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  • stacks

    This player sucks… I can’t get it to work in IE, firefox or chrome worth a crap. Youtube, vimeo, funny or die etc etc work fine

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  • Enlightened

    I remember the good ole days…

    NWA, Public Enemy, A Tribe Called Quest, and many others were friends with each other and fans of each other,


    They had they own sounds and they own lanes and that made shit so tight. You had many different lanes to embrace. Now, Yelawolf might as well be Lil’ Wayne. Everybody work with everybody.

  • Don mcCaine

    Yelawolf On The Importance Of Industry Co-Signs

    ^ this can be VERY misleading to a newbie trying to get in the door.

    A lot of these rappers are piggy-backing/bloodsucking your buzz in form of a “co-sign”.

    A lot of these “co-signs” are label induced collabos, not true “let’s get on a track together” jargon amongst friends.

    And if you need a co-sign, that pretty much is stating you can’t do it by YOURSELF. Cats need to stop being lazy and make their OWN hits. Stop rhyming over ‘Black & Yellow’ (and ‘BMF’) talking about you’re on your grind because if you were TRULY on your grind, you would’ve found your OWN beat to get noticed off of. Understand this, because like Enlightened is saying above, EVERYONE would have wanted Bomb Squad beats, Chuck D collabos, when you had Dre, Eric B, Marley Marl, Eric Sermon, Preemo, and others around making good music too. One of Jay’s WORST mistakes was getting that Trackmaster/Puffy sound for ‘In My Lifetime Vol1′, it wasn’t HIM.

    Fun fact: Not only did Eminem get paid for his ‘Renegade’ verse, he got paid for MAKING THE BEAT too.


    • Quattro

      Don you gotta good point with how you feel about artists spittin over other peoples tracks but at the same time mixtapes are recreation&fun and are most times for their fanbase…

      • Don mcCaine

        that was the original sentiment…a lot now has to do with sample clearance and collabo waivers…throwaways…a Big Sean mixer is throwaways…nothing good enough to push on radio…what should he do? the label may not understand, but perhaps the fans will…

  • more Stackz

    STFU Up stackz u fuck nigga lame bitch…………… they creat new sound new music bitch

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  • FuturisticMuzik

    He aint all that, but i respect his grind

  • SeRiSoNy

    I think Co-Signs are definitely a must at some point or another in your career. I don’t think they make or break you though. Obviously Mac Miller didn’t get a shit load of Co-Signs, but he still got on the cover of XXL off his own buzz, and he’s white. That being white in Hip-Hop stigma is over. Asher Roth helped open the door again for the mainstream white MC, but plenty of underground MC’s are white and have been white. Fuck Racism, onwards to progression.

  • JuztSayin

    Man the video ain’t about y’alls opinions, coming in here with paragraphs aint hip hop

    co-signs do something for both sides so shut up

  • mei.


  • genny