When Did You Realize Kanye West Was Great?

I am not a trendsetter, trend spotter or tastemaker. In fact, I’m usually pretty late to the party. For example, I didn’t listen to Drake’s So Far Gone until reading 237 positive write-ups. I play what I like and what I have to write about. Not that big into exploring. Time is too valuable. Being first doesn’t really matter to me. The only time I was first about an artist was Kanye West.

I shrugged in 2002 when I heard that the producer Kanye West was pursuing a rap career. Of course the beats would be great. But then, I read an interview with him in XXL. Okay, the guy’s got personality. Then I heard him spit on Jay-Z’s “The Bounce” and “Champions,” a posse cut that popped up on mixtapes in late 2002. His verses were a little clunky but held my attention and his passion was kind of charming. You could tell that he wanted to get better.

Fast forward to spring 2003 and I’m now working full-time at The Source. I thought we should do a story on West. At the very least, there would be some great pull quotes. I pitched him in meetings. I lobbied the senior staff members. As the saying goes, I waved the Kanye flag. Most of my colleagues though dismissed him because—this will sound really funny—he dressed weird. Extra “smedium” pink polo shirts and backpacks. “That ain’t hip-hop,” they said. Rap fans actually thought like that in 2003. Seriously.

My boss at the time was a little more open-minded. And one morning, she barreled into my office, slamming the door shut behind her. What could it be? Had the magazine’s owners done something bat-shit crazy again? Did we have to replace the cover? Was my first feature assignment, an extensive profile on Gang Starr, actually running this issue?

None of the above.

“Can you keep a secret?,” she asked me.

“Yeah, what’s up?”

“This is Kanye West’s album. Don’t make a copy. Don’t let it out of your sight.”

(I’m paraphrasing, of course. That conversation took place 7 ½ years ago.)

Even though she made me look like a chump in her book, I’m grateful that she let me hold onto that album. (Oh, and for hiring me as an intern and also eventually hiring me full time.) The College Dropout was great even in its earliest inception. Some records made the final cut (“Jesus Walks” and reworked versions of “We Don’t Care” and “All Falls Down”), while others such as “Living in a Movie,” “Wow” and “Home” did not. It stayed in my Sony Discman for months.

Later that year, after “Through the Wire” and “Slow Jamz” gained steam, I was assigned a feature on West. We conducted an interview in Chicago, chatted on the phone a few times and then wrapped up the story in New York. By then, it was apparent that The College Dropout would be a hit and the piece became a cover story. It was the first victory of my journalism career. It was also my first big defeat. I had plenty of great quotes and great scenery but it was probably the worst thing I’ve ever written. Boring lede. Sloppy prose. Nervous decision-making. It just sucked. Still, I was glad that Kanye West blew up. It was the first (and maybe, last) time I was so right about an artist so early on.

With each release—Late Registration, Graduation, 808s & Heartbreak and his latest, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy—West has won more believers. So, when did you realize that Kanye West was an important artist? Was it “Through the Wire?” “Jesus Walks?” Maybe it was when he said, “George Bush doesn’t care about Black people?” Or maybe you are still holding out. Let me know in the comments. —Thomas Golianopoulos

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  • http://twitter.com/sanduder Sanjeev

    I have to say I was a little late on the Ye train but it was “Stronger” that did it for me.

  • http://MPLS.TV Hannah

    For me it was driving around, listening to HOT 97, on November 13, 2004. The day that my grandmother and ODB died. Through the Wire was all over the radio an it finally clicked for me.

  • Kyriacos

    I still don’t regard Kanye as great (bearing in mind that I haven’t listened to a single track off his latest album). There’s something about the fact that he uses ghostwriters, that undermines any lyric-based argument put forth for his case.

    He is an incredibly talented producer, there is no reason to doubt that. However, bearing in mind the resources he has at his disposal, I can’t help but think that other producers could compete at his level (i.e had they been given the sample-clearing power).

    The fact that he dresses the way he does, doesn’t merit me disliking him. Maybe its his style, or one of the modern methods of staying relevant that forced him out of his baggy jeans and loose shirts.

