last minute, and that’s why they had that guy Steve Stoute write an angry open letter to NARAS, in one of the saddest spectacles since that time they had Jermaine Dupri blog for the Huffington Po$t about the evils of iTunes, and then like two weeks later they summarily fired his ass. Who ever heard of a black man being upset Eminem and Justin Bieber didn’t win at the Grammys. (He might be the first black guy to ever write an angry open letter.) I’m sure he makes a lot of money from whatever his cut is when Eminem sells out to a soft drink company, and it doesn’t bode well for his bottom line when a group that actually has some integrity achieves that level of success, at the expense of one of his shills, but there comes a certain point, as a black man, when you have to draw a line in the sand, via “the first President Bush.” He should have insisted one of the guys from Kings of Leon write that letter.

Sidebar: I don’t even give a shit about the Grammys, but Arcade Fire winning album of the year has to be just about the best thing that’s happened to me in my adult life, with the caveat that nothing good has happened to me in my adult life.

I’m sure Asher Roth is sitting at home kicking himself. If only he’d waited a couple of years to release Asleep in the Bread Aisle. I’m sure he could have lived off of his trust fund in the interim. Worst case scenario, maybe he’d have to cut back on the weed. Hey, it’s a recession. We all have to tighten our belts a little bit. Bread Aisle dropped in ’09, the same year as Relapse, which I’m sure was no mere matter of coincidence. That was the year Eminem was set to make his big comeback. They probably had a whole slew of white rappers on ice, practicing their blaccents, waiting for it to be like the early aughts all over again, when all sorts of people we’ve long since forgotten received ridonkulous sums to be some black producer’s white puppet. Pretty much every artist back then had at least one cracka-ass cracka in the crew. One of these sites that are better than list-making than analysis should put together a list. Asher Roth was pushed to the forefront, on account of being both white and a hipster rapper (whatever that meant). He was a virtual shoo-in, until he wasn’t. Alas, Relapse was awful, and Asleep in the Bread Aisle, and (more importantly) no one gave a shit about either of them, and there was no big white rap comeback in 2009. Eminem had made the mistake of trying to appeal to people who actually like rap music, instead of whoever it is that keeps snapping up copies of Recovery.

I can see 2K11 being way different. Asher Roth might even luck out and secure a released date for his followup to Asleep in the Bread Aisle, which, from what I understand, has been sitting on the shelf, much like an actual loaf of bread, until the tax department over at Interscope has some sort of strategic use for it. That kid Sam Adams showed the way, with that song where he had the sheer balls to sample “Walking on Broken Glass,” which, I’ll admit, I enjoyed the shit out of whenever I heard it in the grocery store back in the mid ’90s. But you guys know I enjoy all sorts of things. That doesn’t necessarily mean they should be the basis for rap songs. That song wasn’t hip-hop in the least bit. Recovery was like Supreme Clientele by comparison. And yet, that song was ridonkulously popular. It dominated iTunes’ singles chart for a period of time. There were rumors that he bought all of those singles himself, using his father’s credit card, but from what I would understand, that would take some haX0ring. You can’t just buy your own song a million times, or whatever it takes to top iTunes’ hip-hop charts. (300 times?) At the very least, you’d have to use several stolen credit cards, like that African guy who got caught recently. Furthermore, I saw the other day where someone linked to a Tumblr that consisted of nothing but songs by white rappers like Asher Roth and Sam Adams, and maybe even worse than Asher Roth and Sam Adams. *shudders at the thought* I wouldn’t know, because I didn’t listen to any of it, because I’m a lazy person who writes 2,000 word essays drawing heretofore unconceived of connections between obscure rap groups, politics and the arts, via “’90s babies who obviously struggle with reading comprehension.” They don’t need me to listen to their music anyway. I get the sense that, like Recovery, they have the potential to become remarkably popular, despite brothers such as myself. The TIs may have finally found a way to make any ol’ cracka-ass cracka a famous rapper. This could be the grim future Ray Benzino paid Harry Allen to warn us about back in like ’02.

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  • Da Critic

    Funny article with a few good points.

