Why Does the Internet Hate Nas?

I love the Internet. I hate the Internet. I can’t imagine life without it. I wish it didn’t exist. I know more because of the Internet. I know less because of the Internet. More. More. More. More. At times, it’s too much more for my mind absorb. (Word to Mos Def.) More than anything, it’s here to stay.

The Internet is powerful. It can mobilize the people. It can help elect Presidents. It can sway public opinion. Even in hip-hop music. And I say that because I can’t remember another MC’s legacy being affected more by the Internet than the rapper Nas. When the Internet became the dominant taste-making force in hip-hop—let’s say 2005—Nas was a transcendent icon. Nowadays, mostly because of the Internet, he’s a punch line—the terms “Nas Lost” and “Smarten Up Nas” have entered the hip-hop lexicon through their nauseous, juvenile overuse on rap blogs. Honestly, I really don’t get it.

I need help understanding what he lost and why he needs to smarten up. Let’s take a look at his career. His first album is probably the best rap album ever. In all, he’s released nine studio albums. Two went multi-platinum, five just went platinum and the other two went gold. It’s not Eminem numbers but it’s not too shabby. Okay, so it’s not because he doesn’t sell records. Got’cha.

Artistically, he’s made some missteps. Sure, Nastradamus was pretty wince-worthy but I can’t dismiss an album that features this verse:

Black hoods, cops and projects
Sewers flooded with foul blockage
The gutter’s wild and every child watches
Chains in top locks get ripped off hinges
Doors kicked off, drunks stagger off Smirnoff, wipe your beard off
Crippled dope fiends in wheelchairs stare
Vision blurry, cause buried deep in their mind are hidden stories
Bet he’s a mirror image of that 70′s era
He’s finished for the rest of his life, till he fades out
The liquor store workers miss him but then it plays out
So many ways out the hood but no signs say out
Mental slave house where gats go off, I show off
Niggas up north, prisonology talk, till they time cut off
You should chill if you short, prepare deep thought
To hit the street again, get it on, get this paper and breath again
Plan to leave something behind
So your name’ll live on, no matter what the game lives on

That was from “Project Windows.” It’s an incredible record on a wack album. Want something more recent? 2008’s “Queens Get the Money” was better than most rapper’s careers. In fact, this one line (“I’m Huey P in Louis V at the eulogy throwing Molotovs for Emmett”) was better than most rapper’s careers. Okay, so it’s not because he makes shitty music. Got’cha.

What am I leaving out? Right, that battle. He said some nasty things about the most universally beloved rapper of all time. I think that a lot of fans turned on him afterwards. In the late 1990’s, I think there were millions of fans that loved both Jay-Z and Nas. Post-“Ether,” they all took sides. And you just have to look at their respective SoundScan numbers to see who has more fans.

Oliver Stone’s Nixon is one of my favorite movies. And when I think about Jay-Z and Nas, that films comes to mind. Despite being elected to two terms, the 37th President of the United States was the most despised politician of the late 20th century. (Okay, maybe Joe McCarthy.) In the film, a dejected Nixon looks at a portrait of his political archrival, the 35th President, John F. Kennedy and mutters, “When [the people] look at you, they see what they want to be. When they look at me, they see what they are.”

I think that is one of the reasons for the revisionist history going on regarding the Jay-Z-Nas battle. [“Takeover” and “Ether” were both incredible records. One guy, however, went on the radio and apologized and then a year later rapped in a song, “For even in defeat there’s a valuable lesson learned so it evens up for me.”] Fans look at Jay-Z and it’s what they want to be. Who wouldn’t want to be a gazillionaire married to Beyonce that still makes huge pop records and is always the coolest guy in the room? Fans look at Nas and they see a guy who has problems with two baby mothers, a guy who gets drunk on the night his son is born, a guy who perhaps doesn’t work as hard as he should. I know someone like that. So do each and every one of you.

Please share your opinion in the comments. Do you agree with me? If so, when did this shift happen? Does Nas get a bad rap?

Hey, it’s been a lot of fun blogging this past week. I’ll see you guys soon. —Thomas Golianopoulos

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  • Brahsef

    Nas to me is the second best rapper of all time. Lyrically, the best rapper of all time.

    Just because of Jay’s constant presence in the mainstream and how he remains relevant every year do I put him at the top.

    Anyone who hates on Nas does not truly like hip hop. He embodies everything about the struggle and still does to this day. And Illmatic is one of those rare albums that really changed a mass amount of people’s lives.

    • Rollmodel88

      Um, anyone who puts album sales before lyrical content ” does not truly like Hip Hop”. C’mon son.

      • T

        Amen bro.

      • LosAngelesYaYa

        Amen to that!

      • nasnigga

        real talk

    • http://www.djunknown.net VJ|DJ unKnown

      Well said… I have to give it up to Primo and Guru for the team!
      Guru is best of all times…. Then Nas in my book! Then Jay Z for the track record. NY stand up….

  • http://www.killamanhojoe.com killamanhojoe

    oK SO WE KNOW you don’t favor Nas so you write this about what again how can you even say that the internet doesn’t like him and build around some statements like their is a statistic for what your saying smh. This in it self is a shot on influencing perception of one of hip hops living legends if your going to take sides and favorites do like Funk flex did and wait till he’s not among us.

    • LosangelesYaYa


  • Storez

    I Agree I Think Nas Was Lost Because The Masses Are Dumbed Down and Ignorant To The Topics Nas Speaks On In His Music For An Example Just Like The Album With Marley Distant Relatives He Killed Every Verse On There But The Masses Rather Listen To Music That Promotes Ignorance Rather Then Intelligences

    • tipsy213

      true that man!!! distant relatives IS a classic. people are just too dumbed down to care about issues that really do affect them. im just sayin, balance out the party tracks with some enlightening hiphop. there r times when i hate this genre bcos it feels like the artists that r supposed to be makin music 4 me are too busy flossin on me thru their music. “im so rich… you made me rich… you aint rich, B!TCH” thats what most hiphop songs sound like today. 0% CONTENT

  • Storez

    @killamanhojoe Thats Real Talk

  • BeerGangsta

    Nas is the best!! Sometimes Nas don’t have good beats!! He is a Champ when comes to Rapping!! Ya’ll can’t Fuck with Nas!!

  • Mitch 3K

    The Internet makes a hater for everybody, it aint exclusive to Nas, he dont get it any more or less then anybody else.

