Eminem, Alcoholics Anonymous and the Illuminati

How come none of you fruits told me that Alcoholics Anonymous is part of the Illuminati, and that’s why Eminem keeps rapping about kicking drugs and alcohol, as if anyone gives a shit? It’s like I have to do everything myself!

I first suspected that there was a connection between Eminem, Alcoholics Anonymous and the Illuminati yesterday, when I saw a picture of Eminem in what appeared to be an Illuminati necklace, at the Grammys. There was a post on MTV’s zombie-like, asinine list-laden (Complex-esque, if you will) rap blog about how Eminem wore this necklace and medallion, supposedly the symbol for Alcoholics Anonymous, to the Grammys. I took one look at it and I was like, Tha fuck? Why does Eminem have an Illuminati symbol on his bling bling?

I recognized that little triangle in a circle symbol right away, from the Illuminati music video analysis website Vigilant Citizen’s analysis of music videos by well known members of the Illuminati, including Jay-Z (natch), Lady Gaga and Kanye West. It’s also on the back of a dollar bill, as discussed in the film Dazed and Confused. Did you know that George Washington grew a shedload of weed at Mount Vernon? He thought it would be a good cash crop for the southern states. Behind every good man is a woman, and for George Washington that woman was Martha Washington. Every day he’d come home from work and she’d have a fat bowl waiting for him. She was a hip, hip lady.

I did a quick Google search on “Alcoholics Anonymous Illuminati,” and wouldn’t you know, there were pages of results about how Alcoholics Anonymous was started by members of the Illuminati. Shocker! I clicked on the first result (if you check now, my site is now the second result for this string; hopefully the Illuminati doesn’t see that and have me assassinated), which broke down some of the similarities between the Illuminati and Alcoholics Anonymous, aside from just having the same logo.

One of the symbols used by Crowley to identify his fraternal order is the Masonic triangle within a circle with the acronyms A.A. inscribed below it. This symbol is now known globally as the symbol of Alcoholics Anonymous.Crowley published a book in 1922 entitled Diary of a Drug Fiend. In this book Crowley presents a satanic program of recovery from drug addiction. Throughout Diary of a Drug fiend, its publication predating Alcoholics Anonymous by 17 years, there are many themes and phrases, both similar and identical that are also common in “The Big Book” of Alcoholics Anonymous. These themes include “abandoning free will”, “abandoning ones self”, “it’s beyond human power”, “god is beyond conception”, “Do what thou wilt”, “Do with me as thou wilt” etc. The identical ideology of these doctrines is this: free will is useless therefore hand your will over to someone or something else.

Of course MTV’s rap blog explained that the circle with a triangle in it is the symbol for Alcoholics Anonymous, and this was meant to show how serious Eminem is about his sobriety. It’s one thing to make an album about how you’re done using drugs and alcohol. It’s a whole other thing to wear a shiny necklace symbolizing your level of commitment. That necklace probably cost him a shedload of money – even though he’s probably got way more money than you’d think. He was the top-selling artist of the aughts, even more so than the Beatles, and for most of that decade you could still make money selling CDs (without resorting to any scams via PayPal). The movie 8 Mile grossed over $242 million. (I looked it up just now in the world’s most accurate encyclopedia.) He’s probably got way more money than you’d think. And yet you don’t really hear him mentioned in discussions of rich rappers. Hmm… At any rate, I can’t imagine his Illuminati/sobriety chain would be fake, like Yung Berg’s Transformers chain. Not only would that not make sense, given his ridonkulous wealth, but it would undermine his message about how it’s supposedly important to not do drugs and alcohol.

Speak for yourself, Em!

The fact that MTV, which recently funded a video by LCD Soundsystem that’s full of Illuminati imagery, the first music video to ever be funded by MTV (a coincidence, I’m sure), didn’t bother to mention the obvious Illuminati symbolism in the design of Eminem’s bling bling led me to believe that MTV was purposely trying to distract people from finding out the real meaning of that little circle with the triangle in it. which I’m sure has to do with submitting yourself to members of the Illuminati for ritualized anal rape, or something disgusting like that. (Not that there’s anything wrong with gay people. Just saying.) Lest we forget, the triangle is the international symbol for homosexuality, and that’s why Christian supremacist groups were trying to have that show Teletubbies canceled, because the purple one had a big triangle on its head. (The color purple is also gay – both the Broadway musical, which I believe Oprah is involved with. and the actual color.)

As far as why the Illuminati would have Eminem wear this symbol to the Grammys on his bling bling, I suspect that it was meant to send out messages of homosexuality to today’s youth on a subconscious level. When you see Eminem in an Illuminati necklace, you might not think anything of it, but on a subconscious level, it makes you that much more likely to take it up the coat. As discussed by the Vigilant Citizen, rap videos these days are full of such imagery, and that’s why today’s youth is so much more teh ghey than kids who grew up in the 1990s, when rap music was about something. (Let me know if I’m getting too deep here. Nullus.) But that necklace is definitely weird-looking and thus destined to arouse suspicion, amongst other things, and that’s why the Illuminati specifically ordered MTV to explain, to people dumb enough to believe anything it says on the MTV website, that the medallion on Eminem’s necklace is the symbol of Alcoholics Anonymous, of which Eminem is a member. Even though I thought the whole idea of Alcoholics Anonymous is that it’s anonymous, hence the word anonymous in its name.

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  • Frankie2Fast

    yeah um…FIRST!

    I know you kid BOL…because no one with any intelligence can believe this shit. It’s ridiculous. To act as if these common, every day guys who end up being famous rappers are part of some super secret group that controls the world is silly. I love reading about it and listening to stupid theories (because they’re all jokes and should be treated as such) but I would never actually believe this crap.

    BOL, contrary to what haters say on here, you are definitely a smart guy with a quick wit and some biting satyr and sarcasm. However, you know you’re fanning the flames for the retards out there. That’s ok. That’s what you’re here for. I just hope the rest of tehse jokers know how dumb they would sound if they brought this up in a discussion with any one but low lifes and morons around.