  • Eagle

    Based off of “Through the wire”, i bought College Dropout.
    i distinctly remember my best/only black friend at the time (8th grade) saying this:

    You bought that Kane West album for that one song? WOW

    I protested his detest and insisted that there were a lot of hot tracks on that album.
    My girlfriend at the time wasn’t fucking with him either. But before i embarked to London for April vacation that year, i preached the epic-ness of ‘Jesus Walks’ to her. I remember saying: This song is crazy good!

    when i get home from break, low and behold, Jesus Walks is all over the radio and my GF completely neglected to give me credit for predicting it.

    Essentially, i realized Kanye’s greatness before i even finished listening to College Dropout

  • Eagle

    Based off of “Through the wire”, i bought College Dropout.
    i distinctly remember my best/only black friend at the time (8th grade) saying this:

    You bought that Kane West album for that one song? WOW

    I protested his detest and insisted that there were a lot of hot tracks on that album.
    My girlfriend at the time wasn’t fucking with him either. But before i embarked to London for April vacation that year, i preached the epic-ness of ‘Jesus Walks’ to her. I remember saying: This song is crazy good!

    when i get home from break, low and behold, Jesus Walks is all over the radio and my GF completely neglected to give me credit for predicting it.

    Essentially, i realized Kanye’s greatness before i even finished listening to College Dropout

    “We all self-conscious, i’m just the first to admit it”

  • Deadly MIME

    I always knew Kanye was great, but in the latter years he’s been trying to re-create his first album I guess. IDK he’s done for all I know.

  • Hunt

    Hell, I realized he was great on the Blueprint. That album production-wise was groundbreaking. I even remember the beat “This Can’t be Life” off The Dynasty album. Damn, I miss those good ol Jay albums…

  • John

    lmao are you stupid? Kanye doesn’t use ghost-writers fag. The only time he recycled lines were from RhymeFest’s Jesus Walks because Kanye made the song for him and than referenced it and than RhymeFest didn’t want it and he recycled a couple of lines. After that he gave COMPLETE credit to Rhymefest and Rhymefest even won a Grammy for writing it. So GTFO here. Kanye ain’t no Dre. “Do the rap, and the track, triple double, no assist” – And I always knew Kanye would be in the elite’s of music. Anyone who listened to any of his albums would know

  • Dre

    When he held his own with KRS 1 and Nas on that song classic I knew he had it. And Diamonds are forever rmx sealed the deal for me.

  • http://www.twitter.com/woutlaban WIZ.

    When I heard trough the wire I just though he was good, but by the time I heard Jesus Walks is was sold. And the last 13 weeks or so I have been living up to every Friday!!!

  • Sha

    I have to admit this…..

    I owe Kanye an apology. Usually when I respond to a news report about his latest antics with the media and his mouth, I give him an unabashed verbal beatdown. His behavior was so juvenile and unpredictable to me that I admittedly fell into the trap that the media laid for me (the hate).

    But looking at Kanye as anything other than an ARTIST is not doing justice to him and the new boundaries in hip-hop that need to be explored. There are a million mediocre MCs. There are a thousand hip-hop producers. But to find an MC/Producer that not only improves with every album, but seeks to challenge the normal/stereotypical rap status is not only refreshing, BUT NECESSARY.

    Think about it this way…..

    Michael Jackson was great. The king of this shit. Yet he cut up his face and had crazy fetishes. But in light of all of Michael’s weird stuff, would you happily accept those oddities just to have him back again?

    What about Prince? Dude is straaange…. But we accept those things because he truly can only be who he is. AN ARTIST.

    What about Ozzy Ozbourne? He was eating bats and shit. Yet, like it or not, what he gave to Hard Rock is immeasurable. So we accept the weird drug haze.

    This could go on and on…..

    The point I’m trying to make is this. We are witnessing something hip-hop has never had. A true “Michael Jackson” of our genre. If we fall into the same media traps that “Conservative White America” laid for Michael Jackson, we will miss out on a true brother who dares us to be more of what we are. HUMAN.

    I apologize Kanye. For being such a simple-minded, easily influenced, follower. I only hope others see their errors. Keep up the good work.

    • http://www.bboycult.com Don mcCaine

      ^ comment of the month

  • Shawty J

    Let’s put it this way, Kanye West entered my top 10 favorite rappers, half way through listening to the College Dropout.


    Sorry but I dont think he is great, actually far from it. Just an extremely arrogant big mouthed rapper/producer who happens to make some decent music.