    Eminem, Kanye, Jay, anybody who has alot of fans also has an equal amount of haters, the diffrence between now and the 90′s is that the internet gives people the platform to voice their opinions, and most people would rather complain about what they dont like then focus on what they do

    The internet is a sea of negativity, but Nas aint the only one drowning in it

  • hiphopgod912

    Nas need to get off all the positive shit and start repping queens again…start rapping on lex luger beats and get some shit poppin!…Jay stay current with the lastest, hot producers and he a hustler,same with 50 and Diddy also. I don’t want to hear that black righteous shit in 2010,plus quit falling in love and getting married. Married rappers fall off,even Jay from where he was at one point musically. 50 told the nigga on candyshop that Kelis was a goldigger,fuck these ho’s and get papper Nas! Anyway Nas still has classics but he need to upgrade to 2010 format and get on with that New York production,excluding Swizz….matter of fact there you go. …I’ve spoken

    • http://www.bboycult.com Don mcCaine

      ^ IDK about you, but I’ve heard Nas rap a lot of positive, pro black sh^t in his “Queens days” verses.

      And I don’t think some Lex Luger beats are the answer either. That Kanye/Jay song released yesterday was by Q-Tip, and the hottest song on Kanye’s album was done by the Rza. Just saying.

    • sfgiants


  • http://www.stopbeingfamous.com Chemical Ali

    Jay Z lost the battle. Fans are brainwashed, and Jay-Z represents the Anglo American corporate empire, which is the mass consumers master.

  • FEAR and HATRED is used to destroy the GREATS!

    Co-sign @killamanhojoe
    The haters who hate on Nas are the most hopeless individual ever in life. The bloggers of such sites such as this show the most hatred towards Nas because for whatever reason they are truly bias against him. I think it is so pathetic that an article such as this is written about such a GREAt artist as Nas!

  • Kasino Tino

    Nas needs to make a street album with nice production his last 3 albums were lyricaly nice but all around wack the subject content does not give you anything to dig into or relate to he lost me at Nastrudamas hated the double album and all his def jam joint’s but he is still one of my favorite reppers of all time

    • Domjell

      @ Kasino are you fucking serious? Hip is Dead, Nigger (plus the mixtape), nor Distant Relatives offered you meaningful content?

      When people compare the two titans they are really comparing their careers, which is a shame because they both have kept lyrical integrity alive. Even Jay-Z is surprised by his level of success and only a few people on earth can compare to his ascension. If you only judge their art, and really, lyrical content, considering neither produces, then Nas is still the winner with greater content, more though provoking, creativity, and share knowledge. While Jay, has continuously remixed his three themes: hustling, women, and shit talking. So, I see why some side wit Jigga.

  • really stop the BS

    So because he does make street albums or select beats you like is the cause for people to hate on the man day in and day out? Hip hop consumers are too immature for an artist like Nas.

  • http://www.bboycult.com Don mcCaine

    “One guy, however, went on the radio and apologized and then a year later rapped in a song, “For even in defeat there’s a valuable lesson learned so it evens up for me”

    ^ now all of a sudden 10yrs later, that guy is telling a newer generation of listeners who weren’t there, “my track was a better song”. peep game…

    “Fans look at Nas and they see a guy who has problems with two baby mothers, a guy who gets drunk on the night his son is born, a guy who perhaps doesn’t work as hard as he should.”

    ^ this is the bullsh^t right here.

    • really stop the BS

      Co-sign this entire article is full of BULLSHIT and BIAS opinions. I hope Nas address these fake ass haters in a major way on his next LP!

  • Isee

    “When they look at me, they see what they are” That’s real right there, man know thyself. People kill the truth sayer. Always have. People cringe at the very thought of being exposed. That what NAS does (expose), second childhood, to me is one of the realest rap records ever made. Ether, was what it was, cause it was based all on truth. The only people who welcome truth are those that are enlightened, and these days, to be conscious is an afterthought.

  • Eddie Blanco

    Nas one of the greatest rappers of all time, who now just doesn’t get it, and the fans just don’t get him. He’s become one of those great actors who just gave up. No classic albums, no hot concerts, no hot freestyles, in a way it’s like he’s given up, not only on his fans, and his music, but on himself. I admire Nas, I respect Nas, I feel Nas, but I can longer see what he see’s, its like he’s gone blind. And I’m not saying that he should sell out and give us a pop song, fuck a pop song, but give us a classic, something I could shed a tear too, paint a beautiful picture, rap about the world, show us the horror, then tell us everything is going to be alright. To Nas, you are in my top ten, shit your in my top five your listed among legends, but I can’t give out your number, but as a fan Nas give the world a classic, the world hasn’t given up on you, but I can’t always defend you when arguements begin to brew. I know you can do it…..

  • Reallishh

    Fans look at Jay-Z and it’s what they want to be. Who wouldn’t want to be a gazillionaire married to Beyonce that still makes huge pop records and is always the coolest guy in the room? Fans look at Nas and they see a guy who has problems with two baby mothers, a guy who gets drunk on the night his son is born, a guy who perhaps doesn’t work as hard as he should. I know someone like that. So do each and every one of you.

    That right there was some real ishh. Most of live life like Nas but want the life Jigga has. So hmm.. But Nas, in my opinion is more lyrical than Jay and still one of the besst artists outt there.

    • Reallishh

      I dontt kno bout the baby mama and kids shit tho

  • Straight_talker

    I think you hit the nail on the head in that Nas never fell off he might have got lazy but the same can be said for all of us. I think Nas is very smart, it is a given fact that he is smart because he wouldn’t/couldn’t have got to where he is now without half a brain. Yeah some of his music is weak but I think Nas works very closely to his heart when it comes to writing music where as Jay-z is just some kind of lyrical machine that is constantly spewing out words that dont necessarily have any meaning or depth to them, Jay and lil wayne have a lot in common where they are both more like the mcdonalds of rap or something. I’ve always felt an accord with Nas because his words have been well thought out and very honest I dont really get the comments about him needing to smarten up although I can see that its aimed at getting him off his ass, which I fully agree with,he’s got a lot of talent and should use it before he loses it.

    Jay-z = Brain

    Nas = Mind, Body and Soul

  • iliveonce1

    the people posting hate are those white people…

    so called minorities love nas

    • white guy

      “those white people”

      I’m white, I love nas, so fuck you talking bout?