    People and institutions (like the Grammy’s) don’t give hip-hop any credit because they think the music is dumb and that the people who listen to it are even dumber. We are smart, diverse and well cultured and yet we are stereotyped as something worse than a hippie was in the 70′s.

    Let’s all have fun at this absurd idea floating around, but let’s not lose touch about the real problems out there – i.e. – education, college tuition, drugs, obesity and violence in the communty.

    I hate to preach, but I had to throw it out there.



    • nicholasdelorejo

      See there’s something you seem to be missing in your aurgument. First there is no way that a sevret organization can keep itself or its practices unknown from everyone. There will always be researchers willing to do the extensive research to uncover their practices so information can be leaked to the public. The real question is how to make that information believable to the average person enough to protest and destroy the convert group refered to as the illuminati. That’s where Hip-hop, Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura, and others come in. I honestly think that the best way the illuminati can prevent public anarchy is to allow its secrets to be exposed through easily dismisive, uncredential sources so that people like you can say “it can’t be true because only it’s coming from the mouths of morons.” I’m not saying your wrong but if you had a secret bound to escape would you feel worried if it can from a retard or an honest person. Also Hip-hop isn’t the only genre that makes references to the illuminati. Check out Muse or Rage Against the Machine.

      • nobody

        Oh so you mean like someone spilling the beans?? Maybe in a book?

        For those who don’t believe.. Here is a quote from one of “them” straight out of his own book.

        “For more than a century ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents such as my encounter with Castro to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we weld over American political and economic institutions. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interest of the United States, characterizing my family and me as “internationalists” and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure–one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I’m proud of it.”

        David Rockefeller – Memoirs pg. 405 – ISBN-13: 978-0812969733

  • dex


  • N.Y.C

    Fuck this illuminati bullshit thing that goes around the internet.People read too much into things,as soon as they see a triangle,people are screaming for that shit,its fucking stupid.Illuminati is a made up web thing for little teenagers who has nothing better to do than look for triangles and symbols everywhere.Turn off your computers,walk outside and breathe some fresh air,you fuckers need it

    • matty21

      well just to say, to correct you… it’s not just little teenagers locked in their basement and cut off from the world, like u think, researching and spreading this knowledge… it’s researched and studied by adults and people all over the world, and people who dedicate their life to the knowledge and history of that shit… really, it’s true; not just teenagers lol… at least know about da shit, i’m not doubting or disqualifying ALLL people’s comments about the shit, ones about it being all a lie, or ones saying it’s true; but most of the comments i see of that nature, da ones saying it’s all bullshit, they seem to know nothing about the shit and are completly ignorant of it, havnt even took da time to look at what it really is…at least da people talking about it being real have done their research and know a little about the topic, so who would u listen to: da person that knows nothing about it, or da one dats done their research? easy huh

      … so i’m not for or against, but if you’re going to speak on something that means something, at least go find out about it a little bit and know what it is, dont just come with da comments with no knowledge or research of da shit what so ever, aint no1 gonna listen to ignorance anyway; so it’s a waste of space . . .

      • Jade

        Matt, you seem like you could possibly be an intelligent person, but you ruin it with the constant use of the word shit and he “not so much a word” da. If you want people to listen to what you have to say at least keep the cussing to a minimum and use real words.

    • nobody

      Do a little research before you insult people. If you want to be one of the sheeple that’s fine. But, you cant deny something coming straight from the horses mouth. One of them anyways…

      For those who don’t believe.. Here is a quote from one of “them” straight out of his own book.

      “For more than a century ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents such as my encounter with Castro to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we weld over American political and economic institutions. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interest of the United States, characterizing my family and me as “internationalists” and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure–one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I’m proud of it.”

      David Rockefeller – Memoirs pg. 405 – ISBN-13: 978-0812969733

      • Louieoui

        Dude, learn how to read. Basically, what he is saying is that him and his family are being persecuted with allegations of conspiracy against the american people. By people like you. And that he would be proud if he actually was guilty of creating a more integrated global political and economic structure. So fucking what? The guy was the richest man in the world… how then is it not hiiiighly unlikely to not have any influence and power? The question is, what exactly was it that the Rockefellers did which directly influenced you personally in a negative way? And no, I’m not an illuminati sheeple bla bla…just sick of these half assed and highly speculative accusations without any concrete empirical evidence…………

        • jets04

          Research: Ludlow, Colorado

    • bingo

      u have alot to learn my friend.unless u are who i think u might be

  • jimmyjam33

    this whole illuminati bullshit s fucking kkilling hip hop. the iluminati aint real it dsnt even make fucking sense. u think because its on google that its real. u think cos the vigilante citizen says it its real. fucking bunch iof dumbasses. i hope to god this post is supposed to be a joke cos if not then i hate u even more than i did 5 minutes ago

    • nobody

      I think it’s real because one of them told us it’s real…

      For those who don’t believe.. Here is a quote from one of “them” straight out of his own book.

      “For more than a century ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents such as my encounter with Castro to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we weld over American political and economic institutions. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interest of the United States, characterizing my family and me as “internationalists” and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure–one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I’m proud of it.”

      David Rockefeller – Memoirs pg. 405 – ISBN-13: 978-0812969733

    • chiLLinmayne

      THERES an articulate young man

  • Worley

    “Every day he’d come home from work and she’d have a fat bowl waiting for him.”

    My kind of lady. Let me cut and past this post before the Illuminati gets wind of it.

  • Don mcCaine

    believe it or not, people have been speaking on these “societies” waaaay before there was an internet…there were these things called BOOKS…written by professors, doctors and historians…so saying the believer is an idiot, retarded and it’s made up for web teens is dumb.

    • abdulnasir


  • http://twitter.com/michaelbjordan THE UNDERWRITER

    Good points.

  • David HussleSoft

    I am not into the whole illuminati/hip-hop thing but it does peak my interest that anyone not just Eminem would were a necklace saying they were in a anonymous organization. Just does not make any sense at all but its whatever.

