Who Cares?

It’s been three days since My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy made its way onto the Internets, and for the most part I’ve seen more positive praise than negative backlash from the rest of the world who found a copy. I’m actually quite interested in hearing the album myself, but because the version that sprang a leak is a clean, edited copy I’m choosing against listening to it until the dirty version “drops.” [1] After years upon years of hearing – and sometimes saying – nearly every curse word, epithet and insult imaginable, I just can’t see myself listening to a rap album with bleeps, blank spots or reverse scratches.

Unless the edits are done by DJ Premier. But we all know how I stan for that guy.

If anything, Kanye should take solace in that the music world stills accept him despite his on-camera antics. Instead, he’s flipping out on the Twitter whenever the words “Taylor,” “Bush,” “Swift” or “George” escape from the mouth of whomever is interviewing him. I get it, though: a few “controversial” [2] moments such as bum-rushing an awards show stage or essentially saying what most people thought about our former president on national television, and the popular media will butcher and bludgeon you with it until the day you die. At the same time, Kanye should expect these topics to always come up during interviews. So when Matt Lauer decided to incorporate all four of those words into his interview with ‘Ye on The Today Show, Kanye should have already been prepared to answer them. I mean, isn’t that what having a public relations team is all about?

Kanye, being the rapping maverick he is, flips out during the show, and later on the Twitter, when pressed about George W. Bush’s comments on his infamous Katrina telethon rant. I mean, I can understand why Kanye would spaz, because at its core it the questions about that incident could be perceived as offensive to him. At the same time, though, think about it: the 43rd President of the United States said that one of the “worst points” during his time running the country into the ground was when Kanye alluded (not called, there’s a clear difference) to him being a racist.

Not the egregious mishandling of the Katrina incident, which prompted Kanye’s emotional (and unprofessional, mind you) response.

Not 9/11, and the subsequent “wars on terrorism” in Iraq that many of us really don’t know what its true purpose was.

Not the Valerie Plame incident.

Hell, not even when his Vice President shot a septuagenarian in the face while hunting quail then tried to cover the whole thing up, which would make the average person wary about what that administration did when they were actually on the job.

Nope, none of these. According to Bush, one of his term’s lowest points was when Kanye West alluded to (not calling) him being a racist.

Really? You mean to tell me that Kanye West saying “George Bush doesn’t care about Black people” next to a befuddled Mike Myers is quite possibly worse than any of the other fuckeries – spoken and unspoken – that went down during the Bush administration? Word?

In my opinion Kanye should just fall back on this one and focus on the music. This latest “promotional” push is nearing 50 Cent levels of absurdity, and he should just focus on the music and music alone. Not Taylor, not Matt Lauer, and certainly not George Bush.

[1] Just as I finish this post, the dirty version pops up. Nice.

[2] This word is as played out as “swag” and all its accompanying variations.

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  • NIckolas Reid

    although I admire Meka’s ability to play both sides, and his honesty of his opinions…. he lacks the full circle of understanding behind most these topics.. but i guess thats what makes it thought provoking.

    either way, good piece.

  • lmao

    niggas ROAST meka on these topics though…consistently LMAO

    Dude said “he lacks the full circle of understanding behind most these topics.. but i guess thats what makes it thought provoking.”

    kill yourself.

  • SupaDupa_Interlude

    Explicit version of the album leaked…shit is piff. Yeezy did it again.

  • Nickolas Reid

    I’m not really sure who your talking too with that “kill yourself” line.. lol.. but umm.. lol, I wasn’t “roasting” anyone, and I shoulda probably saved that lack of understanding line for you.

  • http://www.bboycult.com Don mcCaine

    The promo I’ve seen is GOOD Fridays, a video (portrait) for a single, and social networking, which has replaced the mags & radio promotion.

    All that promo stuff you typed up there shows me that you like bright lights and colors.


    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USnvVJThdk0 these posts are racist

      The Don,

      What’s good??? How you livin? Yo, in the years I’ve been commenting, I have never plugged anything, but I’m starting to let cats hear my freestyles…click my name and peep my youtube…but i only have a couple tracks…will have about a hundred up over the next week.

      How you living?

  • Worley

    Kanyé should not apologize for telling the truth.

  • otto

    the edited version sounds much better than explicit. weird how the edited file is 160 mbs and the explicit is 90 mbs.

    regardless, shitty post. you’re boring, even compared to bol.

  • LB

    speak real shit. i congratulate the haters. they fuel the passion for more thought provoking commentary. as the internet’s gears are fueled by unadulterated procrastination, i’m promoting progressive digression. in other news; I’m So Applaud…This Shit is, FUCKIN’ RIDICULOUS!!!

  • j

    Kanye as an artist = Pure Awesome
    Kanye as a person = Pure Douche

  • Favrino

    Ye wasn’t pissed that he was asked the questions about Bush or Ms. Swift; he was pissed that they ran the footage while he was speaking and even had audio while he was speaking. All he said was that he didn’t need the visuals and “all the jazz”. He said that he had come to “man up” about these incidents and apologize, but instead of prompted or eased into the apology; The Today Show set it up pretty harshly, and kinda patronized Ye while he was addressing something that clearly bothers him… It’s like showing a convicted murderer pictures of the victim rather than just asking if he’s remorseful (more of an extreme analogy, but whatever; I’m just trying to open some eyes).

    All that being said, I agree…. I don’t think he should’ve flipped out *as much as he did*. Maybe just address it briefly and move on. I just think he’s misunderstood so often. If you read his tweets after the interview was aired today, you can understand his motivation. But as usual (off the court, so to speak), his execution is a little off.

  • Magnetic

    I agree Kanye shouldn’t care, just do music. Bush saying Kanye’s comments were the worst thing he experienced during his presidency says to me that he may have a guilty conscious and may really be a racist cuz I’ve seen mad people like Jay Leno go super hard and talk shit, Bush had haters for days who voiced their opinions. I agree that there were more severe shit that went down then what some rapper said. Real talk. If I was the President of the United States I could care less what Kanye is talking about. I don’t twitter and I didn’t watch the Matt Lauer shit so I think Kanye might’ve added more fuel to the fire by not knowing when to shut the fuck up. Its like arguing with your girl, some of them fights you just either brush it off or simply get her off your team and keep it moving.

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