  • webstar

    Now this is one of the best articles I have read in a while. I fully agree and have been wondering the same thing for so long now. I think Nas sits strongly in the top 5 Hip-Hop artists of all time and in my opinion belongs in the top spot. The longevity, catalog, influence on those who came after him, beating out goliath and proving himself during the Jay battle all place him firmly in the list of greats in the genre. Hip-Hop fans have just become so fickle that they whether support an artist based on how bad his wife is as opposed to how good the music is. Its a sad day in Hip-Hop but Nas’ accomplishments can NEVER be dismissed.

  • 6ix

    This is one of the best topics I’ve seen on this site. Nas lyrically is the greatest rapper of all time. Nas was one of the greatest and it shows on multiple occasions as well. For one I think every rapper quoted a line, mentioned about their flow being “ether,” or just in general saying they have a Nas flow (Kanye just recently said it in the Rza produced track).


    Nas’ life a 100 percent better than the people who sit on the computer dissecting his every move. Lil Wayne, Diddy, T.I., Swizz Beatz and many other artists have more than one baby momma and several children by multiple women under the age of 5. Nas daughter is 17 and his son who is 1 years old is by his ex-wife regardless if these relationships not being in good standing people need to stop acting like Nas is some damn sperm donor like the rest of his peers having babies all over the place. People hate on Nas relentlessly and it is definitely bias compared to the praises his peers get for doing worst than Nas. Lil Wayne and T.I go to jail every 6 months and bloggers praise them throughout their bid and release but got the nerve to shit on Nas because he goes through a divorce. Kid Cudi is an admitted coke head fallen drown drunk but yet the net acts as if this is normal but Nas goes through life issues he is all of a sudden enemy #1.

  • ljalfjalsjf

    this writer best hip hop writer i ever read. he is incredible. pay him some money so he makes this place legitimate.

  • Q461

    Nas just hasn’t become that rapper that has crossed over in the mainstream world like Hov has. I prefer it that way. Nas is ill and makes the music HE wants to make. Who else would have made a whole album with a reggae artist? Nas is my fav MC of all time and I like him for what he is as much as I like Hov for who he is. And yes, the internet is a platform for Haters, and niggaz hate on everyone not just Nas.

    Project Windows is a dope joint on a subpar album in my opinion too no doubt.

  • Shawty J

    What the hell are you even basing this on? “The internet hates Nas”, please. Yeah, there was the tax evasion incident, the drunk driving incident, and his failure of a relationship with Kelis that inspired people to take shots, but shit even Nas would admit that he deserved to take a few cheap shots for all of that. From what I’ve read on Hip-Hop sites the only actual criticism of Nas is that he “picks bad beats” the general consensus on Mr. Jones is generally positive.

  • Rollmodel88

    Its generational. A hefty majority of NaS fans are from an era that is primarily pre informational. This is along side the fact that NaS does not have the media attention and promotion that his competition (age wise, ie Jay-Z) has.

  • Rockcity

    Nas has been my favorite rapper for ten years + like when u listen to him u know he was born to do this. . . However this is the internet, everyone gets hated on. . . including me and u. . . Nas has been through so much and has constantly had to prove himself. . . he pushed and earned his spot in the top five GOAT, he’s been in the game since he was 17 and he’s 37 his greatness is here and permanent fuck what the internet says. . . he created the best hip hop album of all time. . name a rapper who can put words together as great and creatively as Nasir Jones. He’s fought some tough wars and is still fighting yet he remains poised and strong like a true king. . . niggas hate him but would give so much to have half the talent he does(yes even jayz). . . And even with all the BS he goes through he still wouldnt trade places with these fuckin haters . . . Nas is a fucking legend no matter what. . .

  • mac

    Like you say nas is not who people want to be. Jayz became CEO of a huge record company got dope beats and money for publicity, came through put out a commercially viable great cd. Nas went with a joint album reggae different route but its what he was feeling i feel like only then did he publicly solidify his pass as a greater artist. they both putt out there eghh albums and they’ve both put out there greats. to me nas will always be a better rapper and thats easy for me to say, but it also might be easy for me to say that Jay Z is a better man (dont look to deep in to that). Just as far as success, positioning himself in position to do well business. Jay Z is a true Idol vs Nas a true rapper

    • Dick B.

      How would you know that Jay-Z is a better person than Nas? On the real Jay-Z seems like a douche.

      • mac

        please see parentheses. I’m not talking about his content of character, that shines through his lyrics. Maybe you could say his life journey wasnt as great. to me nas is dupree kind of more skill then anyone, maybe not as good of choices, maybe it was fate, maybe it was luck.

  • pasthor goebbels

    Real talk. This is a very good blog post.

  • mac

    ha i wish they’d let me delete that. not to self proof read.

  • Dick B.

    Nas has great lyrical content just he has wack beats and needs to make an album with Premier. If DJ Premier and Nas made an album Nas would be making more money than he would with some conception albums he has been coming up with the last couple years.

  • raazi36

    ayo i wanna see a nas an DJ premier album!!. i think the two of them can take the so-called throne from Jay Z an Kanye West, thats real talk, holla

  • http://www.twitter.com/Pierzy Pierzy

    I think the Nas hate is a bit overblown. Almost everyone likes him or, at the very least, likes at least one song or album of his. He’s one of my all-time favorites and while Nastradamus was far from perfect, it’s better than anything Wacka Flocka can ever put together.

    His problem is in choices – he choices wack beats and wack baby mothers.

  • http://www.twitter.com/Pierzy Pierzy

    Plus, Nas doesn’t want the mainstream love that others do. He said that he made “Thief’s Theme” to get rid of some fans of his more popular stuff that he didn’t want.

    He’s quite self-destructive.

  • http://www.twitter.com/Pierzy Pierzy

    Sorry for the triple post, but that quote from the film actually originated with Jonn Adams – he said it about (and to) Thomas Jefferson.

    • Golianopoulos

      Really? Adams to Jefferson? That’s really interesting. I know Adams was salty following the election in 1800. Where did you read that?

  • Cmee

    There was an Allhiphop poster named Ecks that started a “Nas Lost” movement in the early 2000s. Its blew up and now you hear Nas Lost and Smarten up nas and shit like that all over internet forums.