  • these posts are racist

    Hilarious post…and the idea that rappers are part of a secret society who send hidden messages is false.

    Underwriter, you’re back?

    Don, how you livin?

    • Don mcCaine

      I’m good fam…in amazement on how badly misinformed many are tho’…watching this destabilization of the east occur with a focused view as well

      • these posts are racist

        Don, I see you.

        Yeah, the Middle East is heating up…but don’t get it twisted, the USA won’t allow true democracy.

        • og bobby j

          “don’t get it twisted, the USA won’t allow true democracy”

          nor should they….puppet master son….

        • Don mcCaine

          what I’m saying is IMO, it doesn’t seem genuine. the ivory coast has a former world banker as president…Tunisia is becoming a major problem for italy, egypt seemed scripted (how did all of these poor people have Twitter access?), bahrain could be a problem for saudi arabia, conveniently it’s spread to iran. has anyone else noticed how certain exiled dictators re-appeared in their home countries? were they in these protesting countries? the dollar is no longer “the money” of the planet, IMF is replacing it, while we’re selling large amounts of weaponry to the world (b.o. is police chief of un). sumthing ain’t right.

          • Kevin

            @Don mcCaine
            Excuse me? “how did all these poor people have twitter access?”
            As someone living in Africa, this is a deeply offensive statement. Firstly, your ignorance is really astonishing as shown by the rest of your post. Secondly, Not all Africans are poor, not to the extent that people having phones with access to the internet is a surprise Even in sub-Saharan Africa, way over half the population in almost any given country has access to cellphones. When was the last time you saw a new age cellphone without web access?
            But hey…let one of these “poor African people” get of XXL as theres clearly no way i’d have access to it

          • Don mcCaine

            @ kevin

            did you READ my comment? then you would know I’m not trying to disrespect the PEOPLE. Look at the comment again, WHEN DID I SAY AFRICANS ARE ALL POOR? I named numerous events going on in the WORLD and the only thing you can see is I disrespected the monetary value of African people?

            U can’t even see who’s on YOUR side…and it’s sad

  • avenger xl

    Though the information about said illumaniti can be found in books the true historical information (which is not even relevant if you are a conspiracy theorist because nothing is factial and everything is planted by the org) about this organization is overshadowed by the hype. will some people in high places with money do anything including mass murder to keep it….yes. Do the rich and powerful need cabals like the illumaniti/legion of doom to control the world….no. These are often the huksters who con a population out of wealth “there will be blood” style and then make various alliances to keep wealth in their palms. This is all part of the human condition because it is basicly greed….i.e. things over life and the crooks who perpetuate it could only be challenged by changes in the scam they created because like any con man if you think a little they have to flee, you see the con. Even Maddof said the banks had to know what he was doing but he simply played on these people need to get more and more and the banks and regulators turned their heads for payoffs. That is how the game in done, not through rappers who are not even artists in most cases, just entertainers who managed to make money in one of the few lanes african americans and white trash alike have been able to plug into. Entertainment of all kind from sports to songs are just social narcotics but people have to be held responsible for themselves at some point. Given the living conditions in other parts of the world Americans who complaine but never vote or do anything in the community especially since many died to give their future generations the inhertance of this right can pretty much eat a fat one. I can sit around and cook up supervillans that can’t rationally be defeated or I can form a real community and challenge the con men at their own game.

    • Sincere

      I salute you sir for that is the truest statement that I have read in of these comment sections.

    • bryan aka temper

      i dissagree with somethings you said, cause they make you seem like you think your better then cirtin people, like me “white trash that does not vote” think about things, we are all equal, so act like it

  • open-minded

    Okay guys i am gonna say something that could open or close minds.

    I was smoking weed the other day, and i started to realize how much in the last year that the illuminati has been brought up in hip/hop. (it peaks my interest.)

    And rappers have all one problem that brings them together, which is the government right?
    so with that being said, government controls media and the world, so why wouldnt the government try to tarnish these people who speak out against them…..Hence why the government has probably started these alligations against the biggest named rappers such as Eminem, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Lil Wayne. Since these rappers portray exactly what the illuminati needs ( money, influence, powerful with words) all these rappers have strong fanbases.

    it just makes it easier for the government to put a spin of there illuminati conections on to these rappers.

    I know you may think they influence alot of people, but still to this day no one has more influence then the government cause the government controls media, look at documentry videos of the 2008 presidential elections, obama won due to media coverage and now hes president.


    open yourself

    • Don mcCaine

      “during the late 1700s, Adam Weishaupt founded the illuminati on the basis of enlightenment and general disdain for institutions like the church and political entities…in order to overthrow those institutions, they developed methods to destroy them from the inside out by using infiltration and subversion”

      “illuminists don’t worship the devil, they worship lucifer, the sun of the morning, the bearer of light”

      “1-the symbolism employed by those orders is very sacred to them, so sacred in fact, that it violates their “laws” for the profane (uninitiated, not yet familiar with “the light”) to even use said symbolism. in other words them niggas would’ve been blacklisted (or worse)

      2-the truth is often hidden in plain sight. one of the most prominent freemasons and the founder of the ku klux klan Albert Pike wrote a manuscript discussing the rites and progression of the masonic degrees from the 1st to the 32nd. this book is called Morals and Dogma and it is public domain, yet most are ignorant to freemasonry, so…

      wanna hide the truth? put it in a book (c)mfdoom”-all from Chief Ali, NahRight commenter

      applaud people, our convo yesterday has infested the web today…

      • avenger xl

        Don’t forget the main reason for these revolutions during weishupts time was because of the church being corrupt and the political structure being all monarchies.

        1. No to ways about it the churches have been used for centuries by con men and madmen to control people. Now I am not going to start a debate about religion because I don’t subscribe to the left over dogma from the axel age wholsale. Spirituality has its place in an individuals life but when man forms institutions to give instructions as to how to get closer to a notion of the divine then that is a recipe for corruption in my book because humans are to selfish in the current state to not use it as a point to control rather than a point to liberate ones spirit.