  • http://www.Addicted2Fresh.net The Fresh Addict

    It was the mid 2000′s at Howard Homecoming the final night of the iconic nightclub DC Live and ‘Ye performed in the hot, packed basement on a stage so small that it made that Facebook confrence table he freestyled on look massive. He had so much energy and interacted with the crowd so well. I remember telling my homeboys “We will never see this guy perform again for 20 bucks”

  • yoprince

    i liked kanye but i didn’t think he was great until 808′s & HB.

  • Joe

    I was early on Kanye, too. Not to brag, but it was timing. I listened to every Rocafella drop since 2000, and Kanye’s stuff always stuck out. Im big on soul beats, and once i found out that the person behind the best rap album in my generation (Blueprint) was making an album, i used to get all his solo work on Napster (wow, yea Napster) I remember the first few songs I heard from him were Thru the Wire, Home (the original), My Way, Good Bad and Ugly, 2 Words…then Slow Jamz (all of these were horrible quality, way beforethey officially dropped)

    Real talk, He was a genius before makign his first album. The beats he gav the Roc were unlike anything (This cant be life!) College dropout cemented it

  • Killa

    Kanye’s First LP and After Run This Town and Forever he still has it having a better verse than Jay,Eminem,and Wayne! Not even talking production for one of A.Keys biggest hits.

  • Joe

    True story. When Late Reg. droped, couple of cats were in front of the dorm, and we played it in somebody’s car. 2 nggas TEARED UP on songs (We Major and ‘Late’). Not straight boo-hooin, but actually got emotional

  • Killa

    Kanye’s First LP and After Run This Town and Forever he still has it having a better verse than Jay,Eminem,and Wayne! Not even talking production for one of A.Keys biggest hits.


      Better verse than Eminem hahahahahah, yeah ok. Ems got more skill in his little pinky than ye does in his entire body. Hes a dope producer but an average rapper period.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com “Broadway Joe”

    When Late Registration came out.

  • Michael Jones

    Jesus Walks by far brought me in. Still by far, his most unbelieveable song. Never has an religious-like song been in the clubs, bar, etc. as hard as this was! He is working on Best Artist ever status right now.

    _Michael Jones

  • http://www.twitter.com/Pierzy Pierzy

    “Late Registration.” Many artists have made a strong debut album (personally I thought it was a bit too long) but to follow it up with an album that is as good, if not better, proved his abilities.

    I’m different though because out of his first three albums my favorite is “Graduation.”

  • Jonjo

    College Dropout!

  • Alain

    It started in Jay-Z’s Blueprint; especially the track Ain’t No Love (Heart of the City). This guy’s production was overwhelming. What i really like about dude, is that he stays behind his statements. He knows he’s good and ain’t got nothing to prove to the rest of the world. And he always proves that it’s not just all talk. College Dropout, Late Registration and now My Beautiful Dark…. He forced his way in a game where his talents priorily wouldn’t be welcome. Now he’s at the top and everybody at the scrotum.

  • bucki13

    Really liked Kanye West since Through the Wire didn’t know he produced before when i first heard him i was to young to know what a producer was lol and i first realized he was incredible was when late registration came out because that was his first album I ever bought and could afford to buy because i didn’t become old enough to work until when it came out but anyways I liked Kanye since the beginning

  • jlabella11

    Sometime in between the release of Late Registration and the release of Graduation. I saw him perform in Boston in late ’07, it was incredible. I feel like ’07 was the year the majority of hip hop fans realized Kanye was indeed a great artist.

  • andre

    It was definitely the Champions joint

  • that nigga

    Sorry, I just realized this recently. That kid is amazing, and its funny I never liked dude before until now. College Dropout was aight, I hated 808′s but this new shit this nigga is on, is on another level. I am trully a fan, now.

  • http://twitter.com/jamal7mile Jamal7Mile

    I was hooked when I first heard the “Song Cry” beat. Simple, yet overly effective. Been checking for his BEATS ever since. His rhymes?

    *Kanye shrugs*

    • http://xxlmag jayrucknyc

      ummmm. He didn’t do Song Cry. Just Blaze produced it homie.

      • Jamal7Mile

        Oh word? My bad, guess I’ve been a Just Blaze fan longer than I thought then. In that case, Kanye’s debut album did it for me.

        • http://xxlmag jayrucknyc

          Just is just as good as Kanye. Especially with Jay-z. To me Just and Jay got better chemistry.