    • susankq12

      Hello everyone….OMG ,My friend Rachal, a 33 yrs lady, has ann’ounced her w’edding with a man. It’s amazing, she said she just posted her prof ile on an inte’rr’cial d’ating s’ite called~ Bl ac’kw hiteC u’pid / Co m ~ – and received his chat invitations a few days later. Then, everything went so well that I can’t believe it’s true! Every lo’ve st’ory will unfold on it’s own—Third of all why are all of you people hating and bashing her so much? She has does nothing wrong to you so GET OVER IT!

  • Bol Stan

    what the fuck was Jay Electronica thinking ? Mountain Dew of all sugary drinks ? Man, a four loko endorsement would have been better than that sh!t

  • brand-new

    white rap has been big even before the success of recovery. it’s just a underground kinda thing. jedi mind tricks, r.a. the rugged man, blame-one, copywrite, apathy, 7l & esoteric and ill bill have all been putting it down for years with little to no recognition. asher roth is a joke compared to them.

    • MD7

      not to mention El-P, who i think Bol said had the best album of what, 2007, was it? come on bol, only two white rap acts have ever sustained a mainstream career–the Beastie Boys (who had two hip-hop classics) and Eminem. Everlast had one hit, despite his original ice-t co-sign, then reinvented himself many years later. i don’t remember the huge money and platinum sales of haystack or lil whyte. even with money and promotion, 3rd bass never broke through to a larger audience than yo mtv raps, nor did Remedy ever go anywhere. ICP though terrible, did everything themselves. invincible turned down any six figure deal put on the table. paul wall is underground, bubba sparxx put out one great album that no one cared about but later did one single about asses that the clubs loved. multi-million dollar cracka rap doesn’t exist apart from eminem who is a POP RAPPER. he’s just confusing because his technical skill is undeniable. that’s it.

    • billy

      no matter whut color you are, if your nice on the mic and your pen game is sick you should get your props

      who ever wrote this is a dick and should get pimp slapped, mac miller from whut i seen is wack, yella wolf is a mc foreal he can spit,

      im a white artist check my joints out, ps im from the hood and i dont play that racist bullshit thats all over this artical\\

      youtube williano

  • nibs

    “They probably had a whole slew of white rappers on ice, practicing their blaccents”

    haha I peep this every once in a while when work is extra-demanding, and this might be the funniest, most relevant, consistant bol post yet

    My favorite recent white rapper moment is putting sam adams on tracks with Curren$y, and informing people that there was a collab project with them on the way. I lol’d. I don’t think thats happening anymore.

  • D1oneNonly

    This was pretty harsh to some of the legit white rappers that just love the craft and don’t long for fame, bitches and money like so many wack ass black rappers Im doomed to listen to becuase hip hop stations like to play wocka flocka fag 100 times in a row. I know its hard to not look at the color but hopefully this pressures black rappers to put out better written material. Cause im a music fan not just rap and i liked recovery but its so many better lyricist out there we should support instead of the one’s that have the most ass shaking in their videos.

  • MD 1992

    via “’90s babies who obviously struggle with reading comprehension.”

    Bol, i cannot comprehend what you are trying to say…but my comprehension tells me it’s pretty close to miller time.

  • J

    So outta curiousity if i went around callin regular rap Nigga ass nigga rap how much of a racist would i be refered to as?

    • David HussleSoft

      I think your misunderstanding the article its not really attacking white rappers its more of an attack on the corporate system using sub par rappers that happen to be white to piggy back off Em.

      He would have written a similar article if a whole bunch of new southern artist started poppin again in fact he may have written something similar in the past.

    • Lovely

      Don’t be offended, the writer is a coon. He’s on your side, mainly the white girls.
      Like someone mentioned, no one is purchasing that bs. Real rap and hip hop fans don’t fall into the bs, not matter how much commecial r.stations play their music.

  • j

    Cracker comes from slave owners cracking whips on slaves. You using it only brings ignorance to yourself and your readers. Learn somethin’

  • alderman j

    Glad somebody agrees with what i been saying for months…….AINT NO REAL HIP HOP HEADS BUYING RECOVERY!! And sales will never determine who the best rapper is and which song is the best!!!! And i listened to it and i only hear 3-4 songs on there worth listening to more than once, and LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE isnt one of them! The bars are terrible on that joint, the hook is top notch but M&M is like an inmate because he need some help with them bars! (feel free to use the last line in a battle rap if you need to)

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Where is Bubba Sparxx?