        2. What can I say about the political establishment. Are they corrupt in many arenas yes. Do they get away with most of their stuff because of the general publics lack of education and general apathetic nature concerning these matters yes. The only time the gen pop cares about politics is when they are told to by their talking heads when a more educated society who understood the sutle nuiances of a complex system might be able to react rather than sell their ass wholsale in the name of a mythical dream.

        As I stated it doesn’t take a secret society to rule over or control lemings aka the idiot mass. They are too caught up with various social narcotics to dull the pain of life as they see it and only respond when there is a direct threat not knowing or caring about the pyramid scheme as long as they get their crumb off the American pie/lie.

        There is a real danger folks and this ain’t it.

        • Don mcCaine

          “Don’t forget the main reason for these revolutions during weishupts time was because of the church being corrupt and the political structure being all monarchies.”

          ^ correct

          wanna give them more to look at since like double f said below me, dudes have taken just one aspect of this and ran with it to the point that a lot of info is misunderstood.

          a lot of those statements avenger are gonna go over their heads.

          • avenger xl

            I would start with” how to read a book “by mortimer adler this will cut down on all the search engine philosophy and vaccum minded readers who look for books to simply validate their current point of view rather than practice analytical reading. We can’t afford to dumb it down if you go over some of there heads then so be it. Folks decide there fate by there actions many times and blame it on others.

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    This post and comments should be broken down into sections.

    1. The illumanti is real. Based on a theory and based on research. The illumanti goes back many years. In fact, the world consist of several secret societies besides the illumaniti. Most rappers LIKE RICK ROSS WHO SAYS HE”S BIG MEECH LARRY HOVER MC HAMMER BO DILLY n etc. Rap about scarface the illumanti secret societes and etc because they read up on it. And we all know its something cool about being exlusive or ELITE. From the illumanti several subgroups like the triads, mafia, and etc have been developed. Most rappers at most establish families or crime families such as bmf or other groups who can’t compete with groups developed and organized centuries ago.

    2. The interenet has given a twist to this illumaniti debate. See, they took one percent of something they read about the illumaniti and used it as a platform. This is similar to people associating president Obama with terrorism because he was friends with someone who made a terroist type threat. They took the information and now are tagging every famous person with the illumanti. They are saying all of these people are devil worshipers. The first post and one of the last broke it down well.

    3. This post does feed and cause contrvesoy as many of his post do. Its funny from one perspective but dangerous because their is a growing number of people who don’t fully understand the illumanti, and they will eat this alive.

    4. finally, no rapper not even jayz would have any influence in the illumaniti. The puppet factor can exist and does to a certain degree BUT to blame everything on the illumanti and in the same breath attack most americans for being christians makes no sense. Quit reaching for excuses

  • P

    Pac was shot in a black beamer, his death a big conspiracy, so now if you driving a black beamer and get toasted your death is automatically a conspiracy?? Fuck man, dudes wearing a sobriety pendant big deal. cuz the mutha fucka got a triangle on it he now affiliated with the illuminati and homosexual type activites….you losing it son……..at least try and sound intelligent so you can sell this shit instead of sounding like some punk bitch whos always yapping about shit around the neighborhood when dude aint even leave his house, ya dig….everytime i read your shit (only 3rd time) i’ll feel like dumpin 30 rounds in some fuckin retards just to help bring up the level of intelligence in this country…..facts are facts and if you aint got em, put you hand down, take out ya god dam coloring book and try staying between the lines……Nexxt BOL gonna try convincing people 2 + 2 = Thomas Jefferson…SUCKA

  • http://xxlmag.com What the hell

    Holy crap whats with the nutty talk? Any ways who would have thought two years ago Eminem would be back on top of the rap game? Dont tell me anyone did. Article is a little disapointing because I would like to see some outrage about his stolen awards. Eminem winning album of the year is huge for hip hop period. Recovery is a great record.

  • jim j

    Enough with the Illuminati references already.

  • The Light

    I love this post.

    As fas as secret societies goes, who cares really. People in power don’t need secret societies to commit mass murder (wars, “terrorist attacks”), steal our wealth (taxes, financial bubbles), or control us (propaganda, fear mongering). Get the hint people, they’re already running things. Get over it.

    The whole idea that some rock or hip-hop artist is part of a “world domination” secret society is one of the most ridiculous ideas ever concocted. They’re artists, they make songs and perform on stages (and they get paid for it) for a living. You’re giving these guys too much credit.

    I would suggest people illuminate themselves by removing ignorance from their brains. Stop using other people’s perceived alliances and rituals as excuses for the human condition and look within. Focus on improving yourselves and becoming the best you, instead of worrying about who’s part of what group or “secret society.” At the end of the day, you don’t know them so you can’t prove a damn thing. So why waste your time thinking about it.

    ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲

  • tommy gunz

    paragraph typers losin out here

  • Learn Something

    ok for all of you completely ignorant whiners who want to convince yourself there is no illuminati let me remind you of a day before the internet and google. You think simply because you’ve only seen a few Youtube videos making hip-hop/music industry iluminati connections that none of it is real and hasn’t been real since the dawn of hollywood, you’re so fucking naive its ridiculous. Before everyone commenting on this page was born the illuminati was involved with creating hollywood and pretty much all mainstream music to be used as a tool in order to control people and shape ideas. Its not conspiracy theory. Connect the dots and go to what’s called a library, then read hundreds of books with information about all of it before you parade around online trying to poke holes in every theory you read about. If all of you are such hip-hop fans why the fuck wouldn’t you pay attention to what O.D.B tried to tell the public before he so-called “overdosed.” Pimp-C talked about before he died, and Michael spoke about it as well before he was murdered, and don’t even get me started on Tupac Shakur. I think considering all of these individuals were actually famous and involved in the industry more than any of you ever will they had a bit more inside idea of what they were talking about. They had resources none of you will ever have at their disposal. I think I’d believe someone who actually lived in it more than any idiot voicing their denial on internet threads.