  • Dick B.

    I wouldn’t say he is great, but he can be good at times. He’s inconsistent. I like some of his stuff some of the time.

  • Keith Marquez

    It was when I heard “Heard Em Say” is when I knew he would be great. I had heard Jesus Walks and All Falls Down and was a fan but it was that single that really won me over and then I knew he was great. Then I looked into his catalog and now everything with his name attached I put on my ipod without even listening because I know it will be dope.

  • Brahsef

    I thought Kanye was great after College Dropout, but didn’t know he was absolute legend material till Late Registration. What a way to follow your classic debut.

  • M. Baby!

    I slept on Kanye when College Dropout came out…I didn’t give all of the props. His track record is crazy, for him to go from beat maker to rapper, to executive producer is crazy. I realized he was great on the Graduation album…that did it. He also took Jay-Z to another level as far as musically. Don’t get me wrong, Hov can do without Kanye but Jay-Z realized Kanye can help take him to another level. And when somebody like Jay-Z says something like that, u gotta give the man Kanye his props. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is a masterpiece. Kanye is the Quincy Jones of Hip-Hop. Just the production & arrangements alone is crazy.

  • KenB

    the first time i heard ‘through the wire’ i played it every day in korea…then it was when he did Def Poetry and the Mighty Mos Def called him ‘the future of HIP-HOP’ i’ve been checkin for dude ever since. he did ‘ALL FALLS DOWN’

  • http://xxlmag jayrucknyc

    Anyone who was a Kanye from jump had his I’m Good mixtape. I knew from then that mixtape that College Dropout was gonna be the shit. Everybody thought he was corny and I thought he was nice. Guess I had the last laugh. lol.

  • J

    The moment that got me was 6 months after The College Dropout CD. I’ve been bumpin’ the tracks on that disc for 6 months solid, but it wasn’t until I heard “Home” (a track that didn’t make it) where it all clicked for me that Ye was special. I’m from Chicago so that song meant a lot. I dug up more unreleased stuff and was sold forever.

  • black jesus

    college dropout was great, and i thought 808s was genius. however, im not at all a fan of this new album. 808s was atleast creative and artistic in its bitching, this album isnt. there are 3 good songs, but other than that its a huge step back for kanye. i just wish people would stop giving into the hype and actually listen.

  • http://www.bboycult.com Don mcCaine

    when son did that video in Macy’s…

    on some rap Fred Astaire/Miracle on 34th Street type of flavor…

    he was gone then…

  • 1st&15

    Post/Pre College Dropout Era. Especially when I heard Never Let Me Down

  • Arn

    Two songs did it for me…Spaceship and Never Let Me Down! Those two songs were bananas! I remember just listening to them over and over and over again!!! New album is fire too!

  • scoobs

    When I heard “Gone” from Late Registration. I still play that one on the regular

  • VK London

    When I first heard him on the jagged edge reception remix to lets get married.

  • Puff76

    Through the wire… I thought it was crazy that you could hear his mouth was wired shut… Dude has passion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Justin

    I’m Going To Say When He Produced “This Can’t Be Life” On The Dynasty Album, That Is When I Knew He Was Going To Be Something Special In Years To Come. The Reason Why I Am Calling Out The Track Off The Dynasty Album Is Because The Production Is Just That Important As The Lyrics Are That An MC Speaks. It Tells The Story Just Like The Lyrics Do. Since This Comment Might Catch Critisism, I Would Have To Say “Through The Wire”. “The Bounce” Lyrics Were More Humor Than To Be Tooking Serious.

  • nc

    all falls down, the first single i’d ever heard from him

  • Dead President

    I always knew ‘ye was good wit music right, but i never liked him coz he so arrogant n self absorbed. But ‘cant tell me nothing’ was my point of – ‘ok, this dude’. After that i studied graduation & THATS wen i liked yeezy. now GOOD fridays the shit yo

  • Phantom916

    The first time I heard Through the Wire on the radio was like a breath of fresh air and I knew he would be a problem. There was just something traditional and new going on. It was way better than anything on radio at the time. It was new and familiar at the same time. Chose it on my own with no peer influence and have been happy with my choice to support him ever since. He’s the new 2pac. Controversial and outspoken. GREATNESS.