  • cmon man…

    ROFL @ SOHH, smartenupnas.com and bradpiff’s bullshit single-handedly evoking this story

    he never mentioned all the shit that QB rappers have said about Nas, never was the big drug kingpin he tried to make himself on IWW…that’s the kind of petty crap that all sorts of rappers even in today’s generation (Rick Ross) have to deal with

    people joking on the Web have no reason to give anyone credit if they can be perceived as soft…and millionaire rappers don’t have any reason to give credit to someone typing anonymously on the web, or even real reviewers when they rip their crappy album

  • shone jones

    Blogs like this are one of the reasons why I give Nas fans the crazy eye whenever someone mentions that Nas has love for hip-hop. Let’s be truthful. Nas chose that route because he never had a head for the business. Check the facts:

    1995′- your album (ILLMATIC) doesn’t even go gold , but you blow the bulk of your advance on a Lexus , while still stuck in the projects, and your girl (CARMEN) and your daughter have to move in with her grandmother.

    1996′- your album (IT WAS WRITTEN) goes double platinum, and you mislead various artists i.e (Dre, AZ, Foxy, Nature, Cormega) into thinking you could hold them down , in spite of the fact that it was really Steve Stoute who was running things…so in essence the Firm flops , it should have done multi platinum numbers instead of stalling at a million, but your dumb ass still wants to follow the lead of Stoute, whom will eventually mislead you.

    1999′ – Nas lets Steve Stoute not only rape him financially but also ruin his reputation in the business with the whole HATE ME NOW video fiasco, How the hell are you gonna let your manager override you on a decision YOU should be making? Stoute works for you. You don’t work for Stoute.

    2001′ – Nas commits another failed business venture, the awful QB project fails, and has heads wondering what’s up with ILL WILL RECORDS…

    2002- meanwhile Nas still hasn’t made any investments or acquired sound business advice, and he wonders why half of NYC doesn’t trust his ass i.e Cormega.

  • PhatMyx

    When the critics said NASTRADAMAS was a below par album, they meant by Nas’ standards, and thats the case with most of his albums. Compared to most of the MC’s out today, those albums are classics, i still listen to them to today. Its like the legendary athletes, although they have had lots of success throughout their careers, there is that one season which they cannot match and thats the one that will always define them.
    The bloggers also have to stop wit the hating, we all know that sale’s and being mainstream relevant don’t reflect true MC’ing talent.
    How many of the hip hop classics went multi platinum and how many of the multi platinum albums where classics?

  • johnsmith

    Nas is one of the best lyricists ever,but his problem is beat and subject matter.Don’t get me wrong,he’s had classic songs,but the majority of his material just is not apealing.The beats are boring and it’s not that America is “dumb downed”,it’s that we can only take so much rap about Egyptians and shit lol.If he made more songs people could chill and relate to it’d be a totally different matter.You can be a sick lyricist and still make great music that can be put on repeat(Eminem,Jay-Z,Pac,Biggie).

  • EJ

    You’re clearly confused the internet doesn’t hate Nas, they love him that’s why they can’t stop talking about him and everything he does.

    Nas can’t get out of bed without someone on the internet having his name in their mouth. The guy has people utterly obssessed with him and all of his moves be it music, movies, or personal life.

    You can’t go a day without someone dedicating a post or thread about the guy. If the really hated him like you claim than he wouldn’t have so many dickriders and haters out there.

    Nas is the only guy you can mention that gets people to act like a bunch of emotional stans. From Jigga Warriors to Dipset stans. Nas name brings out people’s truest emotions it’s pretty fucking funny really.

    In the end all of that doesn’t matter because Nas could not have any project on the horizon and he’ll still be the most talked about rappers out. Dude is a legend of the game, he’s seen and done it all, and right now he’s out on some island loving life while we’re talking about him that really says it all imo.

  • MB

    I think that Nas is simply over the head of the average rap music fan. The vast majority of the fans just want to hear crunk, dope story, or gangster music. Nas does not fall into any of these categories. He is a story teller with a little bit of everything in it, including knowledge. Nas is the East Coast version of Scarface. Both great, but will never get the credit they deserve. When you bring them up in conversation these days, people say “oh yeah, I forgot about those guys!”

  • DJ Steelz

    If your a fan of Hip Hop, then you can’t deny Nas is better lyrically. Not taking anything away from Jay Z..but if were talkin lyrically better at the craft..you gotta give it to Nas..Shout to the writer for Project Window verse! Who spits like that..and lets not forget “Nas is Like” produced by Primo..oh my goodness!

  • easy

    That Nixon-Kennedy/Nas-Jay comparison was pretty deep.

    BTW, I’m a fan of both.

  • Tha Realest

    Since when does white corporate America represent hiphop? Since when do real hiphop heads think Nas is hated on in any way or less cause of his baby mama conflicts? Get real.
    When hiphop got huge it lost its soul cause its caring about what white boys think more than the people who made it. All the record buyers that bought 50 cent aint mostly Black, they’re white. Now they download, the numbers for hiphop go down.
    Who gives a shit about what whites who aint ever heard of Cool G Rap, Big Daddy Kane, Marley Mal, MC Shan, KRS-1, Heavy D, Cold Crush Bro, Tribe Called Quest think about Nas? Nas IS hiphop.
    Nope, Jay Z aint hiphop. Jay Z did all this nasty shit with the white owners of the music industry. Jay Z made deals that you’ll never know about, compromised himself.
    That’s why he’s so big, he’s pushed by whites, he makes his money that way.
    Nas is doing fine, real hiphop fans know him, know his importance.
    Beyonce made Jay Z known to mainstream audiences, that aint nothing to write home about. At the end of the day Jay Z’s money is corporate America’s blood money.
    Nas will never sell out Blacks and evict them to get a white man’s basketball team a new home. Nas will never promote the slave bank Barclay’s.Nas aint evern gonna appear on Forbes with Warren Buffet cause Nas knows what these people have done to destroy lives in the pursuit of money.
    Nas can hold his head high, Jay Z the secret deal maker and betrayer of Black brothers is gonna have to face what he did some day.

  • http://www.wlodb.blogspot.com Dshoez

    Nas is dope; Nas is also very layerd as an MCee. It’s good & bad. He calls it growth but most call it being inconsistent. Your assessment is good. Ultimately, Nas is ill cause he is deep. The Esco persona? Short Lived. The Mafia Persona? Short Lived. The Black Power persona? Short Lived. It might be all him but the public is confused. I am 30. I am a Nas fan and I am still not sure who he is or what he stands for. Jay been Jay. Cam been Cam. Puff been Puff. 50 is 50. Nas is all of those guys revisted…it does annoy me. His public persona has never been etched in stone. But he is a legend, a hip hop icon…but the demeanor or swagger (not swag) has never solidified. Oh yeah and HE CANT PICK A DAMN BEAT TO SAVE HIS LIFE!!! Him and AZ, god!