    There were books, written and published with resourceful information about all these secret societies, long before hip-hop was even an idea. Yes Masonry is real, yes the scottish rite is real, Alliester Crowley, Albert Pike, Anton Levey and many more were real people not fictional characters as some of you are assuming and obviously refusing to learn more about. If you actually spend time understanding how it has controlled media, entertainment, and establishments of almost every industry you’ll see the signs have been there all along and you were just too programmed to notice it. They want you arguing and whining about how its killing hip-hop. The more you all disagree and fight about it in blogs the more power they gain buy force-feeding all this stupid mindless music down your throats and the throats of every child with access to a computer. America was created to be a country controlled by the secret societies tied to round table groups in europe, this shit goes deeper than fucking hip-hop. Don’t forget there were already people on this land before Europe slaughtered millions of them in the name of “freedom.” Yeah, they were called indians, u fucking retards.

    And yes they use every one of your heroic celebrities as puppets to manipulate your every thought, so of course they flaunt every occult symbol in their fashion. And if you think you’re intelligent enough to discredit any of the info presented in this blog entry without having done any research on the subject your far less qualified to even make such a statement. You would have your ass handed to you in a formal debate, I promise you that. The problem with today’s generation is they’re convinced everything on T.V. is real and not whats actually been recorded in history by researchers and journalists for over several decades. Why are you so determined to keep these celebrities on a pedestal? They don’t give 2 fucks about you, as long as you keeps spending your money to make them richer they might as well fuck you in the ass and smile as they’re doing it, to make you feel special.

    It’s called reading a book, do it for a change, you might actual find out your life is meaningless unless you embrace the real experiences of people and relationships instead of watching T.V. and Youtubing 8 hours a day. Or you could sit around and drool over people who you’ll never meet and would probably be an asshole to you if you even had the chance to.

    • avenger xl

      There are several ways to read a book. Most of the people challenging folks to read stuff are pretty much pointing at writers who validate their point of veiw kinda like what faux news does. Anyone with a different point of veiw is uniformed and needs to drink the same kool-aide you are drinking or they are willfully ignorant and want to be ass raped by the illumaniti in their sleep(can there even be a no homo disclaimer for ass rape pause/nullus LOL). This is a closed minded point of view and can lead to worthless group think which gives more power to your true oppressors than liberate people through true knowledge which only comes through the analytical reading process. This process involves you checking behind the arthor to see what his slants are and why and following up with research, note this process should not always validate your point of view cause if it does you are the most intellegent person in the world and need to do something more than insult folks on lame hip-hop site message boards.

      Also the wealthy land owning class doesn’t need to join a secret society to oppress people. They have already taken the lions share of the goods and services in the country if they give the people a few crumbs and back crack pot groups like the tea party then they get by just find. So what I am saying is there is some real super real theft and oppression going on using various social narcotics to ease the pain. A secret society is unnecessary when your victim will commint suicide if you give them a long enough rope. THINK PEOPLE

      • avenger xl

        yes, there were people here before the Europeans invaded(see pc term settled). They were not called indians or native americas because there was no america to be native of. They were people who’s lands got stolen by greedy ruthless m@THAF@CKa$ this goes back to a human condition. The secret society they were connected to was called the wealthy class by foreign crowns and religion(the strongest social narcotic they won’t even let the poor man die in piece he either pays their tax and bows to their god or he is threatened to suffer for all eternity).

        Also keep in mind that kids are more influenced by the fact they grow up in broken homes in slum environments. Where drug dealing is sometimes treated like a real career, all these garbage ass rappers do is put them on a higher pedastal but the seed of destruction comes from citizens not standing up and saying fuck the police and a drug dealer. You can’t do that slum shit over hear or we will see to it you don’t breathe long because there is more of us than it is you and even the biggest gang only gets to subject a community to terror due to the fact the pick on the weak and the rest turn a blind eye out of fear or apathy to these bastards while they destroy the very place the kids have to grow up. Forget those rap idiots because they are barely entertainment these days and damn sure not art in most cases. The problems in the hood is way more complex than what is seen on tv or heard on the radio but faux news and other folks try to simplifiy the problem by going after rap/rappers.

  • Learn Something

    FYI ffone@yahoo is correct. THEY READ ABOUT IT THATS WHY THEY RAP ABOUT IT… I’m personal friends with several rappers, probably because I AM ONE and trust me that’s pretty much what we spend our time talking about back-stage after any show, as well as when we’re in the studio recording music while you’re asleep because you have to wake up for your 9-5 every fucking day… Maybe if you knew what the entertainment world was really like you’d actually learn, instead of dreaming about it all day…

  • Learn Something

    and for one last addition, for those who decide to go with the “so what, who cares, why does it matter” routines… It is extremely important to not only know but learn who and why because if these entertainers are going to be your children’s icons I’d want to know a bit more about what my kid is being exposed to, because what they listen to now will no doubt shape them forever. It doesn’t take a rocket-scientist to see kids behavior is almost completely influenced by their habits and interests which include movies and music. Why do you think older generations talk about their good ole days and the music they all listened to. Music is one of the most important functions in life. People don’t even realize they can’t function without it. GO to a public place any place and tell me aside from auto-shops and libraries and tell me which one’s you walk into that isn’t playing some type of music, even if its hotel lobby elevator music, you notice if there isn’t any right away, because the vibrations from certain sounds have the ability to calm, soothe, or irritate us, thats a fact, not conspiracy.

  • Don mcCaine

    @ Learn

    that’s peace…cats better pick them gems up too

  • kingkaffa

    Whats wrong with ems face in that pic? His shit looks phony, like a mannequin or something.

  • MDI

    Even though I thought the whole idea of Alcoholics Anonymous is that it’s anonymous, hence the word anonymous in its name.
    . . . that is pretty funny. anyhow, it’d be great if good and bad could be so conveniently explained, a small group of people dictating the way the world looks and functions. that’s why conspiracy theories are for stupid people.