    Check out for “Machine Gun Kelly”,
    a white rapper from Cleveland

  • Cal

    I’ve met a ton of “hip hop heads” who love Recovery. But its appeal really is Eminem’s broadest ever. I’m seeing articles pop up left and right by “against sex abuse” blogs lauding the album and love the way you lie, and plenty of middle class women reviewing it and loving it coz it speaks to their past pill popping desires and long roads to “recovery.”

    And Bol I thought you said Relapse was a masterpiece whats with the change of heart?

  • tenoh

    “One of these sites that are better than list-making than analysis should put together a list.”

    Hahahaha. Shots fired.

  • moreffa


  • thoreauly77

    nice one, bol. i particularly enjoyed that subtle dig at OFWGKTA at the end. removing your post was cowardly.

    and damn, this comments section is packed full of retarded kids these days it seems.

  • Don mcCaine

    Are y’all ready? This may hurt one’s feelings…

    Em sold 3+ milli last year, and beyond the norm Blacks who can even demand decent sales, the majority of them ain’t sell sh^t. Niggas don’t buy sh^t. Caucasians support their faves. The labels want money. So they are going with the flow that gets them money.

    Wanna change it my niggas, go but some fUxing CDs. Prove the establishment wrong. You have the rest of the year to do it. Go cop that new Wiz, KRIT and whomever else. It’s as simple as that.

    • Don mcCaine

      go buty some fUxing CDs

    • Q461

      I think KRIT’s next CD is gonna be another free album, but I feel ya dog.You hear that shit he did with Chamillionaire? Flames. The homey Wiz is gonna sell, he’s got alot of supporters, lots of white kids reppin Taylor. It is pretty incredible that Em is actually close to 4x platinum now and not showing signs of slowing down. White people of course supported Recovery, but I think its fair to say it was copped by other races too. He’s just got the machine behind him.

      I always thought it was unfair to just lump all white, latin, female rappers etc into one group just cause they are the minority. There have been white rappers, especially in the underground who have made good music. To me, it’s about quality, if its good I’ll be checkin for it.

      It is interesting to note this though: As much I do not like the man, looking back on it, when Benzino launched his hate campaign against Em maybe he really was just fearful of white suburbanites like Asher/Mac Miller etc invading the game. I can’t say I didn’t cringe when I saw Rich Hil and Chet Haze (both absurdly rich and pampered privileged kids of excess) tryin to rap. Maybe Ray was prophesizing. Just sayin.

      • Don mcCaine

        but it was predicted since white heads supported PE, Wu, Redman, Common & others. Someone was gonna come out who had mic skills. Now if Em was like this Spencer Pratt clown, of course not. If Jin had hits I would cop his music too…

        But with any business, they’re gonna concentrate on what brings in the most profit and attack it.

  • Q461

    Yeah its funny though cause the Beasties and 3rd bass got passes and then hip-hop wasn’t white at all again until Vanilla Ice who then made it impossible for a white boy to get on until Em. You remember Miilkbone? I always thought he was gonna blow… he was dope with the lyrics, really was from the hood, and had that Naughty co-sign. It’s funny you mentioned Jin. I always wonder why/how he didn’t blow up, cause dude is nice, he just couldn’t make a hit record, kinda like Canibus syndrome. They tried to be too gimmicky with that Learn Chinese garbage.

    It’s def true that business is going to milk any music for it’s profits, especially with the drying up of the music industry. They gotta ring out that wet towel for every drip it’s got ( hence a new single from Recovery being dropped soon and the album is almost a year old)

    What you think of that I need a Doctor video dog? Great display of Dre’s career in retrospect.

  • Don mcCaine

    yeah I remember Milkbone…Jin couldn’t make a hit, then went strong into the battling circuit and caught a couple of L’s which hurt his career. Ruff Ryders didn’t know how to market him, even though Swizz was making Asian-esque beats at that time.

    The ‘I Need a Doctor’ vid is cool, but I don’t like the song. But as well, the label is squeezing all of the juice outta Em’s success so I understand the song placement.

  • http://tastemakersmusicgroup.bandcamp.com $yk

    download that y’all…good music

  • jljalsdjf

    syk, im a big fan of urs and have nothing but respect ,but you should know better. they don’t need your money bruh.