  • Haters are gone to hate!

    People only hate when they run out of options to boost their own situation. Every hater exposes their true hopelessness by hating. This article about Nas is exposing the bloggers’ and several of the commenter’s’ own hopelessness about their own lives. There is always some hopeless soul that hates on Nas daily on the net and this article proves that. While you sit and write articles and comments about Nas….Nas is NOT even thinking about you and Jay-z isn’t thinking about you either! This article proves how the Nas hate affects the lives of the hopeless souls.

  • http://hotasballs.wordpress.com steezolini

    the internets, of which i consider myself a proud owner/operator, hate nasir, because, for all of his revolutionary, leader type stances on things, and his amazing poetry, he seems to fail at life.(drunkeness, bad marriage etc).
    you can make the greatest rap l.p of all time, and still be a failure…and his choices of beats for his amazing lyrics to sit on, don’t help the kid either.the album with preemo is the only remedy to his hatered on-ness.chuuch!

  • http://www.afribank.com hovahsus

    Nasir Jones…….. First any stupid ass dat got shit to say should make another illmatic. Over n Out

  • Matamba

    I grew up in South Africa, even I know that Nas is probably the best rapper to ever touch the mic. I refuse to listen to today’s popular music simply because I have nothing to take from it, I hate listen to people talk about their riches and forgetting that we the fans made them rich in the first place. I don’t feel Nas has to conform to anyone’s standards. Nas just needs to keep doing what works for him as long as I can learn amd relate to his music, that all I need. Stay up Nas

  • Rockcity

    Please his beats are not that awful to me, im sorry. . . Nas has different personas as well nt just the revolutionary type etc. . . Nas is not a teacher, he is a thinker and he trys to provoke us to think not to believe what he says is the truth but to find our own truth. . . While Jayz is trying to lose himself in his music, Nas is searching for himself, he’s a complex artist and bcause of that he will always struggle. Even with that being said he is not at all a failure. . . success is what u deem it.

  • http://www.celochamps.com that nigga

    In fact, this one line (“I’m Huey P in Louis V at the eulogy throwing Molotovs for Emmett”) was better than most rapper’s careers.

    Say no more. And theres more of his lines that are equal or better than that one.

    • http://hotasballs.wordpress.com steezolini

      but the thing is.he ISN’T in any way huey p…he might be wearing lousi v, though…
      it’s just shit talking.of the worst kind.you should be writing about your own life, not just making cheap comparisons, because they rhyme.

  • Jay Z? Really?!

    REALLY? JAY Z? Now I’m no hater but Jay ain’t made shit good since The Black Album and that was… what, ’03-04? And believe me, I ain’t hatin’ on Hov; the day Reasonable Doubt came out I was screamin’ like a muhafucka. Yeah, yeah the nigga is a millionare, got a pimped out bitched, two grown ass kids and none of them shit (Game line, just had to use it. lol!) BUT DAMN! He thinks of himself TOO fucking much. He ain’t nothing but mainstream material. Fuck that nigga.

    Nas on the other hand… He the realist nigga alive. Anything from Illmatic and It Was Written to Hip-Hop Is Dead and NIGGER has been THE ISH. Now you gon’ hate on the nigga for not goin’ mainstream like that big-ass lips faggot? Fucking Gay-Z Biter, NOTORIOUS WOULD NEVER ROCK WITH HIM IF HE BE ALIVE. PUNK…

    OH, and ANYONE to doubt Nas killed Jay with that Ether is either DEF and GAY. GTFO. It’s not about opinions, ITS A FACT.

  • oskamadison

    Idon’t paticularly feel that Nas gets any more hate than any other MC. If anything, Hov gets hated on infinitely more than Nas. I don’t think that any true Hip-Hop head would let any bloggers blind ‘em to what’s real. Even with his less than desirable beat selection, his recent penchant for controversial concept albums (even if they are thought provoking and says a lot of things that need to be said) as opposed to just straightfoward bangers and his missteps away from the mic, Nasir Ben Olu Dara Jones is simply one of the greatest MC’s that ever did it.
    Even on “You Owe Me”, possibly the most hated song in dude’s entire catalog, he’s talkin’ about “owe me back like 40 acres to Blacks.” On a Timberland-produced mindless radio joint featuring Ginuwine, he slips that little nugget in and still got spins. What other cat would do that? And co-sign dude above me who said “2nd Childhood” is one of the realest joints ever. A lot of these hatin’ ass bloggers are the ones Nas was talkin’ about on that joint.

  • oskamadison

    BTW, the verse that should have been quoted was the 2nd verse from Memory Lane which includes the line that gave birth to “Project Windows”. One of my top 5 verses of all time to this day.

  • mbudzi

    This article sucks dick. How can you even create a platform for debate on one of the greatest (if not the greatest) emcees of all time??? Every artist out there has their haters but NAS keeps it real 24/7/365. There’s a plethora of artists out there, I mean even Jigga has more than his fair share of haters and whack records lurking about on this here planet earth. Judging from the responses on this piece of sht article I suspect whitey see him as doper coz he drops more dumbed down mainstream bubblegum sht which sadly translates to what many of Nas’ haters see as hits. No one can keep everybody happy ALL the time, but one thing Nas does (and do so well I might add) is keep it real…ALL the time. Can’t say that about errr, let’s see….almost 90% of the game right now. C’mon people think about it

  • DK

    His beat selection is horrible!!! That’s the problem…What happened to the whole album with DJ Premier?

  • the1987kid

    I think it has been an anti-lyrics, concepts, wide ideals & proper content agenda that is taking place. Since 2000 hip-hop has been hijacked by the dumbed down audience who don’t know anything about hip-hop or the true nature of it, money doesen’t make u great or the best it’s skills plain & simple! Nas has always been the most revered & feared MC in hip-hop history he birthed a whole new style & everybody from Jay-Z to AZ to Lupe Fiasco to Eminem was influenced by him every top rapper wanted to work with him or go after him cause he was & still is so good.