  • ThissaNo1

    Through The Wire

  • AO

    “the gingerbread man even said your a monster”- Kanye West (The Bounce) and Through The Wire solidified it

  • Christopher Sanchez

    I never liked Kanye till Late Registration came out. I was in middle school and really young when The College Dropout came out and i hated Through the Wire. As I grew up, I matured, and listened to the lyrics closer. I remember when I first heard Diamonds from Sierra Leon came out I was starting to like Ye. Wasnt till Goldigger that he became my favorite rapper. Went out and bought Graduationand all the other albums and the rest is history!

  • http://thebubblegumgang.com TheBubblegumGang

    I first realised Kanye’s greatness when I bought The College Dropout. My first Ye album was Graduation, which I bought after hearing Stronger and Good Life, but it was a few months later when I got CD that I knew he was something else entirely.

    The College Dropout was one of the first albums I could sit through and listen to from start to finish without skipping a track. Over time, all of Ye’s albums have become like that for me, but it was his debut that got me hooked. He has been my favourite artist ever since.

  • latosha

    He hooked me with “Spaceship”. It was the first song of his i’d ever heard and my older brother was picking me up from school that day. That first track did it for me…

  • RugaRon

    Kanye West is the greatest musician of our time. Nobody can do what he does not Jay,Weezy, and damn sure not Eminem. Only simple minded people dont like Kanye because they are too dumb to understand. Best living or dead hands down………..

  • Hlalele Wesley Molefi

    When kanye came to South Africa, Jay-Z and Nas had performed the month before so i thought i’d go check this kanye guy out. When he walked in on stage & performed “Drive slow” with the strings and the harp in the backround; i thought to myself ‘let’s call off the search’… I had just seen not only a hip hop great but 1 of the greatest ARTists ever.

  • Mathias

    First time I heard Kanye was when Late Registration dropped. I was 8 years old or something when College Dropout came out, so I never heard about it before years later. My first impression of Kanye was that he was that he was an okay rapper but a good producer. It was when Graduation dropped I really started being a fan of his work. When he made 808′s I could understand wtf he was thinking at first like most people. But when I saw him perform on VH1 Storytellers I thought it sounded dope, so I checked out the album again and now it’s one of my favourite albums. That’s when Kanye became my favourite artist and my idol, even though I had been listening to him for years

  • Sincere

    it was a mixtape pre college dropout, and he said “what’s the point of having a girl that u know don’t like you, you know the type that’ll run over your head with a motorcycle.” you could just tell that he was different and really enjoyed rapping.

  • ndiz

    i realised kanye was important to hip hop when the blueprint came out, he bought back that soul sound by himself and i knew that alot of rappers were gonna jump on him from then.. but as an artist/rapper i only realised how important he was after 808′s & heartbreak

  • What the Fuck

    I’ve heard two songs from his new album, but then again auto tune killed his carrier (at least for me). But seriously, is that ish he’s spittin’ on the mic still called “HIP-HOP”?

    Fuck Young Money, fuck Lil Wayne, fuck Drake, fuck Nicki Minaj. I miss the 90′s :( It’s sad to see how Hip-Hop has developed through the years and how Rap died.

    Eminem took suicide when he started to scream on every fucking record – gotta be honest though, even without the physco-style his lyrics are hooooooot.

  • Kay

    Like you, when I heard Champions in 2002. After that I knew he was going to be great. I was a college graduate when college dropout hit and I felt that a few of those songs were for me.

  • Paul Matute

    When through the wire came out, that shit was fire! that whole cd was good.

  • Fidzo

    I was never a fan of him till I heard Graduation. I loved Graduation and 808 and Hearbreaks!

    I totally missed College Dropout and Late Registration and only started giving it a listen these last 2 months. College Dropout is a classic…he will never produce anything like that and he knows it.

    His worst song is Gold Digger, that song is terrible in my opinion and everything else he has done is DOPE!!

  • Fidzo

    Jesus Walks….absolutely classic!

  • frank wiiza

    through the wire , i banged wit him b4 but that tarck on a dj envy mixtape , way 4 the album did it for me…..y presence is a present kiss my ass

  • Jay

    When i heard through the wire i started listening to Ye’ but it wasnt till late registration where i was like..yee..im gona rock with YE’ from now on. To me Ye’ is like someone i look up to, he’s my favourite rapper

  • Joey

    I can’t believe hip-hop has fallen off so much that we now try to call Kanye West “great’.
    Famous sure, but what is he great at?
    His beats are solid and his rapping is mediocre/sloppy

  • Olaf Guerrero

    I started liking kanye late around 07..
    So I think you can say I “thought that Kanye was great in early 09…

  • Lord Maximus

    Definitely when I saw the through the wire video. Been hooked on his music since.