    • http://www.bboycult.com Don mcCaine


      could you explain…if not here click & email…

  • nicholasdelorejo

    @ Don McCaine,

    The problem comes from the fact that the concept of hustling a profit out of little expense is so ingrained in the culture that even the fans are willing to hustle music from their favorite artists. I remember an older friend of mine wanted to purchase music by KEM and she spent a good half hour calling stores to see if they contained any of his music. She eventually ordered the music from Amazon.com. She didn’t go to Datpiff or whatever to download the music.

    I honestly don’t hear about R&B or other genres having leaks in their music. And if these leaks are manufactored by the labels then it must mean that the general consumers of rap don’t have as much faith in the music by the artist as the consumers of other genres. Unless we weed out poor quality artists or rappers who are clearly trying to hustle money from rap and follow trends while promoting both quality lyricists and creativity people are going to always try to steal or avoid paying music that they feel in the back of their mind is subpar. Shit as much Em’s stans are annoying to defend any song he makes, they at least they devoted to him enough to buy and listen to his stuff. Dudes will shit on artists like Lupe Fiasco for their lyrics after they download the entire leaked album.

    • Don mcCaine

      Xactly nic

      let me put it like this…for you rap cat lurking too…

      it ain’t hate…I’m buying yo’ CDs fam…IF it’s some crack music…I done heard all types of sh^t (no Memphis Bleek)… so why wouldn’t an artist want my bread? I thought that’s why they got in the game, to gain fans to sell units for profit…

      AND I’m still willing to spend that bread…but that’s just me…


  • caino

    If the product is good then l will buy it. Dont matter to me if the rapper, is male, female, black, white latino, asian.

    shit l got that Roc Marciano- Macberg album, due to word of mouf, that shit is dope, shit hardly any promo and took me a while untill l found a physical copy! Peeps gotta Support the art.

    And if somthing sells then all the big players release shit thats the same to capatalise of it. It aint just in music its all aspect of business.

    • Don mcCaine


      that’s all I’m saying

  • Midas Touch


  • Woodrow

    I dont understand why you gotta put Supreme Clientele on front street? Are you calling out ghostface? for real you are gonna call out ghostface, one of the reasons you have a fucking website to blast off your mouth? i wish wu would shit in your fucking you piece of garbage. RAP MUSIC around because of people like tony starks

  • EastCoast22

    You really think the record industry is that planned haha? Its a disorganized shit show

  • pharoethegreatest

    whatever, niggas aren’t buying cds because they’re either broke or cheapskates one of the two, flat out. Lames talking about “if its good I’ll buy it” no you wont, quit lyin. You already stole(downloaded) the shit from somewhere.

    You dont have to buy whole cds anymore and you dont have to steal niggas shit either. Itunes sells songs for 99 cents. You dont have 99 cents? you need to change your line of grind.

  • pharoethegreatest

    Excuse me, I’m just ranting right now but here’s another thing that irks me. Cornballs hatin, talkin about I dont fuck with so and so, they’re just in it for the money and the fame, or I’m not in it for the money I just love to do it.

    If those phrases has ever dripped out of you’re filthy mouth, yous a lame flat out. Here’s why. If you’ve been doing (you name it) for years on end with no pay, the love has already been established, we tracking? If an opportunity presented itself to get money off of what you love and you refuse, yous a cornball flat out.

    That should be everyones dream to do a job that they love and get paid for it. Ultimate goal period point blank. No other job will suffice (well actually it will, you’ll just be annoyed getting up going to work on a daily basis) Some of the realest shit I ever wrote.

    • thoreauly77

      congratulations on agreeing with yourself.

      no, but seriously, i agree with nearly all of your points.

  • Zottapottamottakiz

    I’m so glad I live in a country that has a hip hop scene that doesn’t judge people based on the complexion of their skin but instead their skills and abilities. It’s this ignorant frame of mind that has really turned me off almost all hip hop based in america these days. It’s obviosly not about the music is it? smh.

  • teddy

    haha the title of this blog alone is worthy of lmfao


    @ alderman j
    Quit tryin to speak for hip hop heads like your opinion matters. There plenty of real hip hop heads who loved recovery, me bein one of them. And I think your way off by sayin his bars were sloppy and not good. You obviously dont listen closely to music.

    No one is piggy backing off of em, if you read articles instead of skimming through the pages, you would see that em co signed yela and thinks he has great skill, he isnt using him as a marketing tool.