  • Don mcCaine

    “a small group of people dictating the way the world looks and functions. that’s why conspiracy theories are for stupid people.”

    ^ think about those G7, G8, G20 Summits…don’t they have the UN for that? large companies that staff thousands are run by executive boards of 10 or 12 or 20…it’s not a far fetched thought for stupid people.

    • avenger xl

      You are correct Don about a few rich folks having all of the control. But the part that gets sketchy is when folks get into these legion of doom/comic book scenarios rather than just focusing like a laser beam on the fact a few rich people control everything. Most of what we face is a human problem caused by what some people called excessive greed,arrogance and apathy which can easily equal murder,rape,dehumanizing or any other crime you can think of. The matrix was a great metaphor for human social constructs but most folks wake from one dream and into another to create their own secondary dream world.

      You only have to look at how they have the working man turning on unions, especially low income people who need some kind of voice in the process. You got people saying let’s experience total free market capitalism in the u.s. These people are the main ones who could not handle the downs of a true free market society (many are blinded by the idea that they can too join the power elite (yet another myth aka con).

      Our social construct is a con all day but when folks go the extra mile and hang all this other stuff on there it makes individuals lose focus in my opinion on how to kill a hydra aka how to intellegently break a relationship with an abusive social construct.

  • shawn

    fuck illuminati pop bottles untill tha spidershot while we hotknife tha kush for chaser

  • Jimbo

    its an AA medallion, not Illuminati.

  • Gabe

    Who wrote this fucking retarded piece on eminem wearing the AA symbol and somehow its part of some bullshit secret society. Are you serious? Is the writer really that fucking retarded and gullable. Em is sober and goes to AA meetings, period. The bling around his neck is the AA symbol, not some bullshit secret society crap. So funny, anyways you fools are slow on the know anyways, he was wering the same bling when he performed on SNL with Lil’wayne over a month before the grammys.

  • Keke32

    Um, I highly doubt AA is a part of an Illuminati conspiracy. If you are going to pick on something, why is it going to be a group dedicated to substance abuse recovery? This could deter people who have a problem with addiction from going to AA and seems pretty damn irresponsible.

  • emfan717

    I’m sorry but dude who wrote this is nuts. I do believe in these secret societies likes the illuminati and the free masons and all that. But theres no way this has anything to do with that. He’s in AA and thats that.

  • chiLLin mayne

    (the color purple is also gay….both the broadway musical and the actual color) lmao….bol if u made a rap album, id cop it… regardless who knows wat to believe any more, with all these illuminati accusations and symbolisim

  • -

    that’s just too sad for eminem and for the others,
    they think to get rich with because of that illuminati shit
    why do people beleave in that
    god made those satans and evil
    and they got power from god
    and if ya think all the power that the satan’s have
    is everythin of god, so if ya ask god to make ya a star , he’ll maybe do,
    and dont give up ,those fuckin satan’s want you to get in hell with them

  • ..

    Your absolutely right
    ewa people stay fresh
    hang that cross on and go ahead
    what does it matter what people think
    we are little humans on this earth
    so long not big as god,
    he’s watchin everythin
    i don’t care about this world but i dont wan’t to be in the illuminatie.
    because if you are in there you can never go out of there
    so think before u want to become a star
    idol, churches , bank that’s all illuminati
    well it’s really sad but if u just beleave in god
    thats fine

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  • rad

    Iluminati is a cover for comunism – no pritvate, no freedom, no religion etc.

  • paco

    this shit is funny, the fact that this guy or girl, watever……… Believs this stuff so much is a joke, the fact it came up with this is almost depressing, can u imagin how much of its ridiciulous life is wastd? Damn, jus stfu and dont do this, world has enouph stupididities in this world for u to be makin more shit, thanks.

  • http://www.friv.co.uk anonymous

    i think that eminem could or could not have joined he illuminati because i am a little suspicious about his name with him and royce da 5’9(Bad Meets Evil!)
    too obvious
    and yeah i think he couldn’t because he could just be compelled to do this becuase if you think about it his song fast lane got far in the charts and lighters is soooo famous so fame could be the reason.
    I really hope he isn’t in the illuminati cos I would be truly gutted to hear that all those years he was tempted to join and he didn’t and now for fame he’s like mental!!
    If you’re reading this comment think about your fans and all the people who know about the illuminati. Will they respect you and appreciate you as much as they used to?? You used to be my idol but now you’re no worse than the rest!!!
    <3 (Oh and that's for the writer of this article not for Eminem cos he doesn't deserve it!!!)

  • http://xxlmag.com young money

    i gues ts true,hope eminem changes nd movez on livin the evil behind

  • Anonymous

    so is any one an actual member of A.A.
    ? If you were you realise that AA has nothing to do with the illuminati. its fucking triangle who give a fuck it stand for “unity, service and recovery.
    Recovery is the bas eof the triangle as this is achieved through unity and service.
    the origans of the steps before there were 12. there was just 6 the concept was taken from the freemasons.
    now if all anyone of you are interested in the ilmuniati do some research on ilumiati vs freemasons. or just ggole them both. u will never find the answers. because no one has them. the practice of the 12 step is closer to the teaching of jesus.lol

  • anonymous

    wait NA use the symbol of a circle, we can research circle and maybe find that thats satanic or not . good or bad. who knows?
    but evidence is shown all across the world that 12 steps groups are full of great people just human, we all bleed the same.
    and it has only ever done great things for people where all modern medicine and physcology has failed for us. may that course aint work every one. but i have know poeple to achieve sobriety through other methods. so good for them.!
    I think im so far of track at the moment.lol
    leaving arhhhh
    peace out

  • Nick

    This is rediculous. It is not an illuminati symbol its the symbol of aa representing experience strength and hope (wow how evil that must illuminati right? lol) dude you know nothing about aa and its teachings there is nothing in there that is anti-god at all, in fact the majority of people who cant recover are people who cant believe in a god. If you actually did ur research and maybe looked at the big book yourself u might be enlightened. And also the whole free mason connection to the illuminati is ALWAYS in question because if you know any freemasons or have studied them there is close to absolutely nothing that is even remotely devilish, or illuminati-ish. Its rediculous. Im tired of articles like this being published by people with nothing better to do than watch youtube video about freemasons and illuminatis that have there facts SO wrong. Yes there is illuminati, but the whole connection between AA and illuminati is absolutely rediculous. Its insane. People in aa are the most loving and caring people around, and there is absolutely nothing but love in those rooms and through out the big book. Do your research next time before printing such a peice of garbage on the internet.