    He has made misshaps but who doesen’t he isen’t perfect. I think their was alot put on Nas cause every verse he did from Live at the Barberque to the realese of Illmatic was flawless. Illmatic was such a perfect album that people place him too high & didnt allow him to grow like Jay-Z or Eminem had a chance to, people expected Illmatic all the time & people have to realize he was a 17 year old boy when he statred the sessions to Illmatic now he is 36 year old man who has two kids been married & has been making money for 18 years. He can’t rap about the samethings that is not growth. I read some comments people say & they are saying he needs to get off that positive tip & rap about street shit like how ignorant does that sound its like people praise negativity how many time can u talk about glocks, clips, flipping birds, doing bids & pulling somebody wig off? Then people point out his beat selection like so hip-hop is not about beats & not lyrics anymore? Like DMX says /Fuck a beat, listen to the words in the damn song/

    God Son, Streets Disciple, Hip-Hop Is Dead, Untitled (Nigger) & Distant Relatives with Damian Marley are works of art they push the bounderies of hip-hop music. No one can touch Nas he is the ultimate mc. It Was Written has classic written all over it from The Message all the way down to If I Ruled The World was classic material. I Am… The Autobiography was a solid album (The original album was a masterpiece) that did 3 million worldwide, Nasturdamaus was ill fated but he made up for it on Stillmatic? So people who is dissing Nas are trying to reverse history & change it to a obscure view of a false reality.

    Nas to me is the greatest of all time he has proven time & time again he is the master of the mc’s. He puts time & effort into his songs to make the perfect song. He has never falling off he comes out when he has something to say instend of trying to flood the market with half baked bullshit records just to say hot or relavent. Nas is in a class of his own he don’t need a hot record or mainstream tv or radio to define him he is great on his own merits. So people who so called loved hip-hop music (not rap) lets not trash one of greats, he is one of the last of a dying breed.

  • Smittycent


  • truthfully_speaking

    I never understood this shit…at all.
    If you ask me it’s just like a little inside joke that was repeated again and again and again, and then the people just started believing it. If you respect lyrics, if you respect the artform of it (no KRS) you respect this guy.
    Nas and Jay changed my life, true story. That summer when IWW and RD dropped they changed my outlook on writing rhymes forvever.

    In the words of these reckless ass hecklers “Smarten up”.

  • http://twitter.com/NeefBucc50 Bucc5th

    I don’t exactly think its now the lost of people’s ear for lyrical content. Now-a-days it might consist of the way his shit is perceived, some dudes count out some of his shit because they started lookin’ at “is it real?” or compared it to what was poppin @the time. I agree that he had a few missteps being that @one point in time he WAS my favorite rapper but he should have been way better than he became in comparison to his old self. His beat selection, his creativity, and most of all he lost his catchyness. Nas was one legend who didn’t seem like he evolved to be “the greatest” as he should have been. Example of his fall from the top (& I know everyone will agree) why was his verse on “My President” so weak to me??? That was something the old Nas would’ve been waiting to chew.

  • Q

    I think that everyone says Nas lost or smarten up Nas is because of the issues of his life being publicly exposed and when you look at his rival(Jay-Z, even though the beef is over you know there rivals), his personal life has really not been a public matter as well as any thing he promotes other than music is seen as marvelous and genius. That is for hip-hop and beyond. You can never take anything from Nas because he has been here since Illmatic and stood strong, but not alot of people(masses) do not care about lyrics or enlightenment, they care about the beat and dancing. Some want to relax and not think so that is one of the oh so many reasons people say Nas lost.

  • RealShitif yu will

    people are upset cuz he will always just be nas they want the old him back its like wen you on fire they love you if you decide to chill out or go a different way they hate you..the gift and the curse if nas wanted to go to the top he could but its somethin about hip hop now that he just cant love anymore he refuse to cross over and all tho the real is coming back im pretty sure he finds it hard to get inspired to pick the pen up i mean look he jus put out an album with damien marley and nobody paid attention talking about our culture history and race as a people but ppl rather listen to gucci wayne and all this club music and thats just not nas so he like oh well guess his time is up in my eyes he won cuz he free from the world not a prisoner of wat others think he’s a free soul and in the end thas wat god himself is looking at in my opinion please don slaunder me internet thugs haha

  • Thuger

    Nas is the shit.the nigga talks about things u can relate to.i feel he is the only true rapper since the beginning.best rapper and best lyricist

  • Zab

    Has anyone heard:


    NaS made on of my favorite albums this year, if not the best overall. NaS never fell of, one thing i agree on is his selection of instrumentals, which sometimes isnt the best. But between HOV and NaS, and music quality….i stick with NaSir Jones…People sayin that are usually the one’s that listen to Radio Play songs, and not the real deal…

  • GTD

    Fuck It Nas Is The Best

  • Dub

    Nas needs better production imo, that’s always a problem I had with his work, same with most of the other conscious rappers… At the end of the day, it’s rap MUSIC, the instrumental plays a big part in all this. I’m from the South, and I think I can speak for most down here when I say we place a high emphasis on production, unfortunately sometimes over the rap. Nas needs to get back on those gritty, street NY beats like “Thief’s Theme” and “Made You Look”

  • Real2Real

    This new generation doesn’t understand artist like Nas, I always tell my nephews how much I feel sorry for their generation, I grew up in the 90’s where everything was great and crisp, from T.V. shows, Movies, Sports, and Music. Nas will all ways be an unmovable force in music, name anybody who these idiots idolize now (Lil‘ Wayne, Drake, ect)who hasn’t learned something from Nas. Dickriders hail Jay-Z as a God because of what he has (Beyonce, money, and power, ect) but in reality regardless how much he achieves or wins he’ll never be satisfied with it, because he still to this day and age idolizes and want to be Nas and any real hip hop fan understands that, through that whole battle Jay-Z’s outlook on Nas was from a fan’s point of view, listen to Blueprint 3 he constantly has Nas’ name in his mouth on that album, but I give props to Jay-Z for taking everything from Nas but putting his spin on it, and staying relevant. Look at Jay Electronica, Nas is his biggest inspiration, but guess who signed him? I like J.Cole but you know he looks up to Nas also, but he has to place Jay-Z in front of him because he’s with Jay-Z, and putting Nas in front of Jay-Z would be suicide for his career.

  • cedm

    C’mon, Escobar started loosing his edge with the Firm and never came back with the gritty style we loved on Ill matic. He put out great songs afterwards but that is his only classic album he did… When the lost tapes came out…it was a reminder of what he could be, so Nas should get back to Premier asap and get back to the boombap … and his fiasco marriage with Kelis did not help with the public

  • http://www.bboycult.com Don mcCaine

    SmDh @ cats

    Y’all are really gonna sit there and type that Nas’ failed relationship is gonna weigh on whether you listen to his music or not? So his CS case was the reason u didn’t buy ‘Distant Relatives’?