    BOl you fuckin racist idiot, who has no good taste in music. You do work for xxl, so you should know that yelawolf didnt get two covers in a row. it was dre on the cover last month and shady records this month oh and recovery was dope, not his best but dope. But you wouldnt know that because your a fan of soulja boy

  • dmfslimm

    man imo kid rock is makes harder music than eminem and he been stop rapping. @alderman j and you right aint no real heads buy recovery. im sorry. who is buying this shit for real?

  • The Dude

    so XXL smarted up and took down that diatribe that you wrote about OFWGKTA. i had a comment that i wanted your eyes to bleed over.

    dude… this was the worst article i’ve read in my LIFE. forget OFWGKTA and their talent and all the other “beef” you apparently have with them, you just can’t write. period. you come off as those really bitter bloggers that just talk shit at people because you have an avenue and an audience. are you a failed rapper or artist of some kind and now you joined XXL and talk shit at the successful ones because you’re lowkey jealous? yes. the answer is yes. the first step is to accept your problem. denial only makes it worse. get a grip and mellow out. listen to the music, embrace the culture and speak to the people that support it. heck, speak to tyler the creator or read his tweets. he is smarter and deeper than you will ever be, which isn’t saying much because you as an author and writer are as shallow as a special toddler bathtub. music is supposed to be deeper than people expect it to be. that’s why it exists, to change the way people think and to help others express how they feel. stop being a hater. it’s an overplayed term but it describes you right now so damn well. stop hating. but hey, it’s the best type of flattery. they obviously caught your attention and did enough for you to notice them and talk shit about them in this “article”. trust me, tyler and the rest of OFWGKTA sees beyond the content of the article to see that you admire and envy them. and that’s all that matters. their intelligence outweighing your entire family’s.

  • TicNitty706

    @ J

    Cracker comes from a name given to poor whites in the south mainly. Also thier skin color is like a saltine cracker and they crumble easily. Not because of cracking no whip you dumb cracka ass cracka.



  • WhoHiredThisGuy?

    Who is this guy? Go ahead and look at the black rappers that people have listened too… Wakka Flocka, Lil Jon, T-Pain, Ja-Rule and so on and on and on… Black people think that just because they started rap that they can suck dick and still be considered better than the more talented white rappers. XXL should fire your ass for wasting their money taking 3 hours to type this shit up.


    Kid Rpck? are you fuckin serious, no im sorry delirious?
    No real heads buy recovery? Really? So you tellin me that out of 3 million albums sold there is not a few hip hop heads in the millions that bought it? GTFO. You wanna now who is buyin it for real ? People who are tired as hell of listening to the garbage the radio has been playin for the last couple of years, people who want to hear a lyricist.

    And to the other lames talkin about crackas
    I would love to see someone tryin crumble this cracker easily, thats fuckin lame only a retard would stereotype all white people. Kinda like a racist sayin all black folks smell like watermelon and chicken. lol some people are full on retards on this site.

  • http://www.@exclusivecompany.co.uk Ken Hill

    Manchester Escorts think this is a Good article. Well structured and raise interesting points :)

  • Stunt Star

    Salisbury, Maryland USA

  • Zane Urbane

    I don’t know what it is…maybe it’s an “African-American” thing, but you niggas are racist! I’m black and I live in South Africa…I think black guys in America are more racist than the Boere (white people) during the years of Apartheid here.

    Personally, I believe Eminem is the best rapper of all time. Race aside, mainstream success aside, nobody can fuck with him lyrically – his rhymes are structurally more complex than anything else that’s out there. He could basically write a full three-verse song on any subject matter, even a brick – but he doesn’t. Eminem can do whatever your favourite rapper can do, but no-one can do what he does (Maybe ‘Pac probably could but he’s gone, so…)

    Y’all like pulling the race everytime Em is mentioned; yes he’s success is mostly due to him being white, but his skill is undeniable, whatever race he is.

    PS: Try and peruse Em’s lyrics, however lame the song is – you’ll realise that NO-ONE else in the game can rhyme like that. Period. Most of today’s rapper just wanna rhyme without looking at how the whole sentence will sound like…

  • http://www.manchesterescorts.co Jo Fraiser

    hahaha! hilarious. Great writing

  • Scotty Massive

    Sounds like a bunch of hating bullshit to me, and im not even white. These critics now-a-days just sound like a bunch of bitches complaining about what ever, lol i bet your not even American.