  • DWright

    Through the wire. Any artist with the heart and talent to spit through a wired jaw and actually SPIT real lyrics is great.

    “Dope beats, dope rhymes, what else do you want?”
    - Phonte

  • coolbrezze

    It was spaceship for I was a struggling college student working in a TA truck stop from 11-7 then going to class from 8-3 every other day and finally one day after my manager got a nasty ass attitude with I walked out and got in my car and blasted my two 12′s so loud I bust one of them playing the song. I didn’t leave the lot until the song finished then I drove off.

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/izarrpicasso itai

    from all falls down video til now…i’m one of the only one who saw his genius……i gotchu man

  • Black Benji

    When Did You Realize Kanye West Was Great?

    I think when the media frenzy shoved it down peoples throat and together with Kanye kept repeating it till feeble people started believing it, while Pharoahe Monch can write a song like Gun Draws and get slept on.

    I’m not out to get Kanye West, I’m glad for his success, but he is a pop star like Bieber, Ke$ha, and such, those are the people he’s around mostly at award shows. He is not touching the heart of rap or influencing it in any way, if anything he is embarrassing it drinking from a goblet laughing while one of the only Hip Hop magazines backs this as genius work. I will let him do him, I will never tell anyone not to buy his album, but it is what it is, XXL chokes on 50, Eminem and Kanye on a continual basis and it is thoroughly aggravating to a conscious black man who’s lived through the history of Hip Hop.

  • tara

    through the wire…. i liked the song & the way the video was produced… the video was so different and authentic…. he never disrepects sistas in his videos … it was refreshing


    when he showed a girl a picture of his dick and it didnt hurt his career, in fact it gave him sumthin else to talk about

  • David HussleSoft

    I would have to say I knew he was great when I heard Never Let Me Down and I received confirmation when I heard We Major. The records are huge they sound massive when put into the right sound system. People are always talking about making movies out of records Kanye started that back then. To me those records were a precursor to Gradution and Dark Twisted fantasy. He also threw alley-oops to Jay and Nas on those records. True talent is makin those around you better just like in sports.

  • T Lee

    After “Fade to Black” where he gives Jay-Z Lucifer with description included…true producer. After the MTV segment wher he shows his ‘paintings’…true artist. After Graduation album…trifecta. College Dropout series >>>>Carter series(lil Wayne). Is it better than Blueprint series???

  • Ali P

    Kanye West has always been doing things differently, whether it’s through fashion or lyrical content or even switching up genre’s with auto-tune, he’s always trying something new. Other people do the same, but the difference is Kanye succeeds.
    He was the first to really keep the vocals throughout a sample and highten the pitch to indistinguishable levels, then rapping over it. He continues to use samples and make beats that you wouldn’t have guessed where the sample came from because it’s so different.
    I for one was not a fan of Just Blaze’s “No Love” beat. It was too easy, too obvious and in your face. That one reason is probably the same reason I like Kanye so much, pause.

    When 808s & Heartbreak came out, I liked a few songs, but ultimately dismissed it as a failure. For about a year it was the only Kanye I didn’t own. Then I went through some similar trouble’s Kanye had been talking about on that album. Heartbreak.
    I gave it a listen and damnit, I loved it. I think it’s genius. I now see it as a way for a rapper who can’t sing to go all out with singing if he wants to. Just to make it his own. Nobody has done something quite like that before.

    My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is probably one of my favorite albums ever now too, the production and commitment is such high quality, you can tell he took his time to perfect each song, and make sure they were longer than anything usually out these days.

    He’s always had it in him, crazy guy who’ll say whatever he wants. But he’s earned it in my opinion.

  • Herc

    I knew he was special when he produced ‘This Can’t Be Life’ off the Dynasty Album. Still my favorite hip hop song ever. He sured things up for me on ‘The Blueprint’ and it was history when ‘Through the wire’ dopped. Most talented hip hop producer I’ve ever heard and one of the most passionate MCs as well. He was the 1st dude I could relate