    You’d figure Kelis’ career would be the one that would be hated on, no?

    Hip Hop head>>>>>>mainstream rap fan

    ^ choose a side

    @ cedm

    a lot of heads will say ‘It Was Written’>>>’Illmatic’ so that would kinda state that he has 2 classics.

  • E-double

    nas is the greatest rapper of all time peroid. yeah sometimes he pick the wrong beat but to me he is the greatest of all time. plus his albums are bootleg real heavy. so that means something. Plus his news stuff that is out now is hot. def jam stop playing and release lost tapes 2.

  • http://rebel2society.blogspot.com rebel2society

    I truly don’t understand how people can go about NOT acknowledging what Nas has done and CONTINUES to do for the hip hop culture. G.O.A.T. In my book.




    Nas is a lyrical beast he was born to use mics.he never really wanted to be a billionare from the jump he barley toured during illmatic.This was the same guy who made halftime n said time out errbody wack this was in 93.i dont think Nas can be stopped he proved it and a lil internet hater wount harm him he saiD HE DONT EVEN FUCKEN read blogs.Fuck whoever is writting bad shit about homie i hope ya find pleasure

  • Dead President

    “For even in defeat there’s a valuable lesson learned so it evens up for me.”

    WTF…jay STILL cant admit he got burnt tho. soft

  • Dead President

    oh yeah by the fukking way..
    the internet doesnt hate Nas, its bias mothafukking writers like YOUR mothafukkin ass, thomas, who hates on Nas.
    keep the hate 2 ur mothafukking self.


  • Burns

    Nas has one classic album. The rest of his stuff in inconsistant as hell and range from terrible to mediocre. Dude is overrated to hell and back, just because of one album. What has he done lately that he deserves such high praise? Distant Relatives was pretty nice, but Marley killed him on the whole album. Untitled was trash. Sure it has Queens Get The Money, but that’s one good song on yet another wack album.

    Lot of Jay-Z bashing going on around here to. Sure he’s definitely fallen off, and isn’t very good nowadays, but has more classic albums then Nas easily. Who cares if Nas has Ether?(Personally I think Takeover was the better diss track, but whatever let’s go with the masses for the sake of argument.) That’s one diss song. One beef. Just cause you won a beef doesn’t mean you can coast the rest of your career. Jay put out a lot of great stuff after the beef. What did Nas do? People continually say Nas won the battle, but who cares when Jay won the War.

  • ppr

    People hate on Nas because they want another Illmatic, which is impossible. But in my opinion, Nas stays truer to himself than Jay does. Jay is a business man, Nas is an artist. I recognize that Jay has a book out talking about how great his rhymes are, and how complex they are, but that just seems like self-praise to me. Doing something in the name of art (like decoded) is a lot different from art itself.

    Also, people hate Nas and love Jay-Z on the internet, because to a certain extent they represent two sides of consumption. The internet is primarily about quick consumption, lack of attention, and entertainment. Jay thrives in this environment because his style is more easily digestible and linked to pop-culture. Nas’ is less so, more thought-provoking and dark, and less entertaining, so he gets hated on when people are looking for enjoyment and entertainment.

    Nas doesn’t need to smarten up. We do. Well maybe he could get some better beats…

  • Jay Cole

    There’s one important thing you said ; NAS IS LAZY!!!!!

    Two of the greats (Em and Jay) constantly put that work in. Nas dropped one DOPE album (Illmatic) and fell back. wtf

    he’s one of the greatest no doubt, but not the best in my book. He’s definitely behind Em and Jay

  • Dan

    Nas is still one of the best, those that doubt or think there are people even on the same level as him are just fooling themselves. sure his beat choice aint always the best, but who cares xd

  • Takeover

    Personally, I used to love NaS. I felt with his untitled album, he made unneeded remarks about race. I am white so I couldn’t relate much to the album but could still respect him for wanting to make an album with such content. I just felt that some of the marks he made in the album were very offensive to non-Africans. I understand throughout his life he has encountered ppl who talked down to him because of his colors but the solution to that problem IS NOT to make rude remarks to white people who support him. I feel like people think he is so smart but I feel he is trying to be intelligent but really isn’t. If he was truthfully as smart as he makes himself out to be, he wouldn’t act like he endured slavery or act like him making rude comments is helping the black community

  • Bloc

    People still forget the “I’m not a writer, I’m a biter” element to Jay-Z’s stealing verses repetoire. Jay-Z to this day still steals lines from other artists

  • http://www.bboycult.com Don mcCaine

    Admit that the homie be beatin’ the brakes off of them “mediocre” beats tho’…

    and no-sign to one who STILL thinks Nas has only 1 classic…you ain’t been listening IMHO…

  • sway-z

    The internet hates Nas? Since when? To be honest, Nas is really only hot on the internet. I don’t hear no niggas anywhere else talking about Lost Tapes 2, and that’s just being real. Nas is in my Top 5, but I’m saying…

  • Olaf Guerrero

    I think that they are both good rappers, they both set out classics and sales. But at the end of the day popularity is what matters to the average listener. But I still prefer Nas over Jay-Z.

    Nas is one of those rappers like Pac and Biggie but way underrated, because he’s influenced just about every rapper in the game today and many of them admit it even J..

  • Wazzi

    They are both intelligent. The only reason why I believe people side more with Jay is because he gives people hope that with a more clean lifestyle you can achieve more. And nobody wants to be a smoker and a drunk but circumstances force them to be. I think they both can achieve more with a healthy habit.

  • biggamike

    There is a difference between rapper and artist. Michael Jackson is the best musical artist of all time. If you take in everything he did to the game…dancing, videos, musical style, and once in a lifetime talent and the ability to stay relevent…hes the greatest artist. Now when you say greatest rapper, we need to classify what we mean by that because once you start taking about beat selection and ability to make hit songs that is going into being a great pop song writer.
    So If we are to determine who the best rapper is, we should go by the actual rap(verses), or verse for verse. Using this system Nas is by far the best rapper of all time. If you take the best Nas verse and put it up against Jay, or Big, or Pac, he’s going to win. The flow is efortless, the vocabulary is immense, and the stories are as vivid as an Oliver Stone movie. Illmatic is 16 years old, and everytime I listen to it I can find new shit he did with his flows!!!