  • jonjon

    It really his hard to believe in this or not to believe in this. Therre are signs everywhere of the illuminati. There is so much speculation over this i really dont know what to believe. I have mixed thought on both sides. EMINEM does say in the song SAY GOODBYE TO HOLLWOOD “If I could go back, I never woulda rapped I SOULD MY SOULD TO THE DEVIL, I’LL NEVER GET IT BACK I just wanna leave this game with level head intact”.

  • Educated

    To those of you that believe the illuminati order is fake. google history. Adam Weishaupt did create a real order in an attempt to overthrow the Bavarian government and try to create a new world order in the new world (America) before it was colonized, because he believed in a world without government or religion

    • thberry

      You make it sound like a world without government and religion would be a BAD thing.

  • ns


  • thberry

    At the top of this article it says “These things are all one in the same.” I realize that most bloggers are idiots but let’s do a little proof-reading guys. The expression is “one and the same.”

    These things are all one and the same.


  • un_named

    you retards are stupid.illumaniti is not a fu*king joke listen to vinnie paz-end of days he dont mention illumaniti but every thing he says is fu*king true.or prodigy of mob deep’s song intitled illumaniti.dude do reserch on modern masonic sysmbols look at the 1$ bill for christ sake.see that strange thing with the eye yea thats the all seeing eye illumaniti symbol and Novus ordo seclorum (Latin for “New Order of the Ages”) or new word order and annuit coeptis “he has aproved our beginnings” wow that dont make you think??? your stupid oh in vinne paz”end of days he talks(raps)about floride in the water yea bull sh*t ok look up water floridation see what pops up have fun in the new word order jack a*s

  • un_named

    oh and fyi the end is here :) have fun because yall couldent see what was happening now its too late!!!

  • http://youtube.com/fatalcontents FatalContents

    One point is what makes one of you commenters more knowledgeable than the others? Half of you will say its all nonsense because it sounds unbelievable like some movie plot. But none of you really know. Not every conspiracy theorist is always right but you are narrow minded if you comment just to say “It’s bullshit because I don’t believe in it”. You need to admit you don’t know it all. If you really look around out how our world order is run the facts are that it is a non moral way. Don’t be stupid. These leaders don’t love us you only equal dollars and are a slave on some level. I’m sympathetic that most will be ignorant or scared of the truth but be wiser to the fact some leaders or theorists want to help you by shedding some light on things the rich and powerful will do anything to hide.

  • d1hunnid

    why did you have to be in that illuminati shit Eminem ? :(

  • Tiff

    Great imagination. All false information. Maybe you should try checking your facts before commenting on something you know nothing about.

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    Z427og Im thankful for the post. Cool.

  • http://www.sv-og.de/ Hanau

    Thanks for the news! Just was thinking about it! By the way Happy New Year to all of you:DD

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    Major thanks for the article post.Thanks Again. Really Cool.

  • bryan aka temper

    and i would like to point out that the symbol, the triangle and circle, yeah, thats a freemason thing, if the illuminaty is true, then i suspect that they are in league with the freemasons? just a though tthat i just thought of


    illuminati want my mind soul and body!
    mk ultra. project bluebeam. chem trails. flouride. marshal law. new world order. nephilim. alice in wonderland used for mind control. walt disney illuminati.

  • http://Toxicwap.com Eminem

    Ya my name is eminem people said am worshipin d devil am nt its only God dat nos who i am so pls dont say any word about me and my true fan ogunsowo adeoye tanks 4 evry tin u hv done 4 me i realy luv u tanks bro i wish i could c ur face nw i no i wil c u one day and u wil also c me 2 bye

    • will

      you’re not Eminem. He doesn’t spell his lyrics like that.

  • amenra


  • amenra

    in my honest opinion some people are miss guided first off i cant speak for the man or claim to know the truth but my view is that yes there are this a wealthy group in society that control shit and are able to bend government sometimes but lets be honest government never has been legit and as far as Eminem goes i don’t think he is or would do that to himself again or people that he cares for as hes been fooled b4 and all they did was make him lose people he loved and screw him and his relationships up and he knows it if there was truth in all this i doubt that shit could be forgiven but then again it cud all be a lie or a scam to feed us with false truths at the end of the day we are sheep and we s humans could be a peaceful begin but there ant profit in that its hard to know what to belief in today world but as any one who as ever lied knows the truth has a funny way of get in out either way i hope one day it will the world is amazing what ruins it is us at times and the money and power hunger men of mankind so im going to reserve judgment a say the truth and that is i don’t know what the truth is but wish i did

  • Molly

    You know what’s fucked up? People here continue to say “The Illuminati isn’t real blah blah blah” when they probably haven’t done enough research. I mean are you FUCKING KIDDING ME? Please bitches. Has no one seen the symbolism in almost every music video? Oh yeah bro those are just “coincidents”. Because in S&M, the fact that “Princess of the Illuminati” is written down on a notepad in broad daylight is just a coincidental scribble. Because there are triangles and Baphomet’s head in music videos is an inside joke for all the music artists. Let’s not forget how in at least one song of mainstream artists, Rain Man hasn’t been mentioned. Or how New World Order has never been mentioned. If you guys haven’t gotten the sarcasm, you’re a dipfuck. Wake the fuck up. Stop rationalizing things and look at the world, do your research. Illuminati is real and the people who refuse to believe it will be hit the hardest when they come for us.