  • matt

    sounds like your extremely racist against white people and white rappers and cant accept the fact that arguably the greatest rapper ever is white, eminem. sorry you think like that.

  • Michael

    “cracka-ass cracka rap”

    Firstly, you’re a racist idiot, who’s judgement of someone based solely on a physical level makes you no better then any racist out there. If I was to sit here and say nigga this, nigga that, I’d be barraged with insults and threats saying I was a “racist.”

    Secondly, good music is good music. Doesn’t matter who makes it, what skin color they are or what background they’re from. Appreciate the work put into it.

    It’s hypocritical dicks like you who make me sometimes hate the rap game. Also having read a few of your entries its clear to see that you have to fill you articles with irrelevant drivel and abstract rubbish to extend on an otherwise paragraph long article that exposes how single minded and idiotic you are.

  • Kahl Lavell

    Wtf?… Ignorance is what continues to draw people away from understanding the difference between ACTUAL talent, and catchy phrases that people fall in love with and pump up even more, due to the whole “opress the opressor” BS that leads to black talent being afro-centric and Billboard-worhy and white/anyotherrace ‘s talent as something less accredited. This blog is complete biased opinion that stems from a mouth that was most likely fed in an integrated racist household.

  • Aiitee

    Hhaha yous a funny nigger. I enjoyed reading this shit. Crackers time has come. WHITE RAPPERS STEP THE FUCK AHEAD. ITS OKAY NOW!!! WIGGERS WHERE YA AT??? Just wait a few year & it’ll be okay for white peeps to use the word nigga, oops that was a typo: nigger.

    Bol dont get me wrong you’re still a bitch and I will punch you in the face if I ever see you. But this shit funny.

  • jhurren

    BY FAR the worst article I have ever read!!! In ever way. Homophobic, check. Racist, check. Conspiracy theory, check. Use of LOL, check. I really hope he didn’t get paid for this. A fifth grader could have written a better structured essay. No wonder I don’t buy the magazine, look at this fucking website.

  • http://www.myspace.com/tviruzmusic Tommy Sky

    Well what you wan’t white rappers to tell on their songs ?
    Lies like we have heard in hiphop? For example: ” i got money (TRUTH: YOU OWE MONEY) ”, ”i got hoes (TRUTH: YOU ARE MARRIED AND YOU DON’T WANNA CHEAT HER) ” ”i’m the greatest of all time (TRUTH: YOU JUST MADE YOUR FIRST ALBUM AND NOW YOU ARE SAYING THAT YOU ARE THE GREATEST? I DON’T THINK SO..) ” . GOT MY POINT ??!!

  • http://steezpleez.com SteezA

    Mac Miller and Yelawolf were the best MC’s in this years XXL Freshman class hands down.
    Can’t argue that point (to the Nigga who wrote this and everyone who agrees with him)

  • Jared

    Mac Miller is a baller. I don’t care what anyone says. Black, white, mexican, or Asian, that cracka Mac has mad skills.

  • Ben K

    Best white rapper Banks Kaine Karter from New Hampshire

  • Im A “Cracka”

    Not only is this article extremely difficult to read because of how poorly it’s written…the opinions are based off false connections. If you’re going to compare Mac Miller to Em, you need some help. Yelawolf and Machine Gun Kelly can be compared to Em but definitely not Mac. Also, white people and hip hop have been just as big of a part of the music as anybody else. Go to any show and see how many more white people are in the audience actually supporting the artists and giving them the money to keep making music.

    Nigga ass nigga rap and cracka ass cracka are here to stay just like anything else. Let artists make their music and have fun the way they want to

  • hahafunny

    Yo Enimem is the best at the craft enough said what outher rapper never commented on selling any drug and never once said the word nigga or evend talked about how he got the best car ice or cloths take that outa your favorite rap song and what you got left

  • christopher

    This was so ignorant and racist and hilarious all at the same time. i couldnt really make myself read it after a while. all the white rappers are more lyrical than most of everyone in rap and have much better delivery and clarity. thanks for helping me waste some of my day. Youre a fagggot. i hope you get cancer. have a nice day.

    ps. Keep the stupid white bitchhes. i like latina chicks f*ck you!


