Is Lil’ Fame The New Primo?

Having laced beats for his own M.O.P. projects since DJ Premier joined the squad for the Firing Squad album, Lil’ Fame has been taking notes from the legendary beat smith and putting in his own work behind the boards without any unnecessary hype. After finding a stack of old records lying out in the rain one night which happened to contain a Foreigner album, Fame threw together “Cold As Ice,” which became a surprise Top 10 pop hit in the UK and officially put him on the map as a beat-maker to be reckoned with. Over the last three years or so, Fizzy Womack has consistently unleashed a series of deceptively simple yet hard-as-fuck tracks for everyone from AZ and Cormega to Vinnie Paz and Rakim. If you need some bare-bones street shit on your album, you need to get dude involved. Not to take anything away from the great DJ Premier, but if the recent Get Used To Us compilation is any indication, I’d rather get three Lil’ Fame beats for someone’s album for the same price as you’d score a single Preem joint. You’re also guaranteed not to hear that Nick Jarvis kid on any of the songs, which is a massive bonus any way you look at it. Not convinced? Check the resume…

M.O.P. – “Blow The Horns”

This beat will make you punch your baby mother in the back of the head if she so much as looks at you crooked.

AZ – “AZ’s Chillin’”

Best. Audio 2. Remake. Ever. Milk D would be proud.

Raekwon featuring M.O.P. & Kool G Rap – “Ill Figures”

Fame directs the scene for Brooklyn band The Revelation to drop the cinematic’s with outstanding results.

Big Noyd – “Rags To Riches”

Loyal Mobb Deep soldier Noyd rings the alarm over this tense QB burner.

Cam’ron – “Suga Duga”

Displaying versatility, here’s a Dipset tailored joint for Killa from 2006’s More Than The Music, Vol. 2.

DJ Kay Slay feat. Jadakiss, Sheek Louch, Styles P, Bun B, Papoose, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo & Ray J – “You Heard Of Us” (Remix)

Simple but effective flip of the horns from that old Fugee’s joint for this punchline tour-de-force.

Vinnie Paz -”War Monger”

Jedi Mind Tricks’ frontman meets the horns of death. Call it Gladiator Rap.

Styles P feat. Kool G Rap – “Come One, Come All”

Superb combination of off-kilter percussion and bass drops as The Ghost and G Rap tear shreds off the mic. Pause to that hook though.

Cormega feat. Lil’ Fame – “718″

Brownsville and The Bridge connect for a raw rap showcase over a catchy vocal snippet.

Termanology – “The Music Industry”

This understated track provides the perfect backdrop for Term’s shots at record company fuckery.

Bonus YouTube Action:

Rakim ft. Lil Fame-”I’m Back”

Lukey feat. Lil Fame of M.O.P. “Off The Corner”

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  • dom dirtee

    lil fame is the shit but uh……let me know where you guys are buying your crack from. a bunch of these tracks aren’t even produced by fame you fuckfaces… XXL needs to hire me to write for them. “S”

    • that nigga

      @dom dirtee, your an idiot that doesnt know anything about hip hop. Fame is nice behind the boards and produced all the tracks listed.

  • mick

    how ever put this together is a idiot , premo best of all time , then and now

  • Phuc.Yew

    @dom dirtee, you’re the dipshit buddy. All of these tracks are produced by Lil Fame a/k/a Fizzy Womack! Get your head outta your ass, fuckface!

    • dom dirtee

      ah you musta written the article. 718 was an ALC beat but the wack links weren’t working before so i couldn’t hear the fizzy version. also on someone said that fame wasn’t the one that produced the lukey track.
      either way this article is a joke. like the dude “sliq” said even fame probably laughs at this article. you didn’t even put his best work on this page. blehhhh

      • Phuc.Yew

        Robbie from wrote the article you moron. You know,, what you wish your weakass blog was!

        • domdirtee

          no fucking shit. i know he wrote it. i thought it was him commenting but it’s not. it was just your old ass.

  • Worley

    Fame laced “The Game Don’t Stop” by AZ

  • sliq

    c´mon ..why should anyone compare those 2?
    and why should anybody inherit somebody premiers title while he is dropping shit on records i buy!?
    i think even lil fame laughs about this article, rather than it is making him proud…he can be proud of being lil fame already&anyways….without premo and without xxl.

  • Q461

    I wouldn’t go as far as comparing dude to Primo, but he’s done some good work. I love MOP, Cold as Ice is my shit. Bunch of these tracks go hard too.

  • oskamadison

    I respect Fame’s work and dude got a lot of bangers but y’all need to kill that “new Primo” shit for real, like dude isn’t STILL makin’ bangers over 20 years into his career. Hell, I’ll even scale it back to 17 for the nitpickers, since dude found his sound on KRS’ Return of the Boom Bap in ’93. If Kanye ain’t even the new Preme (sorry, Common), then Fame sure as hell ain’t.

  • alderman j


  • Shawamar

    I feel you on my boy Fizzy Wo. Ive been noticing this shit for the longest, this is my kinda music, but as far as comparing him to Preem, No way Jose..But if he keeps it up, im sure even Preem will give him some more jewels..Here’s wishing for a new fucking MOP album…I needs that shit..

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  • TheBlackLung

    Blasphemy! That’s like comparing a mortal to God.

  • jake

    yo fame got some heat… not sure if we should be comparing
    to 2, i also see fame on the webuildhits site with some other big producers… nough respect to fame

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