  • anon

    dude nowhere in the aa big book does it say “do what thou wilt” the aa big book was taken strait outa the bible

  • anon

    it also doesnt say “do with me as thou wilt” the only thing that would go against Christian beliefs is the “any power as long as its not urself” thing we have goin on and thats a first step towards finding God for many and for others they get stuck on it, the founders were low level masons like youd see attending mason meetings praising Jesus today, the high level ones the lower level ones think are from conspiracy theorists are the satan worshipers.. they were Christian fundamentalists part of the oxford group the oxford group was the first AA its called the oxford group drunksquad… all the founders got sober of Christ and told others to believe in him, this aa without Jesus is pretty much a new age thing

    • LoveJesus

      LOL really? the illuminati surely did not write the bible. I have done my research and just by what you wrote i can tell you havent. Incase you didnt know, the Illuminati find True bible believers a threat to their designs. They will do anything to decieve people into thinking stuff like that just to throw them off. Like i said, they find true believers a threat. The devil will do anything to decieve people just like he did in the garden of Eden, and just like he does today, with music, movies, news, Entertainment, etc. I would get your facts straight and get right with god while you can. People misled him wants and were proved wrong, so why be misled a 2nd time? Come on now.

      • anon

        thats right

  • anon

    wait I’m wrong… it says to God “do with me as thou wilt” lol sorry im tired its 1230 I say that prayer every morning and every night for awhile I dunno how I missed that… its not talking to another person but u say that to God

  • will

    the illuminati has a circle in the triangle

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Brian-Lewis/1287090929 Brian Lewis

    I have been going to AA for 11 years. He’s right, it’s illuminati. We start the meeting by chanting to make sure the virgin we sacrifice is pure. Then we move on to share of our conquests out in the world. Some idiots think this shit doesn’t exist, hahaha! Before we close, we perform the ritual to ensure that the first son of the second highest ranking AA officer, the lieutenant, has sanctified the coming of the great horny toad. We would have got away with this shit, if it weren’t for that meddling of the author of this article…seriously son, you have smoked yourself fucking retarded.

  • what

    turn our will over to god “as we understand him” door knob group of drunks whatever is blasphemy. most aaers settle for higher power. most are atheists or worst. i know of devil worship in aa, and the main office had no comment. aa stands for nothing.

  • Bren

    Just to let you know, Anonymous, means, press , radio and television, they do not promote Alcoholics Anonymous. No where does it say, we have to be anonymous about ourselves being members of AA

  • Bren

    From AA comes of Age.

    Above us, at the International Convention at St. Louis in 1955, floated a banner on which was inscribed the then new symbol for A.A., a circle enclosing a triangle. The circle stands for the whole world of A.A., and the triangle stands for A.A …..Three Legacies: Recovery, Unity, and Service.

    • AfricanRockFish

      And we all know that a stock swindling adulterer and an abusive proctologist who operated on patients while drinking would NEVER lie…

  • becky kelly

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  • rogercharlesworth

    “These themes include “abandoning free will”, “abandoning ones
    self”, “it’s beyond human power”, “god is beyond conception”, “Do what
    thou wilt”, “Do with me as thou wilt” etc. The identical ideology of
    these doctrines is this: free will is useless therefore hand your will
    over to someone or something else.”

    The above has NOTHING to do with AA. Why do you not choose ANY AA meeting in the world and go along and see for yourself…after clearing that with the chair? AA is about recovery from a life-threatening disease. I should know. I’ve been there and got the tee-shirt. If the Illuminati started this then this is something to be grateful for. I owe my LIFE…not existence…to AA.

  • NA member

    This could possibly be the most terribly written and ignorant article I have ever wasted my time reading. First of all, you started out with one topic and ended with mocking gay people. Not only are you completely IGNORANT about 12 step programs, it seems you are just ignorant about life in general. Anyone who is in any 12 step program can agree that it is not a secret society or cult in any way. SECRET and ANONYMOUS are two very different things. Also, the whole bit about Eminem being wealthy or not is irrelevant. He is one of the only rappers who choses not to flaunt their wealth and I think a lot of that is because of where he came from, but some might also be because of the fact that he is a member of AA. In NA, or AA, we learn humility and selflessness because the disease of addiction is both selfish and arrogant… among other things. Also, if he was indeed wearing an AA coin around his neck, I can agree with you that it was probably real, but if that statement is true, it did NOT cost him thousands of dollars, it was most likely free. The chain itself is a different story, but just because you are one of the richest people in the US, it doesn’t mean that you have to wear costly items all the time, ESPECIALLY if it is AA or NA paraphernalia. If you are in the program and serious about recovery, you are excited over a damn key tag. Obviously Em decided to break his own anonymity by wearing that necklace, which is perfectly fine if he chooses to do so, whereas if he were in the illuminati or some sort of actual cult, it probably wouldn’t go over so well

    Also, I don’t think you could be any more immature while speaking about gay people, and the comments you snuck in about anal sex and whatever other idiotic things you said.

    Sometimes I think people like you need a meeting more then actual addicts. Pull your head out of your ass, step away from your computer screen and actually try learning something about LIFE for a change

    I want my 10 minutes back.

  • Joseph

    You need to read the old testament, stop feeling so self-riotous, stop pointing fingers at theories based hoax, and start educating yourself in a field that all of humanity can benefit from.

  • Tapia

    A circle in a triangle is NOT the same as a triangle in a circle

  • ill

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  • Jack Scott

    I have an AA patch on my jacket and a fellow at work pointed to it and said it was Illuminati. I decided to google it and see what came up. I came upon this ridiculous article and just had to comment. I’ve been in AA for 30 years, been sober for 23 years. AA has saved me much misery and probably my life. I owe this to God, who I feel brought me to AA in my teens. I’ve seen people lose everything they have, go to prison, and die. I’ve been spared these things. Thanks to God and my Lord Jesus. If I’m brainwashed, so be it. I needed to be. I’m living a life that wouldn’t be this wonderful had I not been introduced to AA. With over two million members worldwide it can’t be wrong. if you’ve ever been a slave to alcohol or other drugs, you know what I’m talking about.