    First of all, how ****** racist? And Im black as they come. The man that wrote this is disguisting! In 2011 were still havin this conversation? WE HAVE A BLACK PRESIDENT!!! Were breakin cielings and every race is makin moves, and ya’ll gotta sit here feelin sour over white boys rappin? Nobody ever told My pops he couldnt be in a rock band because hes black. And what if they did? What if Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin) saw my pops play and told him to quit cause rock aint nigga-music? should pops have quit? My fellow black man is startin to make me sick… IT AINT OK TO BE RACIST…EVER!!! And your grandmama would slap you silly cause thats the shit they dealt with. Also, not every white boy is spoiled and jaded, I got white boys in my hood that would straight smoke some of these internet thugs on here TALKIN big game. All you dudes who are “good in your hood”. Remember, your only good in YOUR hood. Like quik says, “Now every hood… is just like compton.” And us tellin them they aint allowed to rap is just gonna opress them and make them rally. Why have unneccesarry race wars? I havent been called the n word by a white person in years. and here yall are CRACKA this and CRACKA that. SOME TIMES WHITE BOYS CAN SPIT PERIOD. And by the way idiot who wrote article… PAUL WALL’s ALBUMS HAVE HIT NUMBER 1 on the billboard chart twice. NUMBER 1!!! NUMBER 1!!! Wheres that info when your hollarin bout lil-wyte? Paul wall has done better numbers than most rappers EVER do. ANY RACE> EQUALITY


    My uncle is a higher-up at XXL, thats why i get on here occasionally. Everybody at the magazine hates this BOL cat. He literally only gets posted because he’s popular. If we just ignore him and voice our displeasure to the editor he’ll be disposed of. At the magazine, they talk about him more than I think hes worth. Ive heard everything from reverse-racist psuedo-genius, to loud-mouth closet homo. Anyway the concensus is, he’s one of these cats who has convinced himself that hes a lot smarter than he is, and hes irritating. Lets just let him live in his fantasy land of faeux-knowledge. By the way, for someone who talks about fakes a lot, nice name, the gulliest one… HA HA your a blogger puss puss. put your big-boy pants on get a real job.

  • Cocoa

    Ive read some of this guys other work. He was preachin about tolerance. equality and what not. What a joke. hes a racist as anyone ive ever read.

  • Pingback: XXL Magazine Shows Racism, Again, with Blog-Our “white” Freshman List

  • Ray Banks

    Racist as hell!

    just go to hot16sand1 dot come, we call XXL out and gave our own freshman list of white rappers!

  • Matt

    I agree with Husslesoft, it’s just a stab at how corporate bigwigs are cashing in on the “great white hype” trend to sell records. I don’t see any racist overtones whatsoever. Skin color is not the issue here…

  • http://www.cheese.com susan sulsa

    I am really loving the theme/design of your weblog. Do you ever run into any browser compatibility problems? A couple of my blog visitors have complained about my site not working correctly in Explorer but looks great in Chrome. Do you have any solutions to help fix this problem?

  • Hiphopisdeddd

    Mac Miller is trash… check out Primo G. from NYC, dude isn’t a corn like the rest of these craka-ass-crackas lmao!!!


  • Tyler

    This is extremely racist. I’m just starting my rap career, I’m white, and I live in the hood. I’m not rapping about how much weed I smoke (Asher Roth, Chris Webby, Mac Miller), how I’m white trash (Yelawolf), or how I want to kill everyone on the planet (Em). I rap about shit that I go through and what my friends and family have to deal with. Skin color doesn’t mean shit.

  • sumo

    All these white rappers that get talked about ARE THE WORST/DUMBEST WIGGERS ON THE PLANET! why dosent non-phixion,necro,JMI get reconized, Theres way better white rappers that grew up in the projects and are real, unlike these faggots like bubba sparx, machine gun kelly, dr.dres sex slave, insane clown pussies etc.

  • guest

    artical is not raceist – Cracka is a state of mind a white man can choose to be, just like a black man can choose to be a nigga both are stupid, noone wants to be a regular man anymore every white kid wants to be a rapper, every black guy talks like he is a rapper, i wish all ther dads were wrappers do both of the wigga/nigga were not born. why cant there be a black guy and white guy anymore, only wiggas n niggas