  • biggamike

    Think about this, Illmatic is arguably the greatest rap album ever right? Classic. But then to overcome the softmore jinx and drop It Was Written(which is now regarded as a classic as well) is unprecedented. You have to be the greatest. This nigga dropped Lost Tapes(the throw away songs from 1AM and Nastradamus) and its universally regarded as a classic! C’mon now!


      i mean nas is the greatest mc ever when you look at his catalogue it filled with countless classic verses and creativity i mean nastradamus was wack in termz of nas standard but if any average mc dropped it , it wold have been accepted in a positive way therez no doubt nasir jones is the greatest but the bar he raised in 1994 with iilmatic was way too high how can any1 top ? thats the greatest hip hop album ever plus it was a debut album from him nas has had his missteps even when some felt he lost it he bounced back with a classic album who can do that only the greatest mc is capable and for me nasir jones is the g.o.a..t !

  • Rashad Hawkins

    Nas is waay better than Jay
    but the fact remains that people look at record sales than lyrics. both of them are the image of hip-hop and rap
    but either way hip hop is true to the soul
    and nas is true to the soul
    also you have to look at all his albums
    he changes with every song
    jay always will stay the same

  • Aly

    I like how you handled this thoughtfully, i am a Nas fan and took no offense at all, I’m not such a fan of jay z never have been, i think he is liked for the wrong reasons, being his lifestyle rather than his talent. Just a few years back he was slightly of the radar well he didn’t exactly have all the hype that surrounds him now, the last two years he has just blown up and i still don’t get why, the only reason i may even listen to his music is because i have to admit he has still managed to maintain that feel of the rappers back in the 90s, in that aspect i give him points for staying original.

    He still has that old school flair about him that i know and love, i am a big 2 Pac and 90s fan so from that perspective he is one of the good rappers from that time who is still relevant, but Nas not only lyrically but in every other way possible has always just appealed to me more, Nas can make you feel when he raps, you listen to what he has to say, Jay z doesn’t do that for me.

    I don’t know what is going on with Nas, i wasn’t aware of this so called negativity towards him either, i hope he just makes a fantastic album some time soon, i don’t want there to be a case where people appreciate him like Pac only when he is gone.

  • http://tromeo.bandcamp.com/ Authori-T

    I love both Jay-Z and Nas, but I mean I honestly think Jay-Z is the better artist all around even lyrically. I honestly think people don’t listen to Jay-Z’s lyrics, but he says some really intense things. He portrays an energy and intensity in his music and never really had a huge “sell-out” moment. Nas was just kinda inconsistent and I just don’t think he worked as hard as Jay-Z. Jay-Z continues to keep reinventing himself for more generations of rap, but Nas doesn’t do that. Nas just continually demands respect as an elder. He should really take the time to make some awesome more receptive modern material without really changing what he’s about and then come out again as if he was a new artist. I feel that artists who succeed continually treat their projects as if it’s their last chance. Look at Kanye West.

  • jay_creamin

    NAS is a great m.c period,Jay does not come close,i love Jay so much,but that does not mean i don’t know who’s better.people love Jay cos he’s always evolvin,not wit his lyrical power but sound.Nas on the otherhand will probably kill himself b4 he drops a verse on Eminem’s NOT AFRAID kind of beat.Nas’s flow n lyric evolve everytime,but the sound n beats dont take that leap.Jay on the other hand has no problem with switching sounds.At the end of the day,it all comes down to what you Prefer,and its clear to everyone that people get tired listening to the same sound!! I think that’s where nas got lost.

  • leeroy brown

    Stillmatic was his last great album and god son was his last good album. Streets disciple had too many corny ass songs. Hip hop is dead and the N…. was a cry for attention so people would buy the album. Each of those had 2 good songs tops. His collabo w/ marley sucked dick. I think its kharma for who he truly is behind the scenes. He leaves his peoples high and dry. Here’s a list: AZ, cormega, nature, quan, lake, his fuckin brother in bravehearts, disses nore for no reason, dicked over 50 before he got big, and not really cool with hav and p. He could of had the tighest click with just az, mega, and foxy, but he is what you call a “memonster” who’s full of shit and fickle fans don’t read between the lines. AZ has wanted to do an album with for ages and nas never replies, but he’ll do a couple tracks with jay z who fucked his baby’s moms in his backset and left the condom. Great morals dick. The firm minus nas have been recording recently and who is the one numb nuts missing? You guessed right, Nas. They have asked him, but he always makes excuses. How old are you still giving excuses, I thought that shit stopped after grade school. Grow a pair and be honest. That dude could of helped really talented dudes like cormega and az that were coming up be in great positions just like jay z did with his peoples. Cormega and AZ were doper than anybody on Rockefella, but Nas is insecure and doesn’t want to see them get some shine. If you go to qb, mega gets the love, not nas. Mega is doper, honest, and is a good person that helps others. Wake up nas fans, if there are any left!

    • http://www.bboycult.com Don mcCaine

      “and the N…. was a cry for attention so people would buy the album”

      ^ so ‘Sly Fox’, ‘Testify’, ‘Fried Chicken’, ‘N.I.G.G.E.R.’ & ‘Black President’ are all cries for attention? Funny, cause I saw many blog titles with the same sentiment just because of the name of Nas’ last solo album. So ‘Distant Relatives’ reaching for attention too? Did it REALLY suck?

      Name some songs on ‘God’s Son’ that are better than ‘Street’s Disciple’ to debate, because a lot of your statement is personal intangible rhetoric, like the Jay stuff, the Firm stuff (I don’t hear ANY of y’all talking about Dre, who was a Firm member too), how much Mega is respected in the streets, how old Nas is to be giving excuses according to you. Half of these commenter’s will never go to QB or go to NY even to know what Mega’s hold in the streets is.

      What does what Nas does behind the scenes matter when it comes to the music? NOTHING. Just like Clinton getting brain has nothing to do with how he held the prez seat.

  • sicksynse

    I see it like this….Nas came with illmatic at what, 19 years old? jay-z came with reasonable doubt at 25-26? jay-z owned his label while nas was always just an artist signed, nas did alot more in hip hop with alot less, jay-z had dame and biggs, with that long street money helping him along, nas aint have shit…

  • T Lee

    Because he strted the “Hip-Hop Is Dead” movement amidst the southern takeover

  • TheTorah

    nas neva dispnt ..prdction

  • TheTorah

    ..at exactly which point do you start to realize, that life without knowledge is death in disguise..kweli

  • toni

    nas is waaaaay overrated

  • Aahill

    Nas and his weak ass support and love of a white woman let’s me know that he would sell his black-ass mama for fame, good ass kissin no-nothing nigga